Monday, October 20, 2014

We at Alligator!!!

8:59 AM
What up my família!

So this place is going to close again here in 20 mins so I won´t get that much in.... 

Sounds like the week was pretty tranquil and mowing will be done so I know that the boys are rejoicing about that!  So the secret behind the lightning picture is....... I used the priesthood..... no we just took a video then made a picture out of that frame of the video. Well I´ll be back...... in 2 hourish.. any more questions you can ask..

This is me picking mamão.... or papaia. That disgusting fruit we ate in Mexico so que aqui é mom:)

12:46 PM

I´m back.  So like I said before it is getting hard to find people to teach... especially families.   I´ve done more contacts in this transfer than I´ve ever done before.  It is crazy... but we did find one elite family this week.  We went through the area book and found some old investigators.  We went to their house but when we clapped her neighbor come out and said that she moved and that somebody else lives there.  We started talking to this lady and she was very receptive to us.  We found out that her biological mom is a member.

Eventually we got in the house.  Her name is J* and her 10 year old daughter Ju*.  We started talking just a little about the church and what she knows.  All she knew is that the members are very nice and giving (thank you members!)  Then her husband got home.  We taught them the restoration!  It was one of the best times that we´ve taught it.  They understood and everything and it was awesome.  We talked about eternal families também because they aren´t yet married (emphasis on 'yet').  We went back two days later and brought our ward mission leader. I love him.  He helped out a ton at the lesson!

Sometimes members totally ruin the lessons and scare the pesquisador away (if you don´t believe me go watch the district 2), he did great.  Unfortunately the husband wasn´t there. We taught the atonement and talked about the law of chastity and the palavra de sabedoria.  She said that her husband was talking about leaving here and going to live in another city but that when we were there the first time and we asked him about  having an eternal family and he said he would like that.  J* said it surprised her.

After the lesson we ate Alligator!!!!  What!  It was good.  Just tasted like regular meat.  They didn´t go to church but they told us they wouldn´t be able to make it because they had a compromisso já marcado.  So it was fine.  We will marry them and baptize them.  So I guess that was our ray of sunshine this week....... literally too......

The wet season (winter) arrived about a month early this year.  So it rains every day now.... like hard!  But it has cooled down alot so that is good.  The bad part about rain is that when it stops it is still super humid and hot. And it is a pain to dry clothes.... but we are surviving.

So this week I studied a little about the atonement in preach my gospel...... I started reading and then a phrase caught my eye.  It said something like "only through the grace and mercy of Christ can we return to live with our Father in Heaven."  I had studied a little in Moroni10:32 the other day and it talks about grace as well.  I´ve never really understood grace so I looked it up in true to the faith.  I read that grace is the divine help that we receive from Jesus's atonement.  It said there are two kinds.  The kind that we need to be saved.  But that grace only goes into affect after all that we can do 2Nefi 25:23.  It is what saves us after we have faith repent, be baptized receive the Holy Ghost and perseverar até o fim.

Then there is the second kind.  This is the day by day grace that we receive.  We can receive strength from the expiação de Jesus Cristo every day.  He knows how we are feeling at all times so He knows what type of divine help we need (grace).  If we ask with faith.... he will send it.  So we can literally use the atonement everyday of our lives... it is not just to apagar pecados mas também para receber força todo dia e aguentar a dia dia.  I still don’t understand it completely but I have a better understanding.  

To be honest not much happened this week.  Pretty tranquil week.  On Sunday I played the piano and I must say that I didn’t do bad.  The only thing that I can´t do is play sacrament hymns.  I never practiced them because I never needed to play them for anything.  HEY BOYS!! practice your piano!   Everything from hymns to fun songs to rocking out on the drums uke and the piano.  kakakakakka.

After church we went to WML house for lunch.  His daughter who's birthday is dec6, 1994 ..  her boyfriend was there and he asked the parents permish to get married to her.  The mom was not happy and she stormed off.... kinda an awkward family moment that we were apart of..... but that is the mission.. me and Elder Brown had a good laugh about it afterwards.  

So since I have nothing else to write about I will just tell you trivial stuff.  Lunch is still always the same.  Rice, beans noodles and usually chicken.  The chicken is always the same.....dry.  Unless the irmã really knows how to cook.  I love when they fry it.  They usually cook it in the oven or boil it in a broth.

Brasilians are so funny.  They can´t believe that we don´t eat feijão for almoço in the states.  They say "where do you get your force from?"   They think that beans is the only source of protein I think.  It is funny.  They always ask us what we eat there and we are like...... "uhhhhhhh everything."   We don´t just have two things every day.  It is always different.  

So....... um.... I would love if you would send me that video you made last spring break.  That would be awesome.  Also take some footage of benson in the marching band and when jefferson starts basketball get some of that.  You know just because I won´t be there.  

Well sorry for the short lame email..... I hope you guys have a great  week.. finish strong with the mowing season and enjoy that fall weather!!!!!!

Elder Ostler

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