Monday, November 24, 2014

The righteous ones got left behind

Maui!!!!! wait a second!  Why haven´t I gotten my ticket yet!  Wait up for me!!!

I was actually talking with Elder Brown this week about Hawaii and how awesome it is.  Wow... I hope you guys have fun... probably one of my favorite places on earth... besides the amazon rainforest kkkakak  I can´t believe the Jefferson decided to stay back!  Tell him I sent him an email.

So yeah... two weeks.  The thing is I don´t have much time this week because we went to the hospital this morning to get my ingrown toe out só que they couldn´t do it.... they said I had to show up earlier to mark an appointment..  Brasilian healthcare makes zero sense... this is what they told me.... I went last Wednesday just to take it out really quick like last time... but this time they told me I had to come back on Monday (today) to mark an appointment,.  So I went this morning but after I waited in line from 8 to 11am they told me all the slots were filled for the day... so I guess I have to get there even earlier in order to mark an appt for the same day.....grrr.  It was frustrating but I didn´t get mad.  I just thought it was hilarious how complicated you can make a hospital...... so we lost a good chunk of our day...

The conference with Elder Aidukaitis was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Monday like I said he taught us how to do weekly planning.  He said that when you are done with weekly planning your whole week should be filled!  Every single hour of the day should have a real plan and a back up plannnnn. We do it on Thursday so you have to have a full planner until the next Sunday... 11 days!!!  It was killer.  Elder A has a way of burning you with out being rude about it.  He speaks the truth.  He is now one of my favorite GAs.  Our planning usually takes about 3 hours.... this week... it took us 3 sessions of 3 hours each..... NINE HOURS OF PLANNING!!! But our week is full this week.  The way he explained it makes so much sense.  Amanda Jackson and Saydi... did you guys plan like that?  We used to just plan for our investigators but not actually mark when we were going to go see them.  On Tuesday with all the missionaries he talked alot about obedience.  It was so good!  He used so many examples from the scriptures to teach us it.  I will now be more obedient.

So everyone is going to be in Hawaii except me and Jefferson?.... Looks like the righteous ones got left behind;) kakakak but seriously

We had 2 amazing milagres acontecer essa semana!  It was on Thursday after our first session of planning....... we went to Ro*´s House.  He is 19 and has been investigating the church for 3 years... his girls friend is less active.  All the members know him. All the missionaries they come through here just try to baptize him. Mark a date for one week out.  We went there two week ago and marked a date for last Saturday (3 days ago).  We went there on Thursday and asked him what he thought about the baptism. (He knows it is all true and knows that baptism is essential... just scared).  He said that he had talked to his girlfriend and had decided that he wanted to be baptized this Saturday the 29th!!! Our jaws dropped! During our planning session we had planned by the spirit to remark his date for the 29... turns out the spirit was talking to him as well!!! It was amazing.

After that lesson we went over to our girl investigators, A* & K.  Their dad has been out of town for 3 weeks and isn´t supposed to be back for a couple more weeks.  The girls have 11 and 14 years, they love us and they are so cool... I think I sent a pic of them já.  So we go to their house and guess who is there........ Their Dad!!!!!   He came back early and was so excited to see us!  We just talked with him and he told us alot about his problems but how he wants to change 100 porcento now... and he means it.  And he went to church!! Irmão S (baller member) is his friend and Irmão S knows exactly what to do with him at church. Shows him around.. introduces him to everyone.. has him stand up on class..  It was the first time he went to church and it was blessed!!!

We marked his date for 6 of december....... could someone ask for a better Christmas present... NO!!!!  Please pray that he will have the desire to be baptized on this day and that he will be ready. He needs this more than anything right now in his life... the gospel.. but doesn´t everybody.  
So those were our two super miracle of the week this week.. very cool.  Seeing the Lord’s hand in the work.  

We also started an english class this week! We had like 10 people there but it will grow.  We taught greetings and numbers... it was great.  We don´t really know what we are doing but we are doing it.  We figured it would help us meet nonmembers and unite the ward somehow.   Hope it works.   We cleaned the house out good today.  We cleaned the fridge out and Elder Brown de-iced it with a machete.... we can do that because we are in the amozom.... only here though.... kkkakakak

So on Tuesday during our conference with Elder A guess who showed up!!!!!?!?!?!?! Elder Klumker!!!!!! What!!!  He served in NY for 14 months and now he is finally here!  I almost died of joy when I saw him.. he is still just as funny as ever.  The pick is of me elder klumker, elder malcolm and elder mount... REUNITED AGAIN!!!!  elder defranco and elder dominguez are already here but not at the conference. I just love that picture.

Well that is about it... I hope you guys have the funnest time ever in Hawaii... I want to get some pictures next week so be sure to take some!  Love all of you. And Saydi and Dad.... watch our for those turtles....They are deadly.kakakakak

Elder Ostler

I forgot to tell you this but when we got home from the hospital today after the failed attempt to get my ingrown toenail removed... we took things into our own hands..... Elder Brown used the dull pair of kindergarten scissors to ..... you know..... lets just say I only have 9 toes now..

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