Monday, May 5, 2014

Missionary work is fun!

haha I really liked the top ten reasons for me not emailing but they were all wrong....  I didn’t email last week because at the lan house there weren´t enough computers for us to use.  I wrote it to you in a letter that you will get in probably a year.  But yeah that is what happened.  So skyping this week is going to be so great.   I can do it in the afternoon here from like 3 to 5ish or even later but earlier would be better like 4 because next week are transfers and we might have to pack at night.  So like 3 would be best.  But I still got to see with my comp what time he is doing it.

So about these two weeks.. where to even start... I guess I will just start with our baptismo on saturday night!  We were supposed to baptized 2 men, O & M but M backed out at the last second.  It is a massive complicated story that would take way to long to type.  But he just had a lot of people talking to him telling him not to do it.  And every time we passed by last week he was never home.  But we are going back on Wednesday to save him. O is the fiance of our neighbors daughter.  Our neighbor is a less active member.  He told us his daughter was getting married to a boy who wasn´t baptized and that before they got married he needed to be baptized.  So we taught him and baptized him.  He really wanted to. It was a great baptism with a good amount of members.  The picture is of him and his fiance. It is really easy to teach him because he is our neighbor.  So that was a sweet baptism but this weeks baptisms are going to be THE BEST..

So before I tell you about our baptisms this week I need to tell you a crazyish story...  on our way to the lan house this morning we were walking along the road and we say this..


. . . . which for you white people means alligator.  It is just a little baby but it was crazy!

So we are teach a family right now, J, A, e P*.  Like my second week here we were walking down the street and a guy leaned out his front door and said "hello my friends"  in english so we stopped and talked to him for a quick second. It was J.  Oh yeah! remember that week that we fasted and found a bunch of new investigators... well J & An were two of them! Anyways we have been teaching them for the past 2 months and it has been going well.  She is giving up coffee right now.  When we first taught the WOW like a month ago she said there was no way she was going to give up coffee but now she is really trying and wants to.  Last night when we went to see them she had a headache from not drinking coffee.  Today she has a goal of going until 8 tonight without coffee.

All of the members just love them. They love playing volleyball and soccer and are animals at sports.  We always teach them with members with us.  Tonight we are going to teach them the law of Dizimo and o dia do senhor.  They also said they would make us tapioca so I´m excited for that too:)  Yesterday in church I think their baptism was announced over 6 times, no joke.  Usually baptism here and just real quick fast things that not alot of people know about but this baptism is going to be a party!!  Yesterday we had ward council and after we were done talking about all of out investigators Presidente Freitas said, "alright, now let´s plan the baptism.."   kakaka it was sweet.  We are going to have two cakes there and it is going to be loaded with people!  And afterwards there is a dance!! (it has been planned for like a couple weeks and it just so happens it is on the same day as the baptism)  We also have 2 other dates marked for this Saturday, G* who is the guy we found sitting on the road thinking about his life that we taught the plan of salvation too and junior who is a ym we are teaching.  He is firm but j* is a little mole so we will see.  I´m just really our family getting baptized and G*:) We will be seeing the family and G* every single day this week:)  missionary work is so fun! 

So my relationship with my leaders is melhorando a lot which is good.  I did a division with elder sobarzo which is the ZL who chewed me out that one night on the phone.  It was a good division and I learned alot.  So I´m doing much better with my leaders now :)  You know some times I feel like mormon who can´t even write a hundredth of the things that happen.  It is just so true.  Missionary work is just so corrido that it is impossible to wright everything.

That is so cool that HOCHBOL was a massive hit this year and that Jefferson and Kenzie were the cutest couple there.  I mean just look at that picture.  I don’t even have to see the other people to know that they aren´t as good looking.  And I feel honored that our names were put on the stars:)  Thank you.  That makes us feel really good.  I cannot believe that school is out in a month!! Where is the time going? It felt like you guys just started school like last month when I was in Adrianópolis!  Has anybody gotten their mission calls yet?

Well that is all for this week family, sorry I didn’t write more.  I love you all more than words can tell.  Some days on the mission are just killer hard and I want nothing more than to just be home with you guys but I know that I´m here for a reason and I need to serve with a willing heart and a willing mind.  I love you all.

Elder Ostler

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