Monday, May 26, 2014

Everyone and anyone can know it is true

So I was reading your email about the family reunion. I just thought everyone was skipping school but then I remembered that it is memorial day weekend, that is pretty sweet that you guys are having so much fun!! And Jefferson.... YOU ARE MASSIVE!! You have really put on some muscles dang son.   And mom you look great in that picture! 

So I got the second package!!!! And I got a package from grammie too!! Wow I am loved.  Two packages in one week! We had zone training and I got them both at that.... I get more mail than any other missionary in the mission, hands down!!!! Thank you so much for the packages, I love them so much!! and yes I think it would be a good idea to send the battery.... but isn´t that breaking the law?

So this week was a pretty regular week.. except last night.  Me and Elder G went to another area to do a baptismal interview for the missionaries there.  When we got there,,, the water wasn´t working... that happens alot where the water just turns off for x amount of time.  So we got some buckets and went out behind the church where there is this well.  There is a pump in the well that pumps the water out for the church.  For some reason, it wasn´t working,  so one of the YM got down in the well.

That is the YM down in the "well" getting water in the bucket.
Then I would pull it out and pour the water into another buck and the others
would hawl it over to the church window and dump it through to fill the font.
We tied a rope to a bucket and started haling up water.  Then we hauled it to the font to fill the font up.  I was in charge of pulling the bucket up. I got some gnarly blisters. It was pretty cool and fun:)  I hope I explained that well enough. Hopefully the pictures will help:)

I was the rope puller. We had a pretty good system.

So about the companion the argentino.  Brasil and argentina don´t like each other.  The members always joke around with him and stuff and he always says that argentina will win the world cup:) Like I said, he loves to joke around and it really makes life a lot funner when you are constantly laughing:)

I usually clean up after us but I don´t mind it, I´ve been doing it for most of the mission. When I first met him he told me that he has never had a bad day on the mission. He is always happy... except when he is tired.. then he just doesn´t talk.  But he is always happy.  One thing I love about him is that he has no fear to talk to people... no fear at all so we talk to a lot of people and it is helping me get rid of the fear I have to talk to people.

One thing that he doesn´t like to do is wake up.  But I usually am able to get him up at 7.  Well we woke up a few times last week at 6 to go running!  It was great! Hopefully we will do more of that this week:)

He is from northern argentina.  He has 2 older brothers (RMs) one is married, and one little brother.  4 boys.  All members.  He gets family support yes but I don´t think as much as me...... I don´t think anybody does...

The ward I´m in now is smaller than the branch I just came from......  there is about 120-100 people usually.  But again, about 400 members. I´m not really sure how many M priesthood holders there are.  There are about 20 youth.  In my other wards we would leave with the ym to go teach but here we leave more with the Young women to go teach... when we are going to teach women.  And some of the YW have crushes on Elder G... kakakaka

We have ward conference in 2 weeks and the bishop has a goal of 300 people at the conference.  We invite EVERYBODY! Our bishop has been bishop for 7 years so he should be getting released sometime soon.  He is also really old but a good bishop.  There are bishops here that hate baptism and don´t let the missionaries baptize while other bishops expect the missionaries to baptized every week.

In this ward we have a lunch calendar that we get at the beginning of the month that is already filled out.  We got Junes yesterday.  Then we just call the night before to confirm.  Everybody here asks us if we like fish.... I always say yes because I love the fish here.  There is this fish called tambaqui that is amazing! The fish here is a lot denser and super good:)  The members here are awesome and are always giving us food!  If we stop by anytime they will always feed us.  That is one of the reason I want to run is because we eat so much food!

Elder G has 2 main focuses when he teaches.  He loves to talk about family, like how the gospel blesses families and he loves to talk about prayer.  He ALWAYS invites EVERYONE to pray and ask God if what we teach is true, even if we just do like a 30 second street contact and give them a pamphlet.  It is great that he does that.  That is one thing that is so awesome about our message.. it is TRUE!! So if the people pray with real intent they WILL get an answer!  That is one amazing thing about the gospel, everyone and anyone can know it is true:)

So H*´s mom didn´t let her got baptized this week but we are going back to teach the family this week so hopefully we will get somewhere with them.  We are teaching a 20 year old boy named Is.  We haven´t taught him that much because he is never home when we pass and we don´t have credit on our phone so we can´t call him.  He has a date marked for this Saturday.

This week was good.  We are working really hard and having fun. I can´t believe that school is almost out and summer is just around the corner.  I hope you guys are always having fun and aproveitando cada segundo.  I love you all!  Have an awesome week!!!  And a fun family reunion!

Elder Ostler

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