Monday, November 10, 2014

On the Radio-UH-ouho

nosso distrito no templo................. Só Batiza!   


Lame email not!  Your emails are never lame... just hearing from you guys is awesome!  Just knowing how you guys are doing makes my day..  Jefferson, Benson, and Wilson, You 3 are straight up ballers!  Well literally wilson and jefferson.... benson is more of a drummer....

So happy mission eligible birthday Élder Ostler... I mean Jefferson?  Have you guys heard of any missionaries lately from the states getting called to Brasil?  It has been almost a year since any American has showed up here (besides the visa waiters) so I'm beginning to think that they just stopped calling Americans all together because of visa problems.  But it sounds like you had a great party chubbs....

So the high light of this week happened on Wednesday.  Last week we did a contact with a "pastor."  He wasn´t really a pastor he just told us about some visions that he had had when he has seen angles and what not.  He said he had a gospel radio station that he spoke on every night at 6 that covered a zona norte de manaus.  He invited us to give the word on it this week.  So on Wednesday we went to his "studio" which was just a house with some microphones in the back room.

He interviewed us a little bit on the radio, asked us about us where we are from if we like manaus?  How long we have been here?  Then he started asking about the church.  Who is the leader.  How it was founded.  If we had an links with the community and so on... it was really sweet!  WE WERE TALKING ON THE RADIO.   Then he gave us 10 mins to preach and guess what we preached? The restoration!  That is right!  It was really cool to be able to do that and make that experience.  I hope it at least touched one person that was listening.  We gave our phone number at the end if anyone wanted to come in contact with us. It was really sweet.  "On the radio -UH-ouho! On the radio-UH-ouho! On the radio-UH-ouho!"

Dad I really like what you said about how I can´t convert anybody but that it has to be the holy ghost!  I can create an environment for the HG to testify to them and for them to gain a testimony but it is between them and GOD as far as conversion comes.  We are still working with J* and her daughter and they came to church yesterday!! It was great!! they are really gaining testimonies of the truthfulness of the church! And the girls are doing well too.  I think I already mentioned them. A* & K* and their dad F*.  The two girls are praying to know if the LdM is true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I think they are slowly gaining a testimony.  F* is a little harder.  He has problems. . . . . 

Every time that I don´t want to work or slack off I think of you guys and how disappointed you would be if you know I wasn´t working hard. Thanks for being such an awesome family.  I love you all I hope you have a great week!

Elder Ostler

Chat with Elder Ostler: On Sunday the member we were eating lunch with didn´t want us to leave because it was pouring but we said we really had to go so she made us ponchos!!!

Mom: That's a sweet poncho. And no, we know of no one in the states being called to brazil. The missionary mom email group I'm on for your mission hasn't had any new moms for I'd say 8 months. Looks like you were one of the last Americans called to brazil.

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