Monday, June 30, 2014

The key to being a missionary is humility

First of all..... BRASIL GANHOU!!  That is right baby, leave it to Júlio César to save the day.  That was a great game.  It was at noon so we watched it over lunch at a member of our bishoprics house.  We were so into that game.  When Júlio blocked those 2 goals, we were going crazy!!!  After the win the fireworks happened.  Then we left to go work.  EVERYBODY on the streets was so happy.  Honking horns, Brasil flags hanging out of car windows, people hanging out of car windows screaming, and everybody was just really happy.  It was really cool.  I must say I´m a little disappointed in all of you, minus Jackson and Dad.. kakakakakak 

So my comp is Elder Volk.  He is half Brazilian though.  His dad met his mom when he served his mission in Brasil so a lot of the people here think he is Brazilian.  We get up at 6:30 and go running!! We went on Saturday and it was awesome.  There is a round about right next to our house so we went and ran around that which is great because we don´t have to run at each others pace, we just go.  So I´m looking forward to doing that with him.

Presidente Klein left on Friday and Presidente Castro chegou.  All I know is that he is from Espírito Santo and his wife is from Paraguay.  Him and Pres Klein are friends. I will meet him tomorrow at Conselho da Missão.  It is all of the ZLs and sister leaders. It is a big all day meeting where he make decisions from the miss~ion.  I´m super excited!!  Elder Volk tells me that it is just so much fun.

So this week was great!  I think I learned more in this week than I learned in my last transfer on the mission.  It started on Monday night, like I said Elder Nielsen stayed with us.  At night we were talking, he asked me for some advice about training his new missionary...  I told him a little.  Then I asked him for advice on being a ZL.  He has been my Zone leader for the past 3 transfers. I look up to him a lot. He is a great missionary.

The second big learning moment was on Wednesday when we did divisions with the APs.  They were two brand new AP Elder Munhoz e Elder Sobarzo.  So they came to our area and I went with Elder Munhoz.  He is Brazilian and awesome!  We went to teach 2 couples that need to get married.  One of them doesn´t want to and the other one has other problems.  As we were teaching I was just amazed at his teaching ability!  He always knew what to say and what he said flowed so beautifully. He used the scrips a ton and he brought the spirit into the lesson.

A* still doesn´t want to marry but we left her with ether 12 to read and pray.  BJ has a problem in that he thinks he is still married to another women.  So the next morning, a member came and picked up me and Elder Munhoz then we picked up BJ then we went to the cartorio, it is like a government building.  We went to see if he had to divorce antes que ele pode se casar.  We found that he doesn´t!!!  Anyways, back to Elder Munhoz.  I talked to him afterwards about how he taught like that.  He told me that he focuses on the spirit.  He said that in order to get the spirit he is obedient to the rules and that he memorizes scriptures.  Another big thing he said is that when he hears  prompting... he just does it without thinking twice.  I learning so much with him and now I want to do what he said so that I can teach like him.

That night at the house we had 4 elders there, a bunkbed and a hammock.... so I slept on the tile floor!!!  It wasn´t that bad.  I put a coat that an elder left at the house under my bum and then I put my pillow the long way so it would cushion my back and then I put our area book under the pillow under my head to prop my head up a bit.  I only woke up one time at night.  I slept pretty good too:)

The other big learning moment was yesterday when me and Elder Volk did a division with 2 recently RMs in our ward. I went with Fernando.  After we went and visited one of our investigators he was like "lets knock some doors."  He was so excited to be a missionary again.  He went and clapped a door but no one was home.  Then he saw a guy across the street and was like "oh! lets talk to him!"  We went over and taught him the restauração.  He is a great teacher and was really excited the whole time. He talked a lot about how the man needed to pray to know for himself to know if these things are true.

Afterwards we were talking and he told me the key to being a missionary is humility. He showed me in the letter from the 1st pres in PMG at the beginning where it says that.  He said when you are humble doing a contact isn’t difficult.  For me, I still am bad at contacts and I don´t like it.  But Elder Volk is really good and I´m learning from him.  But those 3 experiences I am learning a lot!  So great!

Yesterday we were supposed to have the baptism of Ká after church.  Elder Sobarzo interviewed her on Wednesday and she passed but she was still falting vontade to baptize.  When we met her, she wanted nothing to do with us.  She thought we were wrong and worshiped Joseph Smith.  She would just walk out when we were teaching her and her daughters, now her heart has changed and she is accepting the Gospel and will now be baptized the week that comes, like this weekend.  We will also be baptized the brother of a member.  He was taught be missionaries 6 months ago but moved so he never got baptized.

I played the piano in sacrament meeting again.. it wasn´t that bad because I picked 4 hymns that I knew, except the sacrament hymn. I don´t really know any.  So I practice the celestial courts (or something like that) during the week then played it yesterday.  There is a pianist like I said but she didn´t want to play this week so she asked me to do it, which I love.  I´m way less nervous now to play than I was the very first time I did.  And this isn´t like the church in candeias that has 30 people. This is a congregation of 100-120 people!  So boys... I will say it again.... Practice your piano.  And not just hymns, learn fun songs too. Wish I would have done that. Learn and memorize.  It will bless you so much in your life.  And if you get a chance to play for people to sing, TAKE IT!

I can´t believe that Saydi is cold kakakakakakaka!!  It is hot here!  Actually today was weird, the weather was like Seattle weather, misty and cloudy and a little cool.

So a little bout our house.  We live above members.  They live downstairs and they have 3 apartment thing upstairs.  We live in one and their sons and their wives live in the other 2.  Our house is kinda small but super nice!! And we borrowed a hammock for Elder Nielsen last Monday so I slept in it last night.  Pretty comfy.  For breakfast every morning we walk across the street and buy bread.  That is breakfast here in brasil, pão.  I like it.  They have pão de queijo (cheesebread)  pão doce (sweet bread) and massa grossa or pão frances which is just like a little piece of bread... kind of like mama roll but with a harder outside... oh mama rolls.. with homemade strawberry jam..... yum.....

So summer is like flying by for you guys or what!! It is for me.. it is almost July!!!! That is crazy!  You gotten the boat out yet?  In the pool everyday?  Mowing lawns? Jefferson, are you going on dates?!?!?  You got to do it,,, it is fun stuff.  This week was a good one.  It was great that those 2 RMs helped us out on Sunday, it was Fernando that had the idea to do division!  Help the missionaries!  Tell them you will go out with them or better yet.. give them someone to teach.  I´ve calculated that a reference from a member is 84% more likely to get baptized than just someone the missionary finds.. it is true.

To answer your question mom I am pretty confident in my language.  I understand just about everything and I can say what I want.  But I´m still not forgetting english:)  Me and Elder Volk speak english sometimes together.  Him and his last american comp did it so he is just accustomed to it.  mas eu gosto de falar português.  Eu lembro quando eu estava falando com elder walbrecht e ele falou que é estranho que nós somos bilíngue.  Nunca penei sobre isso mas é verdade.  Y yo estoy hablando español con elder Neyra, él es nuevo compañero de Elder Nielsen.  Él es de Peru.

The pic is of me in front of the stadium here.  We had to go to the mission office this week so we aproveitamos e tiramos algumas fotos.

I love you all so much!  Have a great summer week!

Elder Ostler

Monday, June 23, 2014

How do you feel now that you are a zone leader?

Well it sounds like you guys had a crazy week!  Crazy Fun!!  My week was crazy to say the least.  But you bought sand tires for all the 4wheelers> (questionmark)  And where was Chris for most of this time (questionmark)  And Benson is like.... turning into a man, he is actually bigger than that bike now... parabéns.   And Brasil in the world cup.  I was soooo into that game and afterwards I just couldn´t believe that they hadn´t putten up any goals.  We watch the last 20 mins of the US game.  I totally thought that we had it in the bag until they had that amazing cross header goal.... oh well... they will probably still make it through to the next round.  Ronaldo was not happy.  It is good to hear that nobody got seriously hurt, Cody just kinda got bruised up a little (fireworks are going off in preparation for the game which starts in 2 hours).

So I guess is I will just start with the week..... the big change happened on Tuesday night. The ZLs called and said that Elder G would be getting transferred the next day which was really weird because transfers weren´t till today.  So what happened is this.  Our Zls are Elder V and N, 2 Americans.  Elder N was my ZL in cidade do leste and I like him a lot.  Elder V came on Wednesday morning to be with me in Êxodo and Elder G went with Elder N to be in their area.  I didn´t know why.  All I knew is that the area of the ZL was moving.

After Elder V unpacked a little he sat down and said "so Elder Ostler, how do you feel now that you are a zone leader (questionmark)"  I just kind of sat there and looked at him.  I asked what he was talking about.  He told me that we are the new zone leaders......  I was totally taken aback.  I didn´t even know what to think.  It was just crazy.  Elder G got transferred to the other side of the river today and Elder N will be staying in his area and train.  The pic is of us 4 last night, Elder V is the one by me and Elder N is the one on the left.

So being a zone leader now, I don´t even know what to think.  All of the zone leaders I´ve know have been like old missionaries who know how to baptize.  I just still feel like a young guy... because I am. One thing that I have been praying for is humility. Not that I´m super prideful... I just don´t want to arrive there.  I talked to Elder O this week and he told me not to be like all of the prideful Zone leaders who think they are too good for every one.   I want to do what the missionary handbook says and love the elders in my zone.

On Sunday we had a baptism.  A girl that we found a few weeks ago.  The baptism was great.  She is in relief society though because she has a little baby who we have to carry to church when we go to buscar her in the morning.  I´ll send a pic of the baptism.

So Elder N has been with me and my comp since last night, his greenie won´t get here till tomorrow afternoon so he is sticking with us.  Last night we talked alot....  it started out with talk about the mission.  They are from the same group and they told me about the start of their mission.   They went through WAY worse than me. Elder N almost went home because he was questioning the baptizing thing.  And their zone leaders were insane!!!!  He has really opened my mind these last 3 transfers I´ve known him (he was my ZL in cidade do leste também).

We talked alot about our missions and he talked alot about the transfers when I was with Elder Walbrecht.  Elder Nielsen did a division with Elder Walbrecht and he told me that he envied our area.   We were retidão.. like we followed all the rules, mission rules and baptizing rules.  He said that when he was there he felt good and he envied us and our area and the work we were doing.  It felt good to hear him say that to me. Most other missionaries just find someone and baptize them in 2 to 3 weeks and sometimes all of the lessons aren´t taught.  

So that was my week.. not much details but that is the big stuff that happens.  I really like Elder V, he is a great teacher and he is really focused on baptism.

One of the main thing in this mission is marking dates... that is just what you do. If someone goes to church, in the next visit you mark a date for their baptism and then you do what you can to get them baptized on that day.  This mission is not like other missions... it is just different.

President Klein goes home on Saturday.... it is crazy  that he is already leaving.  I´m kind of excited that I got called as a ZL right when the new pres (President Castro, brasilian) will be arriving so that I will be able to get direct training from him and really take to heart his plans.  I will do what he says.  If he comes in here and just turns the mission upside down and puts a stop to baptisms... I will follow.  If he puts a massive emphasis on obediencia... I will follow.  He is not even here but I know that he is called of God and Know that he will receive inspiration for the mission.

One thing that I love here in brasil is the bakeries!! Amazing!  That is what people have here for breakfast,,,, bread.  We have one right in front of our house and it is bomb.

We are going to watch the brasil game here in a couple of hours.  Be thinking of me when brasil wins 3-0 :)  it is gonna happen:)

I snapped this picture real quick and it isn´t that good.
It is a motorcyvle decked out with brasil flags.. these people are nuts!
I can´t tell you guys how much I love you guys.  Being with these two Americans for the past day has made me a little missing the USA and you guys and the stuff you guys will do this summer.  But I´m still fine.  I know that I need to be here and serve and I´m excited for all of the changes that are happening and will happen.

I love you guys!
Elder Ostler

PS I got ANOTHER package this week.  The one with the towels.  Thank you so much for those.. they feel sooo goood!! I am so blessed to have a family like you guys. You guys rock!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Me and Elder G were giving it all we had!

Wow I loved that email, it sounds like you guys had a great week. Jefferson emailed me and told me all about the camp too.

So you watched the Manaus game!  Sweet!  I´m about a long way away from the stadium.  By bus a little less than an hour, car... 20 to 30 mins.  And if they showed an above shot of the stadium, then you definitely saw the mission office.  It is 2 blocks away.

So this week was good.  In order to understand this next part I need to explain something.  In my district it is me and Elder Galvan with one other companionship.  On Monday the ZLs called me and said that the other companionship (or ward) would be receiving two new elders.  One ward with 4 elders, 2 companionships.  They arrived on Tuesday morning.  It was weird because transfers are in a week.  But you will never guess who one of the missionaries is?!? Elder O! The one I was with in Candeias!  I don´t know if I told you but he went home after the surgery and was home for 3 months and now he just came back!  I was so happy to see him and he was happy to see me.  He is telling everybody how good my brownies and pancakes are.  I think I will make a big batch of brownies today and take them to zone training amanhã.   This picture is of our zone on Tuesday at the temple:)  I love that place:)  So now my district has 6 elders and it is great!

On Wednesday the power went out at 3 in the afternoon.  As we were walking home that night on a busy street we saw three guys pushing a car in the middle of the street.  So we ran out to help them.  One of them was drunk...shocker.  We helped them push.  It was out of gas and the station near their house was out of energy so they had to go to a different one.  We got to a hill.  We jumped in the bed (it was like a car and a truck mixed because it had a bed) and rode down the hill... we were booking!!  When we got to the bottom we got out and pushed again... this time, up hill.  There were 5 of us, one of them was drunk and the other two were doing very little.  Me and Elder G were giving it all we had!!  I was dripping in sweat.  But it was super fun.  We hit another downhill and coasted to the gas station.  Then they drove us home.. it was pretty fun.  We gave them our number and a restoration pamphlet.  The power was still out when we got home.  In the closing prayer of our planning session the lights flickered on.  Everybody in the streets started cheering:)   If the power wouldn´t have come back on that would have been one miserable night.  No AC and no fans.. hot hot humid and hot.

Thursday we watched Brasil and Croatia.  The other 4 elders came to our area and watched with us in the house of the Elders Q Pres. He is crazy!  and funny.  I will admit that that yellow card was trash but even with out the penalty kick Brasil still would have won 2-1.   They play Mexico tomorrow so we get to watch again!  woohoo!

This is what all of the streets here look like!!! Go BRASIL!!!!!
Oh I forgot to tell you!! We got liberaed to watch the jogos de Brasil!!!!!  I´m so excited!
Halftime of the Brasil game
Last week on Monday night we did a FHE with a family that is returning to activity and invited Is*, the one we baptized last week. It was good, we taught the lesson on agency and standing firm in these last days.  Brasilans love to talk and talk and talk so we lost control at some points but in the end it was good.  We are trying to work with Is* more.  We are also teaching his brother, he has two younger brothers.  But his dad, everytime we go there just ignores us.  He is from another church.

Yesterday we woke up and left at 7 to go get people for church.  We passed by 7 houses and got one person.  It was a little disappointing but we got one:)  

One thing that I´ve been having a hard time with this week is numbers.  Here we are expected to get high numbers.  On Wednesday when we passed that numbers to the ZLs they told us we needed to invite more people to be baptized and mark dates and find news.. sometimes stuff like that just gets me down.. it is partly because I´m still prideful and I think that I´m doing fine and then when somebody tells me I´m not.  I'm just trying to be more humble and not worry about our numbers too much.

Another thing I´m trying to do is make my WILL God´s will.  Sometimes as a missionary I have an internal battle between the mission and home. Let me explain.  I know that it is God´s will for me to be here and it is my will too but sometimes I still want to be home with you guys, but that is not God´s will.  It is this struggle between wanting to be home and wanting to be on the mission. I´m not saying I´m homesick or anything, (unlike you mom, hours go by with out me thinking about you guys:) sometimes a day:) but I always remember you guys in my prayers at night)  So I´m trying to make my will Gods will.  A perfect example of this is Mateus 26:39, one of my favorite Scriptures.  It´s when Jesus Prays to the Father and says that he doesn´t want to do the Atonement but that he WILL because he wanted to do the will of the Father and not his own will.

So last week I told you about getting my camera fixed... well it didn´t happen, the place didn´t have the right piece. So now I will just wait for that battery:)  Ilovebrasilmail...  and MY PICTURES ARE HERE!!! What happened is that the lady transferred the pictures to the computer but not the flash drive!!! When we went back she found them on the comp and put them on the flash drive and the memory card.  So now.... I have 2 copies of them.

So that was my week. Oh one more thing.  So Elder Galván mixes in a little spanish with his português like he says "voy" instead of "vou" and just little stuff like that.  It still gives to understand him but it is just that now I´m starting to do that!!  kakakakaka.  Every once in a while I will say a whole phrase in spanish.. I´m pretty good like that.  trilingual.  Well have a great week mowing lawns and riding 4 wheelers:)  Amo vocês
Elder Ostler

Brasil Campeão!!

Rumo ao Hexa!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

We have a Heavenly Father

What the Car!!!!  So did you get rid of the yukon?  How many seats does that thing have? Well I thought that school got out on Friday not on Tuesday, but I guess it got out on Friday for Jefferson.  That is so cool that he is doing a BYU ball camp. Who is mowing the lawns this week?

So I didn´t have time to go back to that place and look to see if the pictures are still there, just doing to much stuff:)  That is the life as a missionary:)  But I´ve realized that even if they aren´t there it is not that big of a deal, I sent home all of my favorite pictures already.

So lets start off with this week.   The highlight was Is*.  He is a 20 year old that is really cool.   Elder Galvan was already teaching him when I got here. This week we went back to teach him.  He knows the bible really well.. like really well, but his ideas are all from another church.   He believes in the arrebatamento (I have no idea how to say that in english) which is where all of the righteous people just disappear and go to heaven, that is their idea of the second coming.  Crazy stuff like that.

But we taught him every day this week.  The best lesson was Thursday night in the church.  We read 2nefi31 with him.  He loved it.  He especially love verse 14.  It really caught his attention.  After wards he was really feeling the spirit and said that he knew he needed to change his life and be baptized. It was a great lesson.

Every single lesson we had with him this week (everyday) he told us how he wanted to change his life.  In his old life he drank himself into a stupor every weekend.  He wants to change... and he did.   He was baptized on Saturday night and Elder Galván baptized him:)  It was his first baptism:)   They were both nervous as they walked down into the water.

After the baptism
The service was great.  Our newly called ward mission leader (my first one since January!!) had the idea to have a testimony meeting.  The spirit was really strong. We had 2 investigators there.  After the spirit was there, the WML asked them if they would continue to learn so that one day they could be baptized too.  They accepted.   At the baptismo was the 1 and 2 counselors in the stake presidency!!!! Talk about leader ship!!  They had just finished a meeting so they just hung around for the baptism. On Sunday Is* received the Holy Ghost and then after church we got a white shirt and pants from a sister in the ward and took it to his house.  I give him a tie, one that you sent me (THANK YOU)!

So B & A. Last week, somebody from another stake brought them to our ward.  They are in our boundaries so the person from the other stake brought them to our ward! Talk about member missionaries.  I´m not really sure how that all went down but he is an investigator now, and a great one.  They always have a ton a questions.  He says he just wants to get everything straight before he baptizes.  Like the lesson after we taught them the restoration he read joão 1:  I think verse 18 which says that nobody can see God.  We then had to explain how the bible or parts of the bible are wrong and that Joseph Smith translated those wrong parts.  It is going well.

So... the piano.   Before I start the story let me just say this..... JEFFERSON BENSON AND WILSON!!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!! PRACTICE YOUR PIANO!!!!!!

So I found out that our ward has a pianist, she just wasn´t playing because she has a wrist problem, but I talked to her this week and she said she would play this Sunday. Before this happened I played at the church and practice a little. I wrote down all of the songs I know and I came up with about 14 out of 201 hymns...... that is nothing. Anyways, after I talked with the pianist I just stopped worrying about it because she said she would play. Well on Saturday night the 1 counselor in the bispado me ligou and said that the pianist couldn´t play because she got her wisdom teeth out........ so I would now be playing.  He asked me which songs I knew. I told him.  Then he asked me about sacrament hymns... I know none..... so he just kept the one he already had.

I was to play 4 hymns, how firm a foundation (already know), a sacrament hymn that I don´t know the name to in english (never played in my life) I know that my redeemer lives (played a little bit before, hardly know) and God be with you till we meet again (already knew).  As you can see.... I needed to practice... but it was 9:30 Saturday night and church started the next day at 8:30!  So we woke up at 5:20 and went to the church so I could practice.  I practice the 2 I didn’t know alot.  I had the sacrament hymn down with the right hand and occasionally I would play the left.  On the I know that my redeemer lives, I had it down pretty good... kinda.. not really. (side note:  "I know that my redeemer lives" was the number the choir would be singing with me accompanying.......)  We left to go get our investigators then came back...

It was ward conference so all the the stake leadership was there....... like all.  Stake presidency and the 12 high council men.  And to top it off... the power was out!  No AC.  We opened all the windows, it was bearable but hot hot hot.  (when I was practicing in the morning I was dripping in sweat!!! I would flip my head to the side occasionally and sweat would go flying) 

Sacrament meeting was the last meeting.  The opening song was good (foundation). Then I did the sacrament hymn.  mais ou menos.  I messed up a ton but we still got though it.  Then came the choir............... OUCH!!!!!!! Not the choir, ME!!! I was so nervous.  We had never rehearsed together and that was the first time I´ve ever played I know my redeemer lives for people to sing!!!  I was shaking.  I just locked up.  I did really bad!  Boys, let this be a lesson to you.... PRACTICE THE PIANO so that you don´t have to go to the church at 6:30 in the morning to practice and then mess up in sacrament meeting.   I wish so bad that I could just open up the hymn book to any page and just let my fingers fly and play it perfectly.  But..... I didn’t practice enough when I was your age so now I can´t.  So that was the piano this week:)  fun stuff:)

So to answer some of your questions.... I get letters from you guys Amy and Grammy and Grandpa. Occasionally some one else like this week I got one from Wrendie.  Thanks Wrendie!!  And I email you guys, Jackson Amanda Saydi, Christian, James and the other bros.  Favorite food... that is a tough question.. seriously tough question.  I would say farofa.... it is amazing! I also love the lasanha here.  Here for the meat they use, ground beef, chicken, and or ham.  This week the best thing I ate was lasanha.  This lasanha was so good.  It was made with chicken and ham. Instead of noodles, there were pancakes!!!!! Not like sweet pancakes just pancakes!!! So amazingly good.  And they usually put ketchup in it too:)  kakak Ketchup, that stuff is good.

Something that I wouldn´t be able to get in the US... Açaí.. duh!  I think most everything else you can get in the US .... oh besides Guaraná (pop) and farinha.  And I don´t know what food I miss. I kind of forgot what we eat there.  I guess I miss peanut butter but I always get some from you guys which I love.  I miss.....  your breakfast sandwiches mom!!! Those are heavenly!

One thing that I love teaching people here is about Deus.  Everybody here thinks that the three are one and that he is everywhere and nowhere.  I love teaching them that we have a Heavenly Father who has a body just like us and that he loves us so much and that he has a son who is a totally different person who came to the earth to die for us.  Point number one, primeiro liçaõ.

I love you all so very much and I hope you make the best of your summer!!!  I was thinking this week that I have been living in summer for a year now.  kakak  one year of heat!!!!   Love you all and know that I´m doing well! Thanks for all you do for me!  The emails, letters, packages and prayers. I love you guys have a great week.

Elder Ostler

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm the ward pianist

It sounds like a lot is happening with you guys.  That is so great!   I love you guys so much,,, I cannot believe that school ends in a week.   I remember back in Adrianopolis laying in bed on Friday nights and thinking about you guys and the Richland football games and now school is almost out! Seriously just so fast.  I got a book from Jefferson this week. 2 AWESOME letters. I love hearing bout your lifes. Jefferson you are a rockstar!  With mowing, to your dedication to bball and the electric uke.. I am so proud to call you my brother.  Brother you are rocking!!!  Keep it up.  Go listen to the song "best days of our lifes" it is a good one:) 

The highlight of this week was sexta-feira, we had a zone conference with all of the zones in manaus!  It was awesome.  President Kleins last conference.  They are SO SAD to be leaving.  I love them both, President Klein and Sister Klein.  It was definitely the best zone conf I’ve been too.  One of the best part is when Pres Klein asked us to say all of his lines.  You remember President Greer and how he had all of those lines.  Well I think every pres has their own lines because Pres Klein has some good ones:)  "Vai Elder!"  "Parabéns pelo batismo" kakaka it isn’t funny to you guys because you don´t know him but it is funny to me:)  It was so awesome.  At the end they did with us what they do with the missionaries that are going home.  We wrote down our goals for 1 year after the mission and Pres Klein will send them to us.  Sister Klein also gave us a cookbook with her recipes!!!    I´ll be whipping some of those up.  It was just a great day:) 

And Saturday marked one year from my graduation day:)  I cannot believe that I graduated a year ago.  That was like last month.  Also on Saturday we painted a muro which are the big walls that surround your house.  It was fun:)

Today we did a churrasco with the other elders in our district which was fun.  But it took us like an hour to get the stinking thing lit.  Just leave it to a brasilian, an argentine and two americans...

Now there is some MEAT!! Our churrasco today
We FINALLY got a ward mission leader.  My whole time with Elder Walbrecht we didn´t have one. This ward just got one called.  His name is RD and is is in a wheelchair.  He served a mission.  He is already planning some big missionary activities, his goal is to split the ward.

We don´t have a pianist in this ward so last Sunday (one week ago) I knew one of the hymns that was to be played so I just went up in the middle of sacrament meeting and played it.   So yesterday when I walked into sacrament meeting the bishop and his counselors were motioning me to come up to the front to play the piano.  I guess people just assume if you can play one hymn you can play them all.  I played all the hymns.  But I only knew one.  The other two I just played the top hand and it wasn´t half bad..... BOYS< PRACTICE YOUR PIANO!  I wish I could just open up the hymn book and just play any hymn.  That would be sweet! So now I´m the ward pianist and boy do I need to practice.

At lunch on Sunday the daughters were arguing about who had to do the dishes
so I just got up and did them:)  It was pretty funny:)
So I´m not going to lie.  I´m pretty down because of the whole picture thing, I just hope it all works out.  Sorry that this email is pretty lame, I was trying to get the pictures up so it took up some of my time.

I love you guys so much!  My family is the best ever!   I love you guys so much!!!
Elder Ostler

Conversation with Elder Ostler
Elder Ostler: You there?

Mom: As always! What’s up?

Elder Ostler: So.... I took my full sd card and my flash drive to a computer place to transfer all the pictures onto the flashdrive.  I didn´t want to do it myself because I didn´t want to mess it up.  I just wanted to put all of the pictures on the flashdrive but also leave them on the sd card.  Well... they are no longer on the sd card and I can´t find them on the flash drive.  So all of my pictures might be gone.  I know you are thousands of miles away and can´t do anything but any suggestions.    And my email won´t be as long this week.... I´m not happy.... I JUST WANT MY PICTURES!!!

Mom: Oh no. That doesn't sound good. I would go back to that place and have them pull the pictures up for you. That's your only option. Or send them home with an elder flying to the US. That could be a bummer. Just keep your SD cards. As they fill up I'll send you more. That's what Saydi did.

And don't worry, you have companions who have pictures. So it will all work out. And they're probably there. Just can't see them on the computer. But don't use that SD card anymore. Leave it alone.

Elder Ostler: I’m just so stressed out about this. I will take it back to that place and see what I can do. 

Mom: It's out of your hands. Don't be stressed. It's okay. Just go back to the place.

This will make you happy. Check out this picture.

Elder Ostler: CUDE MAN!!!!! is he there right now?

Mom: Right now!!!! He'll be here for an hour. Just talking away! He flys home tomorrow.

Other than the SD card, are you doing okay?

Elder Ostler: Yeah I´m doing fine.  I am missing you guys a lot though during this fun time of the year:)  But other than that I´m doing fine.

Mom: Your email was awesome and wow dude, that's a lot of meat. I'm glad you're the pianist. Preach to these boys every week about practicing.

Cude just walked to the fridge and said 'can I have some juice?'

Elder Ostler: Yes you can have some juice!!!!!

We are going to give a FHE lesson tonight which we still haven´t prepared because the guy just called us and said that we are giving the lesson.   Good thing we study every day.

Mom: My advice, even if the guy says he can't see the pictures, don't use that SD card. American technology is amazing and they might be able to retrieve them. If you are ever around an American who is going home, give him the SD card and I'll get it from him when he gets home.  Seriously, it will be fine.

Elder Ostler: Well I think that they are on the flash drive I just can´t see them and there is nothing on the sd card but I can still give it to an American.  Love you guys.

Mom: We love you too. So does Cude!