Monday, October 13, 2014

Moles, Chuva, Relampada, e Elder Malcolm

8:59 AM
Ok as this lan house is closing so we will come back later but just a few things...... 

Benson is a rockstar drummer and I hope Jefferson keeps going strong during the mowing... and enjoy the weather!!!! It poured today and we are soaking wet!!

I´ll be back!!

1:38 PM
SO..... I´m back now....  Everything closes at lunch so that is why I couldn´t email.  Me and Elder Brown tried to go to a different lan house but because it was pouring rain it was closed.. so we walked back up to this lan house.... on the walk back IT WAS POURING!!!!  We were trying to stay dry for the first little bit but then we just got to a road that was a river and Elder Brown said "I give up" and we just walked straight through it.  After that we tried to get wet. Like we would walk underneath the roofs where the water was falling.. we got soaked... that is the closest I´ve come to swimming in the past year so I can´t complain:)  We were laughing and having a good time:)

This is when we got to the lan house this moring and it was locked…
and we were soaking wet..... but it was a super good time:)
 I don´t think you can tell but it is poring in the picture and I´m soaked.
This was this moring on our quest to the lan house.
That is the road we trudged right up and got soaked... I love manaus:)
Last pday after lunch we went to the centro and I got a new watch because my other one broke and we got some sick jerseys.  On Wednesday we went to the temple and guess who was there.... ELDER MALCOLM!!! My MTC comp!  It was great. That is the picture.  His Portuguese is actually really good.  It was soo goood to see him at last.

Dad, you are always asking what I do as ZL... well on Tuesday we had zone training. Last week we had the ZL meeting with presidente and we give that same training to our zones.  We jazzed it up a little bit.  Like I said the new focus in the mission is families so we let everybody bring a picture of their family and share a little about their family and then tell why they loved their family.  Then we related that into us having to find and work more with families.    Mom I said that thing that you would tell me at the begging of my mission.  When I start mission you guys I just need to remember that love I have for you and try to give it to someone else... for them to have the same love in their family.  Also, every Wednesday and Friday night we have to accompany our zone... all of the DL call the duplas in the district and get three numbers.. Lições com membro, novos pesquisadores, e datas de batismo.  We then call them and they pass all of the numbers to us.  This helps us know how the zone is doing during the weeks and mainly so we can know if there will be baptisms. It is a pretty good system. Unlike most other missions I think, we NEVER see the other missionaries.. only for district meeting and interviews.  

So our investigator pool is stilllll....... dwindling in unbelief.  We are trying so hard to find and contact but the people we find either don´t understand our message or are just mole-er than play-dough. Mole means soft... but it doesn´t make sense in english.  It means that they just don´t do any thing.. none of the compromissos que deixamos com eles.  Especially GO TO CHURCH!! That is the hardest part we have. But last night when I was passing our numbers to the AP he told me something that struck me.  He said we need to be LOOKING for families... I guess I´ve just been thinking that because we are talking to people a family will fall into our laps and everything will be hunky dorey but in reality we need to go looking for families.. focus on that.  So that is one thing that we will be doing this week more.   But we do have a family that we are hoping to baptize. We are teaching them and they have already been to church twice!!  The problem is their dad.. he is never at home. When ever we mark with him he is never home.........  so I´m hoping we get to teach him this week..... vamos ver.

For pday today we aren´t really doing anything... I wrote a letter or two.   Speaking of letters... did you ever get my letters I sent from when I had my toe problem and was in house for a week? I hope so because if not that would be a bummer.  And I´m still playing the piano.  The problem is I don´t have time to practice!! We get home at night and plan then area book (which we are getting better at doing daily) and eat and shower and by that time it is 1030.  So boys.... your time to practice is NOW!!!! Yes that is right now!

On Saturday night there was a massive lighting storm!! One of the biggest I´ve seen in my life.  It was crazy loud.  At 130am it knocked the power out.. no AC.. it was hard to sleep.

Well that was the week.  It sounds like you guys are doing great too.  And dad I don't really understand what you are doing out in the yard or why you are doing it but....keep it up and don´t throw out your back.. get those three boys out there to help ya out.  And I just think that that is the coolest thing that Benson (who is on steroids) is in the marching band!! What!  So awesome.  And the cooler part is that he is starting as a freshman... I wish I would have started choir as a freshman and then had 4 years to do it instead of just two.   And Jefferson.. stay firm with the mowing.. ,,,,... you are almost done.  I know the feeling of coming home after school and not wanting to go.... but there are 2 good reasons I can think of for you to keep going..... 1 THINK OF THE DOUGH YOU ARE ROLLING IN!!  You are going to be stinking rich and 2. think of the ladies that you will pick up!  Well that is the ones you still haven´t picked up:)  you still going on dates?

Love you guys... enjoy the fall and the changing colors and the drop of temperature...!

Elder Ostler

PS.. my ingrown toenail came back... joyous:)  I´ve decided that when I get home I will just cut my toes off to never have this problem again:)

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