Monday, May 19, 2014

This is the first time I've seen hometeaching done in BrazilThis is m

That  is super sweet what you guys did last night with the water balloons, you guys are crazy...

So about the world cup.  There is lot of talk about it here too.  Don´t know if you heard but on... I think Friday there was a massive protest in São paulo in the streets.  The people don´t want the cup because the government is taking money from the hospitals and schools to do it. There are a bunch of stories of people dying in hospitals because there isn´t enough money/people to treat them.  And there is talk about the country not being ready.  The buses are not up to where they need to be.  They are still fixing up a bunch of platforms that aren't done.  So we will see what happens. This place is CRAZY for Futebol... I love it.. I just wish I could play it.

Today this recent convert came over.  He is 25 and JACKED!  I´m teaching him english.  He isn´t from our ward but he likes us and leaves with us when he has time.  Today we played golf.... with cards.  It is a game my old DL taught me.  The crawfords know how to play. He beat me by one point...  but we don´t usually play games other than occasionally on p day.

So I got the package and thank you so much!!! It is so awesome!!! I love everything in it so much! It is awesome!!!! And the camera... well..... well...... então, the battery that I have is not the right size of battery for it.  Blah....  so now I have 3 cameras....:)   2 that don´t work.   But DON`T WORRY!!! I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!! There are a lot of stores here that sell random electronic stuff and they might have the battery for the camera so I will procurar that.  And next week I think that we are going to go to the centro and I will see if I can get my camera fixed there.  The one with the shattered screen.  So all is well.  I still have a working camera.

So lets talk.  First lets stat with my comp.  He is from Tucumum ARG.  He tells everybody that and they always laugh because here tucumá is a fruit.  To describe what he is like, I can use two words.......................................................... Christian Burrup! 

I´m not even kidding, sometimes I legitimately feel like my comp is Elder Burrup.  It is crazy. It is just like the stuff he does.  Like he makes a lot of noises with his mouth like whistling and he touches my face all the time.  Just little things like that that Christian would always do to me.  When ever I´m on the phone he tries to make me laugh.  He loves to brincar, which means play or joke.  Two things he always says "Nossa!" and "Estou Brincando." He just loves to have fun and he loves to talk.  He has no fear.

One night we were just walking to an appt and he stopped and said "lets knock on this door." So we just went and knocked that door.  I just love him so much.  He reminds me so much of Elder Burrup.   He speaks 0 english and his Portuguese is coming along.  I understand 95 por cento of what he says but the people here sometimes have a harder time.  Also I speak a tiny bit of Spanish with him.  Boy have I forgotten that language.... well I guess I could say that if I ever knew it in the first place.  He is just awesome.

So he is really awesome.  He also is a really good worker and our work isn´t really work,,, it is more like fun.  All of the members here love him!  He just loves to talk to people.  It is the youth that especially like him.

In this ward we are doing a lot bigger impact on retentions.  In my last area we had like 20 investigators, we didn´t have time to go see them all.  When I got here we had 4..... but 2 of them are a couple.  They are young and not married but we are going to marry them... as soon as she gets a desire to marry.

Like I said about the retentions.  Last night the elders quorum had a meeting and we were invited.  The pres said they were going to do home teaching.  He set up companionships and they listed out all of the inactive families in the ward and then assign duplas to each family.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen Home teaching done in brasil and it is sweet!!!

Yesterday at church we were talking to some youth and one said that another youth wasn't a member.  Her name is H*. My comp already knew here but just thought she was a member because she has been going to church.  One of her friends gave her a livro de mormon and she is reading it.

We went to her house after church and taught.  After the lesson we asked her to say a pray to ask if the things we taught are true and if she should be baptized.  I have never done that before where I just ask them to pray in the hour.  I did it because she is already reading the Bom and she said that all there is left to do is ask.   So we just knelt down and she said a very simple prayer just asking to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if she should baptize.  After the prayer we just sat there on the ground for about 5 mins.  She started to cry.  The spirit was strong.  After a  little while we ask her what she was feeling.  She said peace and tranquility.  It was great.  She said she knew it was the spirit telling her it was true.  She said she wanted to be baptized but she said she didn’t know if her mom would let her.  So we said another pray to bless her mom to say yes. We are going back tomorrow to talk with them both.  It is going to be great!

Jefferson sure has one packed schedule, holy crap. Is he going to EFY in Tacoma?  That is sweet you got the pool up and going too.  Oh swimming.....

The mission is going good.  I´m enjoying myself and working hard. I love you guys a ton and hope that everything is going well.  Boys summer is almost here!!!! Like 3 weeks of school or something like that.  Enjoy this summer, make it fun:)  Happy anniversary to those two love birds like in Utah, Jackson and Katie.  I love you all!!  Have a sweet week! Thanks for the package!
Elder Ostler

"The best part about life is having someone to share it with."
-Elder Ostler

I´m sure that has already been said by someone but I just thought of it while I was cleaning this morning and thinking about you guys, my family.

Eu amo vocês

This is my imitation of Jackson eating that monster burger!

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