Monday, December 1, 2014

Hotter than . . . . . something very hot . . . . . like a BBQ!!!

What the???? scuba diving!!!  I was thinking about that this week and how right when I get home I want to get certified. Just a little jealous... but not really ... this week was absolutely amazing!!!  But first thing is first..... I’m dying of heat!!!!!!!! It is definitely over 100 outside and in this lan house the AC is broken.... me and Elder Brown are literally dripping in sweat.... but I guess that is better than just freezing to death like you guys kakakakak.  And Benson I will gladly take over the business when I get home... consider it DONE! kakak  That is pretty cool that you are doing the drumline and good luck with Babal Jethro.... do the ostler name proud..  So this is the last email you will get from me as a teenager!  Já pensaram?  I´m turning 20 baby!!!  And even better... there will be a full moon on my birthday!

So this week we had a baptism!!!  wahhwhhoo!!!  I think I mentioned it last week.. it was R*...  he has been going to church now for almost 3 years but never felt like he was ready for the baptism... until two weeks ago.. we were working really close with him the past 3 weeks and we tried to mark the date for last Saturday but when we were weekly planning we felt we should change it to this Saturday (this was LAST week, like 14 days ago).  When we went to his house to remard the date he said that he wanted to be baptized and that date.. we didn´t even invite him.. he just said it!  It was great.  He knows the baptism is essential.

It was a great service.. great turn out and his non member dad was there.  He is 19 and has a girlfriend who is a member.  The bishop bought a cake and salgados and we had kikão too.. it was great!  Elder Brown did the ordinance and he said that when R* left the agua, his eyes were SHINING!  I thought that was soo cool. I don´t think I´ve baptized anybody on the mission who was more prepared than R*.  He knew Everything and had a forte testemunho da restauração.  

I´m really having a stronger love for these people, especially R* and F* and his family... they are progressing good.  K* told us that she received an answer that the church is the true church just not the Joseph Smith was a prophet... we invited her to pray about that.... well all of them..

It is HOTTER THAN HOTT this is supposed to be the wet rainy season... but it isn't.... Hotter than .... something very hot... like a BBQ.. it is hitting records also we are in manga season and the members are giving them to us like candy on Halloween... most people here have a manga tree in their quintal... we got a bowl of about 10 right now with 5 more in the fridge... they are sooooooo gooooood!!!!

I also gave a talk on Sunday.  I was told before hand so I had time to plan. All of the talks in our ward are on the same thing... tithing, fast offerings, law of chastity and drugs.  I decided to talk on Conversão using the talk by bednar that he gave in 2012,, converter to the lord.   I did alright but not the best.. I should have practiced it a couple more times to work out all the kinks...

We had thanksgiving at Irmã C´s House, she is a less active but she made us jaraqui.. it is a fish about the same size as a rainbow trout.... it was super good!!!! She works in a kitchen so she knows how to cook....  I just sent a pic of it....we are inviting her back to church.

Thanksgiving meal….
ate the whole fish….
INCLUDING the head!
I ate three of them. Afterwards all that was left was the spine... yumnmy.  The head is super salty but good.  I felt like Grandpa Skinner eating it. I remember one time when we were over at his house when I was young and we were eating fish and he just bit off the head….I thought it was disgusting and here I am doing it!
On Tuesday me and elder brown gave a zone training to our zone on the things elder Aidukaitis taught us.  I think we did really good.  Our zone just sat there with a .... shocked look on their face....they understood and they told us last night that they did it.  It is taking them about 8 hours to do..... me and elder brown just did it for a second time so we are getting better....

Did you guys go to coconut´s?  or night diving? any sea turtle attacks? kaka  

This morning we woke up at 3 in the morning to go get my ingrown toenail taken out.....the hospital here is a first come first serve.. you have to get in line and then wait till 7 when they start attending people.  We got there at 530 and I has about 20th in line... pretty good.  When I got up to the window to talk to them they told me that all of the opening for the day were full and that I needed to come earlier if I wanted a spot....... I didn´´t get mad... there was no point in it... but now we will figure out a plan b.... maybe not the public hospital but the private toe isn't killing me.  I´m taking advil so that is helping.... only when I hit on something which is rare.  I´m not the clumsy type... but it sure was a fun adventure to be on the dead silent street at 3:30 in the morning...

I hope that everything goes well this week and that you don´t freeze to death!!kakak  I´ll hope not to melt to death.  see you in 24......

Elder Ostler

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