Monday, January 27, 2014


Wow!  I can´t believe that Amanda had her baby!  That is crazy!  So is the rest of the family going up to freezerburg sometime this week?  Oh and Amanda.... you got the name wrong. It´s Cosmo.  Jefferson, that is so sweet about giving o livro de môrmon away.  I don´t know him do I?  I don´t recognize the name.

So this week in Candeias was great.  Nothing to big happened.  My favorite part is that we got to do service! It was great.  It started out on Wednesday when we went to visit a less active lady in our ward that we ran into on the street one day.  She was baptized in porto velho I think about 10 years ago.  When she moved here she didn´t know that there was a branch.  She stopped on the road one day and asked us if there was. We said yes.

Anyways we went by to visit her and she was hoeing out some weeds.  Elder O walked into her yard, picked up the hoe that she set down and started going at it.  We borrowed another hoe from a neighbor and we went to town.  It had poured the night before so the ground was wet and muddy, our shoes were caked in mud and I managed to splash mud all over me.  It was great and the best part is that I almost got my mowing calluses back!  They just barely started to sprout back:)

The next day we went the whole day at President Marianos house helping him put an "extension" onto his house.  We drove 3 15-10 feet wood poles into the ground.  We are going back sometime this week to put a roof on the top of them.  Construction sure is different here in Brasil, wheras we would go to home depot and buy wood to use, they just use any wood that is lying around and just nail it together to make it longer or cut it with a table saw to make it shorter:)  It was fun.

Then on Saturday was the crowning service project.  Lets just say that Ostler Lawn and Garden has OFFICIALLY landed in Brasil!  We helped Presidente of quorum roçar his backyard.  I GOT TO USE A BRAZILIAN TRIMMER!  It was so sweet!  His whole backyard is just overgrown with every kind of plant and I just went to town.  It was pretty sweet and brought back so many memories of mowing in the hot Richland sun with my dearest siblings.  Here is a picture:)

This is me with the trimmer in my hands . . . . oh yeah
So those were our 3 service projects this week.  It sure was great to serve a little and get dirty.  The week is way better when you are helping out:)

Unfortunately we weren´t able to teach our elete family this week that we found last week.  They were in porto velho practically everyday.  We would mark for like Wednesday at 7.  Wednesday at like noon we would call them and they would say they were in porto velho.  This happened all week.  Kinda annoying. We have an appointment marked for to night so hopefully it will happen.

On Saturday we went tracting in a part of town we´ve never been to before.  The thing about brasilians is that they are very receptive.  We knock on probably 10 doors and got 6 return appointments.  We just say that we are missionaries and have a message that will strengthen your family that regards Jesus Cristo. They usually only say no if they are strong in another religion.  Out of these 6 my guess is that 3ish of them will really be interested and become serious investigators.  But I´m hoping that all will!

Elder O is having some health problems.  Nothing to serious but he is still having them.  We had to call sister Klein and the mission doctor.  He got some medicine for it but the medicine gave him an allergic reaction. The doctor said that if the problem doesn’t go away he might have to have an operation, and they don´t do this operation in the missionary field which means he will have to go home!  He does not want to at all!

So one of the less active families that we are visiting owns a little,,,, I don´t even know what to call it.  It is like a bakery. They make bread and cakes and sell ice cream and stuff like that.  Except for he does it all in his house.  And they sell it from their house too.  So we are going to mark a day when we are going to go help them make bread and possibly some other stuff.  They really like american stuff.  One of the other American missionaries that was here taught them how to make cookies and lemon bars.

They love american music and when we were over there they ask me to sing something.  I couldn´t think of anything to sing.  I haven´t listened to music in 6 months.  So I just sang the only thing I could remember ... "Alright kick back relax and grab yourself a beverage, I´ll hop if you wanna just bounce to my leverage. The evidence, as they say is in the pudding, so show me the money like my name is Cubert Gooding...."  Up Up and away.  They loved it!  They wanted me to sing Adele but I couldn´t remember how the song goes.  It is something like "someone like you"  I think.  I couldn´t remember.

Anyways they want me to teach them how to make something.  Really the only thing I know is brownies and cookies.  Got any ideas that I could teach them?  If you do it would be great if you could send me a recipe. If you can´t think of anything that is fine.  An* and his family were baptized about 7 months ago and in those 7 months they have started going to another church.  We don´t know what church.  There are a ton of churches here.  Well there were a ton of churches in Manaus too.  At night you walk by and the preacher is in there and he is yelling or casting out a devil from someone.  It is funny.  Wednesday night is one of the nights that most of the churches meet.  There is a street that has about 6 churches on it.  At night when we are walking home along that street you just hear all the preachers going at it.  Its kinda funny.

Nothing to big happened this week.  I´m really excited for tomorrow though because that is when we marked to go visit all of the people we tracted on Saturday.  I hope we get some good new investigators because we need some more.  Right now we have 3 families and a boy and his mom.  One of the families, we think, doesn’t want to progress any farther which is a bummer.  The other family is the familia O and the other is T* e A*.  They have already been taught by missionaries like 8 months ago.  We found them while trying to find some body in our area book.  They are a young couple with one kid.  They are accepting what we are teaching and hopefully will get married and baptized!

Our branch is in serious need of Priesthood.  We have 4 Melchizedek priesthood holders, not including us.  On Sunday we  had 23 people in church.  None of our investigators came.  It was a bummer.  We buscamos all of them but either they didn´t answer because they were sleeping or they couldn´t come.  Kind of a bummer but it is all good.

Well I love you all.  I´m super happy that Amanda had Cosmo this week!  so  so so so so so so exciting!  Can't wait to see her when she is 1 1/2 years old.  kakkkakakka.  Jefferson, keep tearing it up on the basketball court and in the missionary field.  18 points! That is a ton!.... almost as much as my avg. of 22 playing in the church league kakakakaka.  I´m just messing:)  I love you all and have a great week!  
Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler
This is me jump roping at our branch activity last week....... 360!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm in the jungle

First of all I´m sorry but I won´t be able to send any pictures because these computers don´t recognize mine card. But I took probably 100 pictures this week!

So about Candeias...... You described it pretty well.  One of my first thoughts when I got here is that it is like hermiston..... kinda.  In some areas it smells like hay, but there aren´t really any farms around that I know of.  So it is 20km from Porto Velho, the capital  of Rondônia... that is where the rest of our zone/district is and no I´m not DL.  So Candeias.. where do I start.  We live near the "centro"  which consists of a post office, a market and a lan house..... that is about it, and some other shops.  The roads are paved there and the houses are good.  If you keep going out from there the roads turn to dirt and the houses turn to wood.  The town is kinda big,..... ok not big, just spread out.  It takes 25 mins to walk from our house to our wood church and 40 mins to get to the branch presidents house.....  we are walking a minimum of 20.000 steps a day.

It is very different from Manaus here.  I think the two biggest differences are this.... it is quiet and dark.  In Manaus it is always loud, someone blasting music or playing something in the street.  Here it is very calm and vacant (especially from 12-2 when it shuts down here).  At night, there are only street lights on the main roads so it is dark.  Walking back from the presidents house, we walk along a dark dirt road for like 15 mins or so.  It is sweet! So that is what I will say about Candeias, ask specific questions if you want to know more.

So here is the deal with the ramo...  like I said , we have a cute little wood church.  It was built 6 months ago when the "groupo" got turned into a branch.  Before they had the church, the few members met at Irmã Deusa house.  Irmã Deusa is the bomb! ela é a mãe dos missionários aqui em Candeias.  Sua filha está servindo uma missão agora.  She is so cool and loves the missionaries.  We eat with her 2 times a week.

Our branch presidents name is Presidente Mariano.  He is so cool! He is so loving and when we go to his house he is always just so happy.  Last night he invited us over to his house for tererê....  tererê is like the herb stuff that Jackson had in Argentina with the straw with the filter on the bottom.  The difference is that here they drink it with ice cold lemonade... or it might be lime juice... I´m not sure.  But it is good.

We talked with him about our new investigators and less actives and stuff like that.   So about the whole easy to baptize thing but still having no members.  When I was in the escritoro before I flew here one of the 6 Aps told me that he spent a day in Candeias  on a division and baptized a Family!  He was so excited when he told me the story about how the taught them and then just baptized them after wards. He planted in my mind that it is easy to baptize here.... which it is.  The thing is is that this family has never been to church since they were baptized 2 months ago.  Never confirmed.

Missionaries come here and just baptize baptize baptize because the people here are open and want to follow God.  The thing is is that the people don´t understand that they are making a sacred covenant with the Lord.  They just think "sweet, I´m being Baptized!"  The missionaries in the past were just focusing on the dunking part and not the staying in the church part.  It was just a number. There is a list of 171 people in our house of people that were baptized in the past year and a half... some confirmed but most not.  We had 33 people in church.... 171 baptized in the past year and a half and 33 people at church.  Am I painting this picture well enough?  I hope so.

So a little about the work that was done here last transfer by Elder O and his comp... I don´t know if "work" is the right word to use.  Elder O showed me his planner from last transfer and half of the pages are completely empty.  He told me this was his regular day last transfer.  He woke up at 6:30 and did everything, work out, shower, eat, study and all.  His comp woke up at about 9 or ten and just sat there doing who knows what.  At 12 they would go to lunch and stay till about 4 or so, then they would come home.... that was there day.  Elder O was so annoyed with him because he just wanted to work work work.  Now, he is so excited to actually be working now. It is so funny because I´m just working like I know I should be working and filling every hour of our planner and sometimes Elder O will open his planner and just be like "!wow look at this! we actually have plans."  So as you can imagine when I got here, we had 0 investigators. Ok 1 but he has been an investigator of 6 months or so.  But this week we found 17 novos!  3 families!!  One of which is super awesome which I will get to.

So on the day I got here we went over to Presidente Mariano´s house so I could meet him.  Like I said he is super awesome! So loving and caring and fun loving.  He told us that we need to only baptize firm people, people that are going to stay.  He also said when we are out working and we pass a members house, active or not, we should stop by and say high and maybe leave a message or ask to serve them.  So he has the same vision as me and Elder O!  Only baptizing people that are ready for it!

About me not knowing the area... yeah I don´t know the area.... and neither does Elder O. Like I said, they did NOTHING.  He knows how to get to our lunches and the church.... and that is about it.  He tells me sometimes as we are walking down the street... I´ve never walked down this street before... he was been here for 2 months! He is so excited to work work work.

My second day here we went tracting.  He was on fire!  He had only been tracting once or twice on divisions but he looks like a pro!  He just knows how to talk to people.  He was been held back by his comp for the past two months so now he is just ready to go go go.  After he would do one he would look to me and say "ok, what can I do better?"  I would say that it was perfect" (because it was).  Then I would tell him that he is the one teaching me HERE!   He is such a people person and loves to talk to people and has no fear in doing it.  He is great.  He knows zero English..... well he knows I love you, shut up and the book of mormon.  He is great!

On terça we had a baptism.... yeah!  It was kind of a rushed thing but I was ok with it because the Pres Mariano was behind the whole thing.  He had invited her to church the previous Sunday and she went and got marked to be baptized on terça-feira.  In the interview she was very firm and awesome. I had to teach her about José Smith and the mandamentos but all was well.  We baptized her at the church.... but we don't had a font..... but we have a pool :)  That is right we baptized her in a pool. Just like one of those collapsible ones you can get at costco.  She was moving to Rio the next day.  At the baptizm it was me and my comp, Mariano, lady that was baptized, her granddaughter (member) and her granddaughters friend (member).  It was sweet. I got some good pics but can´t send em:(

No sábado we had a branch activity. Feijoada.  It is just feijão with more stuff in it. This one had ground beef, some mystery meet and ribs!  It was good.  Pres Mariano said this activity was necessary for our investigators but more for the already existing members, mainly the less active ones.  So we spent a lot of time this week visiting less actives telling them about the activity.  Only a few came but it was still awesome!  The members in the ward are so loving, so loving and them love to have fun.

Presidente Mariano used a rope to tie stuff down to his bike to bring to the church so there was a rope there.  Irmã Deusa got the rope and started jump roping, (like with a person on each end).  Ok... this lady is like 45 years old and she was jump roping! I got tons of pics.  Then for the next 2 hours while we were waiting for the feijoada to cook we jumped rope.  Our branch has tons of little kids, tons of em. It was so much fun!  They cooked the Feijoada behind the church over a fire in a pot that is about 2 feet deep and 3.5 feet across!.  There was so much of it and it was good. That was definitely one of the funnest days on my mission thus far.  So awesome!

Ok, now back to the super sweet family that we found.  We tracted into them my second day here. The dad answered the door and said they were busy but that we could come back. We marked for the next morning.  We went back but he was gone. Only the mom and the two filhos, T & W, were there.  Elder O is big on teaching families all together so we talked and got to know them a bit.  Al* (the mom) is great.  She visited the church before in another town in Rondônia.  She said she liked it.  We marked to come back the next night.

When we showed up the whole family was there Pa*, Al*, T & W.  We sat down and introduced ourselves, then we "went around the circle" and the family members introduced themselves. Like I said Elder O is a people person. He was so good at this. He was the one doing it. Anyways, we taught the restauração.  That was the best lesson I have ever taught in my life!  I´m not saying that to brag or anything because I know it was 100% the spirit.  Me and Elder O taught in unity and it just flowed.  My Portuguêse was awesome (I thought).  And the two most important things: 1. the spirit was there. 2. the family was engaged.

We were asking questions the whole time and they were talking and answering.  Al* was really into the lesson.  She had facial expressions the whole time. When we taught the first vision she was wide eyed!  She was just eating it up. I don´t really know how to explain it.  It was just awesome!  We asked if they knew what the Book of Mormon was and Pa* said he knew a little but was super confused about it.  We taught it so well and they understood.  We invited them to be baptized and they accepted (I think it will take them about 3 weeks or so though, maybe 4) Infelizmente, they didn´t go to church!  NOOOOOOOOO!   They have a car and said they would go.  We even called on Saturday night and she said they were planning on it.  We should have called Sunday morning though... so that was just a great lesson and we are going back tomorrow and I´m really excited. :)

So Presidente Mariano is the only member in the branch that has a car and he isn´t using it right now because he doesn´t have gas.  He just lost his job somehow and he is looking for another one. They still have money and stuff he just isn´t going to buy gas till he gets a job. Most people here just travel by bike, and boy I wish I had one!  We walk a ton!  It is not big, well it is.  It is super spread out.  One of the coolest parts is that I´m in the Jungle!  Sometimes we will be walking near the edge of town and you look down a street and at the end is just jungle.  It´s pretty cool.

I can´t believe that Amanda is going to have her baby!  That is so crazy! Like next weekish right?  I forgot about MLK day, hope you all have fun:)  Oh I almost forgot! I´m the branch Organist!  I didn´t play this week because Pres Mariano wants me and the chorister to practice together before I play in sacrament meeting because I guess the last and only time that Elder O's last companion played in sacrament meeting... it was a train wreck.  So I´m excited for that:)

But boys... I know Jackson said this for 2 whole years but I´m gonna say it again.... are you ready........ are you sure............. PRACTICE THE PIANO EVERYDAY!!!  You will never regret it for the rest of your life.  I regret NOT practicing the piano every day. I should have listened to Jackson and practiced everyday.  Don´t do what I did. PRACTICE!

So that was my week.  I hope I did a good job at explaining stuff but if you have any doubts just ask next week:) I love you all and am doing well in Candeias:)
Tudo Bem

Elder Ostler

Monday, January 13, 2014

Preparing to submit to the Lord's will

Wow, what  a week.  Me and Elder Pothier are just so awesome.  I love that guy so much and will miss him.... so yes, I got transferred: I already miss him a ton. We just had the same vision on how we did things. It was great while it lasted but now I'm onto a new chapter of the mission.

So on Sunday I had my last supper with..... can you guess..... The Camargos!!  It was great.  I would send you a funny picture we took there but the computer won´t let me.  They have kids that live in Mesa..... where Elder Pothier lives.  They went there for Christmas and took some stuff from Elder P for his family.  His family also sent stuff with the Camargos when they returned.  Peanut butter, maple, candy, letters from all the cousins.  It was sweet!

So we were about to eat when the APs called.  They told me I would be going to Rondônia (state) to a little town called Candeias, it is right outside Porto Velho.  IT IS TINY!  I just came from Manaus which is huge and this place is not huge.  They told me I would be catching a plane that night!  So after lunch the Camargos drove us home  (Oh yeah... she made Potatoes and GRAVY!) and I packed all my stuff.  Then the Camargos came back and picked us up and took me to the Air Port.  Elder Pothier is staying in Adrianópolis and he took my spot as DL and he is TRAINING!!!!   He was so shocked when the APs told him.  He is freaking out right now I´m sure of it.  He is staying with the ZLs till the arrivals arrive tomorrow.

So I took an hour flight last night with 9ish other missionaries.  It was sweet looking over Manaus at night.  I even located my area!  and the Temple!  We landed and went to the ZLs house in Porto Velho.  There were 14 Elders there!!  We all stayed there last night.  Some caught a bus this morning at 2 to go to an interior.  Others caught flights back to Manaus this morning.  We were up late.  I was talking to a missionary from the US.  He just done with a hard two transfers with a super disobedient comp.  He just needed to talk and tell someone so I sat there and listened.  It was good.

Then this morning a member came and picked us up and we drove 30 mins to our area, Candeias.   My comp is Elder O......... don´t worry, it's a different one.   He was 4 months on the mission so I´m senior comp.  His last comp here was lazy.  He had one more transfer left and was just lazy.  Elder O said they worked for like 2 hours a day.... maybe.  All his comp wanted to do was stay at home and sleep.  So he is ready to work! And he is a rule keeper!  One thing that a sister missionary told me was that all of the rule breaking missionaries are going home.  They are all at the end of their missions and I´m glad.

So ALL LAST WEEK I was praying so hard to stay with Elder P in Adrianópolis.  All week.  We both wanted to stay so bad.  But I was preparing to submit to the Lord´s will if I was to be transferred, which I was.  When I found out I was being transferred, I wasn´t scared or sad.   I was excited!  Of course I would have loved to stay but I was so excited.  That was God answering my prayers.  He might not of answered them in the way that I wanted but He still answered them.

So all yesterday I wasn´t upset or anything that I was getting transferred.  Now it is a little different.  I just need to get used to the change.  This place is very different, very.  It is a branch.  Elder O told me that there are 5 members of the elders quorum... us, president of the ramo, president of the quorum, and the secratario do ramo.    So we have our work cut out for us.  There are so few members here that can give lunch that we just have the days scheduled with the members.  Like Tuesday is member A.  Wednesday is member B.  Thursday and Friday are member C, and so forth.  I´m excited but I would much rather have stayed in Adrianópolis with Elder Pothier.  We just rocked!  And mom you can say you miss me.  I miss you guys like a ton, more now that I´m in a strange land.  I don´t know many details about the area or really how big it is but I will be able to tell more next week. Elder O is from São Paulo so I´m back to 0 English.  I´m excited though because I think now will be the time that I really become fluent and am able to understand and talk.

So last week the sisters of Manaú baptized a family,,,, part member family.  The mom was a member and the dad and two son´s weren´t.  We walked to their area which takes 40 mins and then walked to there peoples house which took another 40 mins.  We had lunch and after wards I did the 3 interviews.  The dad is a rockstar and is so ready.  One son was good to go but the other doesn't believe in God.  I think that is a thing here with the youth.  They say they don´t believe in God.  I don´t know why, but they do.

I had no idea what to do when he said that.  I just followed the spirit.  I told him the story of king lamoni´s father.  He prayed and asked if God was real right there.  I told him to keep praying every day and ask God if he is real.  The next day the sisters took this family to the temple grounds.  They marked the date for the sealing in exactly one year.  So cool.  The baptisms were that night.  I interviewed the boy who doesn´t believe in God again and he said he was beginning to believe in God. He said he felt the spirit at the temple and wants to be baptized!  So all 3 of them were baptized that night!  So cool.

So I´ve been wearing that step thing this week.  My top is 21000 steps.  I´m usually around 14-18,000 which is ton!  When I wore my fit bit last winter I would get like 6000- 10000 a day and when I played in a bball game I would get like 16000.  We walk about 8-11 miles a day.

So that day that we walked to do the interviews of that family... we were fasting and we walked so far!  We broke our fast at their house eating lunch.  When elder p and I left and walked back to our area we were starving again.  We bought a pineapple, salgados, and pão doce.  It was super good.  I like the pineapple here way more than I do in the states but elder p likes it better in the states.  Pão doce is one of mine and Elder Potheir´s staples.  We buy it at least 4 times a week.  Sooooo goooood!   Usually for breakfast.

Thanks for sending that package to me:)  Seriously, thank you.  Thank you for all of your prays.  Thanks for being the best family in the world.  Thanks for the pictures Jackson.   That looks pretty fun.  I love all of you and I´m sure you are going to have a ton of questions for me next week..... well actually right when you read this:) kakakakakak.

Love you!  
Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

PS Amanda.
How is that........... BABY doing?!?!
What baby?

The baby......panda at the zoo..... I hear they are trying to have one.......

Monday, January 6, 2014

The streets were empty

Holy lots of information!  But I like when you guys tell me all that stuff. Glad to hear new years eve was fun and glad to hear that you guys partied hard.  That is pretty fun. Before I forget please send maple syrup extract in that little package.  To make it all it takes is sugar and water. That is the one I want please.

So to answer some of your questions.  Nobody was baptized this week :(:(:(:(  A*:  we found out on Wednesday that him and his wife are not married.  Bummer deal.  He said he would talk to his wife about it and we are going over there once we are done emailing.  I hope all goes well and she wants to get married. T*:  he was at his friend´s house all this week (outside of our area) so we couldn´t teach him. AHHH!  And then he didn´t come to church yesterday like he said he would (I actually just remembered that) so we will be giving him a call tonight to see if he is back at his house.  The guy washing his car: we went by when we marked but he was leaving to go to... someplace.  We remarked for Saturday night at 7. But on Saturday me and Elder P had to go to the stake center at 5 to do a baptismal interview for Sister Rocha and Sister Chatwin.  Their investigator never showed up..... we didn´t get back to our area till 9 so we couldn´t go see him. AHHH!  But it´s all good. We got his number on Sunday and will probably either go terça ou quarta.

This week.... as far as work...... was pretty slow :(  mainly because of New years.  So here, new years is big!  It is just a massive party where everybody stays up late and DRINKS DRINKS DRINKS!  Well most people.  So on new years eve starting at about 5, nobody wanted to talk to us because they were all getting ready for the party.  So that was a bummer. New years eve we made brownies and went to bed at 10:30.  We were soooo tired!  We could have been at a members house till 10:30 but we didn´t get invited  to anybody's house and we didn´t want to ask.  But it was all good.    We woke up at 12 because of all of the fireworks.  Sounded like a war zone.  New Years day was even worse than New Years Eve. Everybody was sleeping or hungover.  The streets were empty which was a very weird scene here, so we didn´t get much done that day either.

Dad, we live in Presidents Klein´s ward.  That is why we went.  Elder M told me that he went over to the President’s house on pday too.

Transfers:  the APs call all the missionaries on Sunday telling them if they will be transferred.  Once you find out if you are being transferred you book it home and pack because transfers are Monday morning at like 7.  I have a feeling that I will be going and Elder P will be staying.  I want to stay here with him so bad but I just have a feeling.  I hope it is a wrong feeling. I´ve been here for 3 transfers already but I still want to stay, with Elder Pothier.  I just know this area so well and all the members know me and I really like it here.  Also I want to see A* get married and I want to see An* get baptized.  She came to church this week and brought a friend!  So that was good.

Today we went to o centro with Sister Chatwin and Sister Rocha.  They are two sisters in our district and they are so awesome! We just looked around and they have some pretty cool stuff here.  There was a section of just like Indian stuff.  Also, our zone went BOWLING today!  It was super fun!  There is a bowling ally in our area so our whole zone (minus 2 duplas) came. It was fun.  The picture is of that.

The ZLs made tshirst for the zone which was pretty cool.  Mine and Elder Pothier´s are a little small if you can´t tell.  Hey Jackson, I got A 139. I dare you to beat that.  Or anyone who wants to try :) So today was a super fun pday.  This is a picture of me at the centro in the Indian section (if you can´t tell).  So I feel like this email is just everywhere but that is ok... I guess.

So like I´ve said it is winter here which means wet season.  I´ve heard a lot of people saying that it isn´t raining as much as it usually does.  It rains but not as often as I thought it would.  But there are now a tone of mosquitoes.  They love my ankles. I have 30 bites total on both ankles. I think they get me at night and during the day (through my socks) so every night before I go to bed I spray my ankles and everyday before we leave I spray my socks. Elder Pothier must think I´m a nut:)

About An*´s dad. We tried to schedule service with him but every time we go over there he says that he is not going to do it right then. But he works at an ice cream factory (that is where we pull the weeds) and so he gives us ice cream to eat:)  It´s good. We still haven´t been able to teach him but we will this week.  We are also going to mark with An* for her to be baptized this Saturday or Sunday.  She is so ready.

So that was our week.  Pretty fun but also a lot of doing nothing because of new years.  Well we weren´t really doing nothing:) we always have fun.  Oh just remembered something.  So this whole week we had only found 1 new investigator on Saturday night.  We made a goal to find 5 news on Sunday and we got 4!  It wasn´t our goal but it was still pretty awesome!  We worked hard on Sunday to find those  4.

Have fun back at school kiddos.  Study hard and try not to freeze.  I´m doing good despite the unorganization of the email... Love You all!

Elder Ostler