Friday, August 30, 2013

I got my travel plans!


I'm happy you had a fun time with the Argentine and the hairdresser.  I don't think I need anything else.  I'm doing fine.  And I did get to host!  But I will get to that.  Let me start with Tuesday.  So we had our Tuesday night devo as usual and we knew it was going to be a 12 because it was going to be broadcast to the other MTC's.  It was Niel L Anderson!!

He gave a great talk on missionary work (of course). He was a mission president in France and he had one of the missionaries that served in France while he was president there and they spoke about it together, pretty cool.  I also sang in the choir. Super fun.  So afterwards everyone stayed seated because they needed the camera shot and because Elder Anderson hadn't stood yet.  Then one of the members of the MTC presidency stood up and said, "we have been informed that there is a massive storm outside with thunder lightening and rain so we are going to stay here (Marriott center) until it passes.  We will now sing some hymns."  It was so fun.

We sang like 5 hymns and Elder Anderson came out and shook hands.  I didn't shake his hand but that is the closest I've ever been to an apostle.  So cool  probably like 20 yards.  So eventually the lightening stopped and they let us go but it was pouring rain.  Buckets!!!  Our suits were drenched!!  Totally insane but so much fun but Elder M just wasn't having fun while everyone around him was singing There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!  So awesome!!

Ok so this email might be a little shorter because we just got done talking to a worker here that served in Manaus!!  So cool.  Here is his email so when we get my blog up, email him the link and tell him I'm the elder that was trying to find a computer with him.

That is so great that school is starting.  Enjoy it boys, especially you Wilson.  Middle school is awesome!  Get good grades you boys.  So after we got back from the rainstorm we always have a district meeting to discuss the devo.  Before we started, President Brough (Branch Pres) asked me and my companion to come with him.  He asked us to be the Zone Leaders!! We get put in officially this Sunday!  I'm so excited!  We already got to help welcome the new elders and sisters this past Wednesday.  27 new missionaries in our zone!!  13 Sisters and guess who is in my Zone!?!?  Garrett Stoker and Jessica Bagley!!!  So cool.  It's awesome seeing them.

So hosting was great. Absolutely loved it.  I only got to do 2, A Korean going to cali and a Mexican going to somewhere in the US speaking espanol.  His dad followed us up quite a ways with the video camera.  I'm glad he stopped and didn't come with us into the building because that would have been bad.  It was funny.  I was so hot because we were out there for 2 and a half hours
Our district - going to Manaus
I just finished the BOM two hours ago.  It was so great!!  Got it done in 31 days!  So we know about the elders and sisters in the Brazil MTC because one of them emailed Elder Peterson.   No one in our district has been reassigned.  They will all get reassigned in one week and leave the following Monday.  Speaking of traveling, I got my travel plans!  I'm so excited!  You don't even know!  One other sister got her visa too but we are on different flights.  I'm going SLC, Detroit, Sao Paolo, Manaus.  7:20 am sep9 - 7:40am - sep10.  I will try to get back on later but for now this is all, Love you all!
Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

Ok I actually do have more time now, let's see, what else.  Oh that is so cool that Alex and Brook got their mission calls!  That is so awesome!  Ok so here is a funny story of the week. It was Thursday (yesterday) and I was taking a shower because we had just had gym and I go hard in the 4 square arena.  So I was in the shower and I hear the intercom come on (there is an intercom system here so they can call missionaries down to the office).  I couldn't really hear what it said.  Then all of a sudden I heard screaming.  Not screaming, LIKE SCREAMING!!!!!  I was like what the heck is going on.  Then some of the screamers come running through the bathroom.  They were screaming "ELDER KESLER!!  ELDER KESLER!"  He is our current ZL.  I poke my head out of the shower and yell at Elder Bean (who was one of the screamers), "What is going on!!"  He says back,  "ME, KESLER, and Elder Robb got our visa's!!!!"

They have all been here a week longer than us and they are probably the closest other district to us.  They still hadn't found Elder Kesler so they continue to scream.  They leave on Monday which is pretty cool.  There are two districts form our zone (zone and branch are the same thing) on Monday and they all got reassigned except for those 3 elders.  I'm so happy for them.  It was just so funny because they were all freaking out.  So funny.

And yes I would like a bigger bottle of face wash.  So I got a box yesterday from................. JACKIE CREER!!!  So awesome!!!  Oreo brownies and Reese's brownies. We shared them with the new two districts that just got here. I haven't had one because I wasn't really hungry.  But we still have like a square foot left so I'm excited to eat that.

I love Jackie creer Brownies!!!! please tell her thank you
So it sounds like Christian is becoming an official member of OL&G.  But Christian, in order to be a true employee, you must love the rose bush lawn with all you heart might mind and strength that you may stand blameless before God at the last day.  By the Way (John) I have that memorized in Portuguese.  Ok almost.  I just need to do the last two verses.

Freshman orientation for BYU was Wednesday so I could have just walked like 20mins and seen Mitch and James... so cool.  But don't worry, I won't.  So last night, Elder M told me something really nice.  We were having comp inventory and he told me that I was the least prideful person in our district.  He said that whenever someone tells me that I'm doing wrong or something like that, that I just accept it and change instead of being prideful and thinking I can do whatever I want. I didn't explain that very well but he just said I was a good companion.   We have so much fun together.  He always makes fun of me, in a joking way, because I haven't seen any movies.  Also, he hates farts so when I do he just like looks at me and says, Seriously.....   it's so funny. All the elders in the district say I fart so much which is kinda true but after living with Jackson, I don't hold a candle to him.  But then he always burps so its just a bodily function party all day long!

So guess who I saw!!!!!! Kyle Harrison from the best two years!! The actor!!! I don't know his name but he was here.  I was going to go talk to him but he was in a conversation.  It was so cool to see him.. I think he was doing TRC.  Well this is really the end till next week.  I love you all!!  I hope school is fun!!!  Jefferson, make sure you trim like me:)  Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

Friday, August 23, 2013


How goes it?  The MTC is still great!  So I will try to answer your questions first.  I have no idea where my ipod is, sorry. I haven't seen Elder Rodgers but I saw James Graff, his classroom is right next to mine.  Rachael Porter is also here but I haven't seen her.  I'm at 3 Nephi 13 in the Book of Mormon.  And it was my comp that sang in church.  He sang I Believe in Christ and it was awesome! No I haven't spoke in church yet but I still prepare a talk every week.  And I see Sister Gearheart all the time and I know that she is from Kennewick.  Pretty cool.  Brother May is a councilor in our branch presidency, he smiles alot, how do you know him?

Me and Elder Klumker, the funny cool one
We went to the temple last week on Friday and we are going to go again today. And I'm pretty much the only one who brought only 44 pounds. One of the elders he (well more like his mom) packed his whole closet and the kitchen sink.  Crazy.  But my companion got his mom to send him a Samsonite bag just like mine.

So let me just tell you a little about the week .  This week Irmão Hodson was gone so we had a sub....  Irmão Godoy.  And he is from Brazil!!  He just looks like a normal white guy though.  Our first day with him he just told us all about Brazil.  He showed us tons of pictures and we all just got so excited.  He is so funny. I can't ever explain it.

Our district studying hard
Elder M says I laugh at everything and it is kinda true, I laugh all the time but who doesn't like to laugh.  All this week I've been kinda sick.  At night I would wake up and just have a killer soar throat.  That was at the beginning of the week.  At the end I was and am really stuffed up.  This other sister in our district is way worse than me so don't feel bad for me. And it's not even a big deal.  But I would love it if you would remind me the difference between sudafed and benadryl and what they do.

Did I tell you that I got to see Kaylynn Harrison?  I just walked out of class one day and was going to lunch and Sister Harrison was standing in the hallway.  She had to come to the MTC because her comp is a visa waiter for the Philippines so she just decided to come find me.  It was so great to see her.

Me and my companion with Sister Harrison
So Jackson came by on Thursday and came to lunch with me.  He attempted to speak Portuguese but totally failed.  It was great to see him. My district loved him.  But don't let that go to your head Jackson...  When I was leaving he handed me a secret note :) and I found out when I got back to my room that I got my VISA!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much mom. I don't even have words to explain how thankful I am to you for putting in all that work to get it.  And don't worry I thanked Heavenly Father too.  I'm so excited to Go and I am perfectly fine with finishing here at the Provo MTC.  Thank you thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.  I am really excited to go to Manaus and with each day I get more and more excited.

So somehow I hinted at the note and my companion asked what it was.  I said it had to do with my visa and that we would talk about it that night.  So on Thursday night all the elders and I had a secret visa council.  I'm sorry if I shouldn't have done this but I just felt like I needed to.  I told them the whole story of me getting my visa and you going to sf and all that jazz.  They were really happy and I got all their moms phone numbers, only 2 are form WA. I'm sorry if this is too much work but will you just call them and tell them something, anything it doesn't matter but I know that some of them are expecting  you to call them. Here is their numbers with their consulate.

All of them were super happy that I told them, I think it gave them a hope that they might get their visa's.  If you can't do anything that's fine.

Ok so here is some stuff that I would like you to send me please. First off....  WE DO NOT NEED ANY FOOD.   We have so much!  Elder Mount almost gets a package every day filled with food.  We still have some of the chips and dip left you sent me.  But that peanut butter and graham crackers with chocolate chips was soooooo gooooooood.  Ok so I would like. . . . and some mint life savers because when I had those I share them with my district.  

Also, how am I going to get stuff that I'm not taking to Brazil to Jackson.   Like my shorts and letters.  Because it's not like I have time during the day to get him that stuff because we are always in a class or something.  Let's see what else.  That's all I need I think.  I'm going to send this, try to send some pictures, email Saydi and then email you more with whatever time I have left.  I love you all!

Tudo Bem 
Elder Ostler

Friday, August 16, 2013


How was the hike!  I'm so happy that you guys got to do that and go have fun and get some exercise because here at the MTC we are in class for like 10 hours a day.  Sitting on a chair. And then 4 days a week we get a 50 minute gym time.  It is so much fun!!  Our district loves to play 4 square. I would definitely say I'm one of the best ones out there.  We've been playing almost every gym time since we've been here.  But now a whole ton of people are playing and some of them are playing super dirty.  Oh and I saw Cam at the Gym!  It was so cool:)  And I saw Katie like an hour ago because Elder Klumker got his haircut so me and my companion went with him so I could go see Katie.  So cool to see her.  She said that her and Jackson are going to try and come eat lunch with me sometime.

Ok Mom...  So every Elder and Sister that is going to Brazil that is in the Provo MTC is a VISA WAITER!  The district that is leaving next week that is in our zone just got their reassignments last night.  They are so excited to go.  And no one from my district has left since those 4.  Everyone in the MTC going to Brazil is expecting a reassignment because it is just so rare to get your visa but it's like opening a second mission call... what could be better?

So the food here is alright.  For every meal except breakfast they serve some kind of burger. Elder Klumker always makes a huge deal out of it in a joking way.   Whenever we have frys we always make frysause but it's not with ketchup and mayo, its with bbq sauce and mayo.  It is so good!   Elder Klumker introduced it to me and we always put it on our burgers if we get one.  We are district 69F so we call ourselves the 69F frysaucers.  It is funny.
Me and Elder Klumker with our legendary FRY SAUCE!
So for the Tuesday devotional this week we were told that it would be broadcast to all the MTC'S in the world.  Our whole district is in the choir.  So we knew it was going to be someone important.  It was Richard G Scott.  So cool.  He spoke on prayer and personal revelation.  We sang "Jesus once of humble Birth" and it sounded sooooo gooooood.

Elder Scott's talk was great too.  It was really funny during his talk.  He had some hairs sticking straight up in the back and he must have seen it in one of the monitors because at one point he was trying to get it down.  Pretty funny. As he was walking out it was dead silent as 3000 missionaries stood in respect.  As he was walking off the stage of the Marriott center he stopped, cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled.  "BE GOOD!"  It was so great. I love the 12 apostles.  And I had another Benson Moment.  Benson, guess what scripture he shared in his talk...... 1 NEPHI 4:6!   You're favorite one.

So this week we got two new investigators (they are just our teachers Irmao Dodge and Irmao Hodson).  They are so hard to teach.  I know the Gospel. But I don''t know the gospel in Portuguese.  It is also extremely hard because we have to adjust the first lesson to fit their needs but the hard part is in finding out their needs.

We learned about asking inspired questions to find out.  I'm still working on it but it's coming. Tonight we are doing TRC which is where volunteers come in and we teach them.  Sometimes members sometimes not.  Our district didn't know what it stood for so we made some thing up.  It stands for Teach'R Church.  We have so much fun as a district.  So much fun.

And I absolutely love Elder Klumker.  We just get along so well.  He reminds me so much of Christian.  Just so funny and is always wanting to do some thing fun.  He also uses a
Pilot G2 .5 (pen) religiously like Christian, so cool.

On Tuesday after we do service (cleaning toilets) we have personal exercise time so we run around the MTC.  I'm sorry if some of this is repeat information because I don't remember what I typed last week.  Let's see what else...  hey I was going to send pictures but I left my camera in the room so I can't but I might be able to send some later if I have time.  And should I just buy a card reader because they sell them here?  I will use my companions for now but let me know if I should get one.

So I will tell you a cool experience I had with Prayer.  We had just got done teaching one of our investigators and left him with the challenge to read the first chapter of the BOM.  After we get out of each lesson me and Elder M always pray.  So we went outside and knelt in the grass and I said the prayer.  It was just a normal pray.  At the end I asked God to help our investigator read the BOM.  Right as I said those words I just had this calm peaceful feeling come over me.  I almost lost my ability to speak. It was the spirit telling me that the BOM is true.  It was so cool because I hadn't even asked to know if it was true, the spirit just told me.  The BOM is true.  I started reading it over again on the day I got here and I'm on Alma 24.  It is so great.  There are so many things in it that apply to me right now on my mission. It is the best.

So I didn't end up giving a talk in sacrament meeting but I had one all planned out.  Elder M is a superererererer gooooooood singererererer!!  Like he was in the BYU mens chorus good. I've been talking to him for awhile about doing a musical number for something because that is what happens.  At every single meeting here there is a musical number.

Like last Sunday at the devotional this Black Elder sang the song that Dylan Valys sings (I think that is his name.  The one that sings better than I). He sang the one... I think it is called redeemer of my soul. It was soooo amazing.  Anyway so I've been trying to convince Elder M to sing in something.  I finally Got him.  He is singing I Believe in Christ this Sunday in sacrament meeting.  I'm so excited for it.

So there is this sister in my district called sister Reeve (but we call her sister heeve because in Portuguese the r makes an h sound sometimes) and she is one of the sisters who went to the consulate with her dad!!  She is expecting to get her Visa this week! Crazy.  I'm also sad that Elder Klumker is from Gig Harbor because that means that he probably won't get his visa for a while and I really super duper love him and want him to come to Brazil with me.

Oh so last night as we where going to sleep someone said something hilarious so I just let out my laugh.  All the elders say its so funny and whenever Elder Klumker hears it he just busts up.  Well that is all for now.  I'm doing great. Loving it hear and I only get homesick when I think about mowing lawns and going to high school football games because it's almost that time of year again.  But doing well.

I loved the box.  So great!  I don't know how we are going to eat all that food though because we are hardly ever hungry because our meals at the cafeteria are so stinking close together. But I do like the graham crackers, peanut butter and chocolate chips... I wonder what I'm supposed to do with those :)

Oh yes I did! And thank you for the supplies!
Yeah, we have alot of food.
Thanks for all your letters and dear elders.  I definitely get the most mail in my district with Elder Klumker at a close second.  There has only been two days here that I haven't gotten mail.  I will try to send some pictures.  I love all of you and think about you everyday. I miss moms cooking... oh how I miss that. I miss Amanda and Chris.... just being Amanda and Chris.  I don't miss Jackson and Katie because I get to see them.  I miss Saydi but not really because we are both serving missions.   I miss mowing lawns with Jefferson.  I miss watching Benson talk about and ride dirt bikes and his funnyness. And I miss wrestling with Wilson.  Oh Wilson.  I told Elder M about the gap in your teeth and how you put money up in it.  He thought it was hilarious. Talk to you next week:)

Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

Friday, August 9, 2013

Awesome to finally put that tag on!

Dearest Family!!

How is it going at home?  Lawn mowing and rocks and fences constructions.  I'm loving the mtc.  So awesome.  Sometimes after gym when we come out of the gym we are in our work out clothes and there will be like 2 missionaries sitting at a table studying and me and my companion will freak out because we are like "there are missionaries!!!"  But then we remember that we are missionaries too.  Fun stuff.  So I'm not homesick at all.  it is great.  I only got a little homesick when I read your first letter to me about the happenings at the Ostler house.

Craziest thing ever. I ran into another Elder Ostler going to Asia.  Crazy. Didn't have my camera so I couldn't take a picture but I will find him for you.

About Friday and why we didn't have pday.  We just didn't, that's all.  We just didn't so we had to wait 9 days for a pday.  I had so much laundry but I got it all done and all of my shirts are still white so we are good.

"I love cleaning toilets. I'm a pro!"
All of the elders (7) in my district are going to Manaus and all the sisters (6) are going to Natal.  I love the elders in my district.  So 4 people have gotten their visas from our district, 3 sisters and 1 elder.  They left on Monday and Tuesday.  They all were at the Houston consulate.

So since I was in a threesome now it is just me and Elder M. He is so great.  Like I said he converted at age 16 and is the only member of his family.  So there are two other elders from Washington.  Elder Klumker (coolest person and funniest accents ever) is from Gig Harbor and some thing crazy about him is that I know his girlfriend.  She lives in Kennewick.  And Elder Peterson is from Monroe right about Seattle and Everett.  So they probably won't be going going to Brazil anytime soon .

I also haven't told anyone that you did some work for my visa.  Am I allowed to tell people that?  I'm also so grateful that you went through all that trouble mom.  Thanks, I love you so much.  At first I really didn't want to go to Brazil because I love it here so much but the more I've been thinking about it the more I want to go and I still have like at least 2 weeks before it gets here.  And yes I got the food.  We are going to go back and eat it once we are done emailing.

We get 6 bucks on our MTC card a week that we can buy stuff at the bookstore and vending machines with.  The sisters get 8 bucks so I guess they are more loved than us stinking elders. No I haven't seen any apostles yet.  Our devo on Tuesday was by Jay E Jensen who is a emeritus member of the seventy (sorry I don't know how to spell that word nor do I have time to look it up).  Oh yeah and I get an hour to email instead of 30 minutes.

Last Sunday was awesome!! Everyone tells you to make it to Sunday because the first three days are HARD And LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG . So Sunday was just such a break that was so needed.  It was fast Sunday so breakfast and lunch weren't served in the cafeteria.  It was fast and testimony meeting so everybody and their companion wants to bear their testimony.  Usually the meetings take place in Portuguese but fast and testimony meeting don't so that the missionaries won't worry about bearing their testimonies.

I was like the 8th one to bear mine.  It was great.  We had a huge mission conference as well where the MTC presidency spoke to us.  It was so great.   It's a really high tv here.  All of the big meetings have cameras and there are two huge screens just like at general conference. So cool.  And when they quote a scripture the scripture shows up on the screen.  My favorite part of the meeting is probably the prelude singing.  Like 15 mins before a big meeting starts we will sing like 5 songs as a congregation and the words show up on the screen.  Just like General conference again.

Usually for Sundays everyone in the branch (which is just our zone which is like 8 districts) has to prepare a talk on an assigned topic from the branch presidency........ in PORTUGUESE!! And then he just sits up there and calls on two random missionaries from the congregation. So you could risk it and not prepare any thing but then if president Brough calls on you, you are in a world of hurt.  But I don't think it will be that bad if I get called because two nights ago as I was lying in bed I gave a talk in Portuguese in my head on faith.  And I don't mean to brag but it was pretty good.

From the time we wake up to the time we eat lunch, our district has a goal to only speak Portuguese.  It is hard but rewarding because sometimes you actually know how to say something so it feels great to say it.  The language is coming.  I'm getting better at understanding it.  I still am nowhere near fluent of course but I can pray, bear my testimony and have a SIMPLE conversation in Portuguese.

Today some elders came up to me and my companion and bore their testimony to us in Spanish(probably like an assignment from their teacher) and it was so weird because Spanish and Portuguese are so similar but so different.  It was cool though.

About the first 3 days from Wednesday to Saturday - Wednesday was great.  Just really awesome to finally put that tag on.  Today as I was getting dressed I looked in the mirror at myself and I knew something was missing. MY TAG I just don't look or feel the same without it, its awesome.

So this next story is a really cool but super spiritual one.  Two days ago one of the sisters in our district got called down to the main building during class.  When she came back she was bawling.  None of us knew what happened.  It was awkward.  One of the elders had been called down there the day before and they told him that his grandpa had gotten in a bad car wreck and was paralyzed from the chest down.  So we know it was something bad.  He said a few words to try and comfort her and said that it will all be alright.

Then Elder D asked her if she would like a blessing she said yeah so he asked who she would like to give it to her.  She said "Elder Ostler would you?"  I said yes but instantly so many things started racing through my mind.  I had never given a blessing of comfort before and I had no idea what she needed comfort for.  I instantly started praying to myself that i would know what to say.  All of the emotions of the moment are coming back to me right now.  I was so nervous and my heart was beating so fast.  Then I got this calming reassurance that all would be well Tudo Bem.

Elder M our DL went to ask the ZLs if we had the ok to do that.  While he was gone Elder Klumker said a few words.  She then said she wouldn't keep us in the dark. She said that one of her close friends from back home had passed away.  She bore her testimony of the plan of salvation and said that she believed in it.  I was grateful for that information and count it as an answer to my prayer.  We got the ok from the ZLs and they assisted me in giving it.  It was short and sweet but powerful.  It was an amazing experience.

So our teacher is Irmano Hodson. He is so funny and cool.  I can't even explain his humor it is just funny so funny.  On our second full day here at the MTC we had to teach a full 30 minute lesson in PORTUGUESE.  I was so scared but luckily both my companions knew Spanish so that helped.  Elder D is fluent and Elder M took 5 years of it.  We taught a lady named "Dayane." We had 4 lessons with her.  She was very reluctant to read the Book of Mormon and to pray but eventually on our last visit with her she read 3 Nefi 11 like we had asked.  It was a great lesson.  Then one before that wasn't so great because she asked why we were the only church on the earth to have the Book of Mormon.  Yeah that might be an easy question to answer...... in ENGLISH!!!  Unfortunately we were not speaking English.  Moving to a different computer so I'll be right back.

K, I'm back and still have 2o mins. So the lessons I guess were allright and we were able to teach her about the gospel enough so she could understand but she still didn't believe that we are the ONLY true church on the earth.  That lesson I spoke a bunch which I'm really proud of.  So yesterday Dayane was our teacher. Her really name is Irma Stienbiegle or something like that.  She reminds me so muck of Amanda.  One, she has the exact same color and kind of hair. And she has the exact same glasses.  She is super sweet and kind and really loves the gospel.  She helped us plan a lesson for our new investigator we will be getting on Monday.

I see Elder Merrick all the time and I see Dennis like 4 times already. Man that guy is big.

Elder Ostler & Elder Christensen
We are Bruncles!!  (Brothers+Uncles)
Thanks for the lettters and must say I do like the copied version hahaha.  Oh yeah I probably won't be doing that whole jajajaja thing like Saydi becasue in Portugues ja is  actually a word.

So yes mom, my district loves my laugh.  All the elders just think its weird and kinda funny but the sisters call it a giggle.  It may be high pitched, but I'm an elder and elders do not giggle.

Hey Benson, here is a fun fact for you.  In Portuguese there is a word that sounds exactly like your name....  a bençao.  It means blessing, and Benson, you are a blessing in my life. Hopefully I can find other words that sound like Amanda, Chris, Jackson, Katie, Saydi, Jefferson, Wilson, Delene and Scott. I will let you know when that happens.

Lets see what else, oh yeah, if you do send a package I would appreciate gel, a comb and q tips.  Thanks for all the papers minha a bençao looks amazing, thanks.  So since Elder D is no longer our companion, me and Elder M have a whole room to ourselves!!  So awesome but last night we slept in the other elders room with them because there are six beds and six of us.

President Brough challenged all the missionaries in the branch to read the whole Book of Mormon in the 6 weeks that we are here.  I'm on track to finish it.  You have to read 100 pages a week which is like 14 pages day.

Ok so Elder Peterson was telling us about a school that he was accepted to called antioc.  It is just a tiny school in Ohio.  So we are like that is a really weird name and we decided that it kind of sounded like a medieval name.  So then Elder Klumker who is like the funniest ever, stared doing this hilarious voice where he pretends his name is antioc and he is the head of the school. I can't even describe it.  It is super low and booming.  Kinda like an old man voice.  So last night as we were laying in bed he kept doing it and I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life.  Soooooo funny.  And he just says the funniest stuff.

In summry I'm doing well and loving it here.  I haven't seen Cam king yet at the gym. I've only seen Jackson once and I don't know when Katie works.  Jackson said Monday and Saturday but I went in three times on Monday and she wasn't there so I would appreicate it if I could know when she works so I could get my hair cut at that time.

I love you all.  How often do you have to dry clean a suit?  Have fun with every thing and school..... sucker.  No just kidding live it up Jefferson you will never get this time back.

Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm having a blast!

2nd handwritten letter received from Elder Ostler

Dear Familia,

It is personal exercise time right now so I thought I would write you a quick note/letter. Don't worry, my district and I (elders) just ran a 1.5 mile run with push-ups, sit-ups and v-ups after about every 300 meters (one lap around the MTC).

I absolutely love it here, I'm having a blast! So don't sorry about me. Everyday is seriously a roller coaster. All the sisters in our district are going to Natal Brazil (6 of them) and all of the Elders (7) are going to Manaus. We are most definitely the coolest district in the whole MTC. So a little more about my companions. Elder M is a mom! I love him so much. Like I said he converted at age 16 and is the only member of his family.

Elder D is Mexican so he comes from a different background than me.

. . . . first of all you have to understand that 3 days after we arrived we taught a lesson to an investigator . . . in Portuguese! So crazy. It's not actually an investigator, it's a teacher at the MTC. Jackson does it. So we had what we were going to say and the direction we wanted to take the lesson. Then 30 seconds before we go in Elder D says to me and Elder M, "let me start the lesson" which is not what was planned. We asked him what he was going to say but he wouldn't tell us. In the lesson I don't even remember what he said. There was lots of tension after that. The rest of the day Elder D was really down and didn't talk at all. We eventually worked it out.

Elder M is extremely good at Portuguese. A lot of elders and sisters in my district got an app on their phone (before their missions) called Duo Lingo and started learning Portuguese. Elder M also took AP Spanish in High School. But Spanish messes you up a little to because some of the words are totally different than Spanish. In our 3 lessons so far with our investigator they have carried us. . . well me.

In yesterdays lesson I did way better. I told her how when Christ left Jerusalem he came to the Americas and taught the people of the Book of Mormon the gospel. I challenged her to read 3 Nefi Capitulo 11. But I was just so surprised that we started teaching on Friday, not even 48 hours at the MTC and we taught in Portuguese.

Being in a 3some is kind of hard. Making sure you know where both of them are. Elder D doesn't really like to include himself alot so he will just walk behind us. But don't worry mom, we always wait for him and walk WITH him.

So get this, 3 sisters left this morning for Brazil in our district! 2 got their visas on Friday and the other got it yesterday morning! Then an elder in our district got his visa today and is leaving tomorrow@ 2 of them I know submitted their visa in May, but it's because they are working through other consulates. The elder leaving is from Texas so he said the Texas visas come in about 4 weeks. So crazy!

Elder Ostler's District at the MTC in Provo, Utah
But honestly, I really don't want to leave the MTC here. Don't get me wrong, I love that you're working on my visa and I still want you to, it's just so awesome here. I'm just glad all the elders are going to Manaus with me. I guess I'm just a little nervous about going because I'm getting comfortable here. But I'm still excited to go to Brazil!

So Jefferson, do you know a guy named Spencer P? He was at EFY with you last year and he had a massive crush on Kara. Well, he's in my district and is awesome. I just love these elders so much and I'm so glad we are all serving in Manaus.

The language is coming.

Gotta go - sorry.
I couldn't finish.

I love my mission yeah!
I love teaching, yeah!
I love chick mail, yeah!
I love my mission, YEAH!

Love, Elder Ostler

pday is Friday and ask me some questions on your email to direct my email. Also, how often does a suit need to be dry cleaned?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm doing great at the MTC

Handwritten letter received from Elder Ostler

Elder Ostler and his companions


Tudo  bem? Tudo bem. I'm doing great at the MTC. I love it so wipe those tears away. I'm in a tripanionship because Elder Wilson didn't show up. Elder M and Elder D. I love them. Elder M is the DL. A convert at 16, so cool, super strong. Elder D is fluent in Spanish so he helps alot with pronunciations. They are both really good at Portuguese.

Our district is awesome! 7 Elders and 6 Sisters. There are 3 of us Elders straight out of High School.

The Portuguese . . . is coming. This morning during companionship study I was having a really tough time. But once our teacher came in I was fine. I understand almost everything he says . . . ok maybe 41% but I can't speak it. Right now my mind is trying to speak Spanish but I'm not learning Spanish and it's hard to know when the words in Spanish and Portuguese are 1) exactly the same 2) kind of similar or 3) no resemblance at all.

We are teaching our first investigator tomorrow. Day 3! Crazy. In Portuguese. We are going to work on that right now.

It seems like there is not enough time to do everything here.  Read the Book of Mormon in 6 weeks, read the mission handbook by Sunday, memorize our purpose in Portuguese, mas, tudo bem.

My rump hurt so bad by the end of today. Sitting all day long. We met our Branch President today. We all got up and introduced ourselves and bore our testimonies. It was cool getting to know the elders and sisters more in my district. My love for them is growing so much.

My companion and Sister O are both fluent in Spanish so it seems that they are miles ahead of us. Right now I'm struggling most with pronouncing words. Some of the letters don't even make the same sound, sometimes. Like if a word starts with r it sounds like an h or if there is a rr, you say h instead of rolling it. de makes the 'ge' sound as in genius but only if it is at the end of a word or alone. di always makes the 'ge' sound. It's really hard to pronounce the name of the church. But don't worry, I'm getting it.

There are times here when the Spirit is just so strong and I know that I'm supposed to be here and I know the Lord will help me.

I love you all. . . but I don't miss you yet :) I'm going good. Tudo bem.

Love, Elder Ostler