Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm the ward pianist

It sounds like a lot is happening with you guys.  That is so great!   I love you guys so much,,, I cannot believe that school ends in a week.   I remember back in Adrianopolis laying in bed on Friday nights and thinking about you guys and the Richland football games and now school is almost out! Seriously just so fast.  I got a book from Jefferson this week. 2 AWESOME letters. I love hearing bout your lifes. Jefferson you are a rockstar!  With mowing, to your dedication to bball and the electric uke.. I am so proud to call you my brother.  Brother you are rocking!!!  Keep it up.  Go listen to the song "best days of our lifes" it is a good one:) 

The highlight of this week was sexta-feira, we had a zone conference with all of the zones in manaus!  It was awesome.  President Kleins last conference.  They are SO SAD to be leaving.  I love them both, President Klein and Sister Klein.  It was definitely the best zone conf I’ve been too.  One of the best part is when Pres Klein asked us to say all of his lines.  You remember President Greer and how he had all of those lines.  Well I think every pres has their own lines because Pres Klein has some good ones:)  "Vai Elder!"  "Parabéns pelo batismo" kakaka it isn’t funny to you guys because you don´t know him but it is funny to me:)  It was so awesome.  At the end they did with us what they do with the missionaries that are going home.  We wrote down our goals for 1 year after the mission and Pres Klein will send them to us.  Sister Klein also gave us a cookbook with her recipes!!!    I´ll be whipping some of those up.  It was just a great day:) 

And Saturday marked one year from my graduation day:)  I cannot believe that I graduated a year ago.  That was like last month.  Also on Saturday we painted a muro which are the big walls that surround your house.  It was fun:)

Today we did a churrasco with the other elders in our district which was fun.  But it took us like an hour to get the stinking thing lit.  Just leave it to a brasilian, an argentine and two americans...

Now there is some MEAT!! Our churrasco today
We FINALLY got a ward mission leader.  My whole time with Elder Walbrecht we didn´t have one. This ward just got one called.  His name is RD and is is in a wheelchair.  He served a mission.  He is already planning some big missionary activities, his goal is to split the ward.

We don´t have a pianist in this ward so last Sunday (one week ago) I knew one of the hymns that was to be played so I just went up in the middle of sacrament meeting and played it.   So yesterday when I walked into sacrament meeting the bishop and his counselors were motioning me to come up to the front to play the piano.  I guess people just assume if you can play one hymn you can play them all.  I played all the hymns.  But I only knew one.  The other two I just played the top hand and it wasn´t half bad..... BOYS< PRACTICE YOUR PIANO!  I wish I could just open up the hymn book and just play any hymn.  That would be sweet! So now I´m the ward pianist and boy do I need to practice.

At lunch on Sunday the daughters were arguing about who had to do the dishes
so I just got up and did them:)  It was pretty funny:)
So I´m not going to lie.  I´m pretty down because of the whole picture thing, I just hope it all works out.  Sorry that this email is pretty lame, I was trying to get the pictures up so it took up some of my time.

I love you guys so much!  My family is the best ever!   I love you guys so much!!!
Elder Ostler

Conversation with Elder Ostler
Elder Ostler: You there?

Mom: As always! What’s up?

Elder Ostler: So.... I took my full sd card and my flash drive to a computer place to transfer all the pictures onto the flashdrive.  I didn´t want to do it myself because I didn´t want to mess it up.  I just wanted to put all of the pictures on the flashdrive but also leave them on the sd card.  Well... they are no longer on the sd card and I can´t find them on the flash drive.  So all of my pictures might be gone.  I know you are thousands of miles away and can´t do anything but any suggestions.    And my email won´t be as long this week.... I´m not happy.... I JUST WANT MY PICTURES!!!

Mom: Oh no. That doesn't sound good. I would go back to that place and have them pull the pictures up for you. That's your only option. Or send them home with an elder flying to the US. That could be a bummer. Just keep your SD cards. As they fill up I'll send you more. That's what Saydi did.

And don't worry, you have companions who have pictures. So it will all work out. And they're probably there. Just can't see them on the computer. But don't use that SD card anymore. Leave it alone.

Elder Ostler: I’m just so stressed out about this. I will take it back to that place and see what I can do. 

Mom: It's out of your hands. Don't be stressed. It's okay. Just go back to the place.

This will make you happy. Check out this picture.

Elder Ostler: CUDE MAN!!!!! is he there right now?

Mom: Right now!!!! He'll be here for an hour. Just talking away! He flys home tomorrow.

Other than the SD card, are you doing okay?

Elder Ostler: Yeah I´m doing fine.  I am missing you guys a lot though during this fun time of the year:)  But other than that I´m doing fine.

Mom: Your email was awesome and wow dude, that's a lot of meat. I'm glad you're the pianist. Preach to these boys every week about practicing.

Cude just walked to the fridge and said 'can I have some juice?'

Elder Ostler: Yes you can have some juice!!!!!

We are going to give a FHE lesson tonight which we still haven´t prepared because the guy just called us and said that we are giving the lesson.   Good thing we study every day.

Mom: My advice, even if the guy says he can't see the pictures, don't use that SD card. American technology is amazing and they might be able to retrieve them. If you are ever around an American who is going home, give him the SD card and I'll get it from him when he gets home.  Seriously, it will be fine.

Elder Ostler: Well I think that they are on the flash drive I just can´t see them and there is nothing on the sd card but I can still give it to an American.  Love you guys.

Mom: We love you too. So does Cude!

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