Monday, October 27, 2014

A talk on the tip of your tongue

Família!!!! what is happening!

Wilson....... you need to remember one thing.................. I am the chick magnet,,,, and self-proclaimed, might I add.  But have fun anyways at your first dance with your loincloth.  And I´m so happy that you guys are doing the Hochbol dance still.  Do the people even know what that means? The dance sounds pretty awesome I´m not going to lie and yes I would love pictures....... of everything...... included Jefferson and his date who I don’t even know who it is? 

So transfers are today and me and Elder Brown are staying!!!!! What?!?!  My second comp that I will stay 2 transfers with!  We were so happy to stay together.  He is just to funny.   But Elder Stenquist moved out of our house and he is now in the same ward as he was but he moved houses to live in his area.  So that is a bummer.  Me and Elder Brown will miss him.   

This week was great!!!!  One thing that me and Elder Brown did really good at this week was teach with power and authority.  Everytime we taught the restauração I could feel the spirit testifying to the person of the first vision.  It was awesome!! We were super bold in saying that this is the only true church.  I felt like I haven´t taught better in my whole mission.  I´m really learning how to hear the spirit during a lesson then follow it.  I´ve always struggled with that but I´m getting better.  The worst part is when you teach well and the spirit is there testifying to the person and then they deny it...... ahhhhh!  Well they don´t deny that they felt the spirit they just don´t... recognize it and connect it to the spirit testifying to them..... that is one thing that we need to explain better to them.  But still they don´t do anything.  On Sunday we had 2x+5=5 investigators at church.... it was a bummer but we aren´t getting ourselves too down about it because we know that we are doing our part.

This week was the week of rain. It rained everyday this week... like hard.  The roads turned into rivers and the rivers turned into oceans.....    We got soaked but it was fun.. but because of the rain there weren´t people out on the street to do contacts with so that also affected our work.

So I went to get my toenail taken out this week. I went to a pedicure place to get it taked out.. and just that.  The next thing I know I was getting a full pedicure!!!  Foot wash, cuticles cut and toenails cut and she took out the ingrown part.. well almost.. she missed a little part that is still festering..... but I´m all good for now. The worst part is when she put clear nail polish on.... are you kidding me!   Manhood taken away.

Because of all the rain the mosquitoes are going crazy!! And when I say going crazy I mean coming into our room and eating us.  Every night!!! So what you have to do is get all the way under your covers but then you dye of heat and they still bite you. When you wake up in the morning there are little blood patched on the covers from when you rolled over on top of them during the night and killed them. So one night this week it was like 11:30 and we were trying to sleep but we couldn´t cus we were getting eaten alive.  So Elder Brown got up and said "hey, I´m gonna turn on the light and kill all of these mosquitoes." And that is what we did for the next hour and a half.  And killed them all.............with our hands.  It was awesome!  Our hands were so bloody afterwards.  But we slept good:)

Dead mosquito hands at midnight
I´ve been here for over 2 months and there has not been one ward council meeting........  one night we went over to a members house.  He used to be a bishop. We sat down and we started talking about the ward and he was saying the same stuff that we always say about our leadership.  But I was so impressed in the way he was doing it.  He never once said that our leadership was bad or anything.  He just said how a ward should be run. It was very interesting to talk to him.  He is a baller... probably my favorite member in the ward.

At lunch this week we got told a lot of stuff by the Irmãs of our ward.  Elder Brown says we are in the "Women Confidence Club."  One irmã was telling us all about her marriage.  Another irmã told us about how she had a vision.  It was a confusing dream and she was asking us if we could help her "interpret" it.  So the Irmãs here really like us... and trust in us which is good.  Now we just need to get that trust from the bishop.

So I´m playing the piano in church now..... So I walk up to the pulpit on Sunday to play prelude and the bishop says to me "Elder, do you have a talk on the tip of your tongue?"  I told him if he needed me I would give a talk.  While I was playing the piano prelude the secretary come up and said I would be the first speaker.  So while I was playing the first and sacrament hymn I was planning my talk.  I was going to speak on the atonement and grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I had it in my head pretty good with scriptures and everything. 

So after the sacrament I ran to get my Livro de Mórmon in the peus and then I was preparing to hear my name called to give the talk.... but then they called on an irmã..... so I didn´t end up giving a talk.. she just got there late...... I was relieved.....    Then last night we got invited to an FHE at the family that lives behind us.  They aren´t members, they´ve been investigating the church for a while.. their niece and daughter are members and firm now.

We walking in and they told me I would be giving the lesson on gratitude and handed me a true to the faith.  I did pretty good.  The best part was the game at the end. We taught them how to play "I never" and it was hilarious!!!!! One of the funniest times I´ve ever played it.  I don´t know why it was just awesome!!  Laughter the whole time with a bunch of brasilians.   Then I taught them "I´m going on a trip and bringing a ....."  you know when you have to keep adding on what you bring... and guess who won.... yours truly!  Vou pra a praia e vou levar um livro, um urso, o copo, a seleção brasileira, o time de flamango, uma toalha, o rede, um baré, uma guarda sol, a família de elder stenquist, davi, A gravata, sapatos, oculos do sol, uma prancha, uma violão, a camisa, um penguin, a bandeira dos estados unidos, a bandeira do amazonas, Imrão sales, relógio, a pula pula, um barco cheio de tijolos, e uma flecha.........  I still got it!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was super fun.

I hope everything goes well for you guys this week with mowing and hochbol, marching band, the dance this Tuesday, loincloths, jury duty..... yeah I think that is it:)  have fun"!

Elder Ostler

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