Monday, September 8, 2014

"Is this even cleanable?"


I can´t believe you guys already went on that trip again. Last time you went on it I was in the MTC...  I can´t believe you guys believed that!!! akakakak that is tooo funny!!!!!    

Well I´m not gonna lie. I´m really really really upset right now.  I just deleted all the pictures I took in the past month.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.       Kinda a bummer a big one... a really big one... but I guess I´m not here to take pictures, I´m here to serve so I should be alright...... ahhhh.  But I had some really sweet ones.... it is a long story on how I did it... I´ll tell you in a year....

So about the elders here.  My comp is from Fresno.  He has 2 more transfers then me on the mission. He served his mission in Spokane for 10 months.  He got here in brasil in April of this year.  He is tall and skinny and really awesome.  He is a great missionary.   The other dupla is Elder S and Elder E.  Elder S has one more transfer than me on the mission.  He is from Ohio.  He served from 6 months in Maine waiting for his visa.  I was in his last district.  We went to his house on pday and had a BBQ.  Remember him???

Then Elder E has one transfer less than me.  He is from Texas and one of the funniest people that I know.  He was serving in California until now.... almost a year.  He got here 2 weeks ago.  I´m the only one out of the 3 of them who did not serve in the states.   I´m the youngest age wise.  They all graduated in 2012.  We have so much fun together I can´t even explain it.  Last night we made scones...... they were amazing!!!  Elder H found a recipe on line last pday and we made them.  So good.  I even bought strawberry jam to put on them.... yum. Yes I´m still a zone leader and our zone is pretty big.  Well not really we have 7 duplas.... for Manaus... that is big.

Us 4 in the house are really good at keeping the rules.  That is like one of the first things you ask when you get a new comp, "do you keep the rules"  well we all do. :) I'm happy about that.

So like I said Elder E is hilarious.  It is funny watching him get used to brasil.  He went in to the bathroom to pee and lifted up the toilet lid and said "eww!  is this even cleanable?!?"  I almost died laughing.   

So now on the mission I´m actually felling like a missionary. I feel like I know what I'm doing. I know that might seem weird after being out for a year but it is true.  Like when we are sitting in a lesson with someone I actually know what to say now and what to teach.  I am a lot better at just talking to people now.... speaking of people we just dropped almost all of our investigators.  They just aren’t doing anything. Like we met this guy on Friday night (that is actually a cool story which I will tell in a sec) and we taught him and he said he would go to church. We passed by on Saturday real quick just to confirm that he was going to church.  So on Sunday we go to get people and we pass his house and he was there.  He said  he had to get ready still.  We said that is fine because we were going to get someone else and then come back by and pick him up.

Well we go to get this other person (who did not come) then we go back to get the guy.   Well his front door is locked and there is nobody home.... he just ran off.  So we are just going to start fresh.  I think we might keep 2 or 3 but the rest are history.  We do have one who has a date from this week. Her name is Be.  We taught her and her boyfriend (living together) on Monday night as part of an FHE with a member family.  Well the next day her boyfriend just left her and she was really sad so we taught the expiação.  Her date is pretty firm. I think she will be baptized this week.  

So Elder S is a beast.  A beast.  He loves to work out.. especially cardio.  So this week, every day we went on a 30 min run then we do abbs afterwards.  It is great but the first 3 days I was dying.  We live on a hill so the last stretch is up hill... kill me..  it is hard but always satisfying.  Then we always make breakfast.  We are buying a lot of fruit. and I love it.  abacaximaracujá, banana, abacate, manga...  it's good.

So my argentino comp is serving across the river in manacaparu.   He is fine. I miss my old area but I´m just realizing that whatever area I´m in I just love it. It doesn´t even matter.  Here our sacrament meeting is about 65 but that is because there is some government homes called Viver Melhor.  It is like apartments.  It sits far from our ward but it was part of our ward.  The stake presidente came to our ward last week and announced that the members of Viver Melhor would now frequentar another ward.  That is where Elder E and Elder S are working.  So they are living with us and have to take 2 buses every day to get to their area.  Kind of confusing but good.

Sometimes on the mission I´m just exhausted.... just exhausted.  Especially after lunch.  I just don´t want to do anything.  I don´t want to leave the house.  But then we do and I love it when we are out working.  The days are going by a lot faster.  Not like weeks but like 630 to 1030 seems faster now.

That is a massive bummer about the mowers. That has got to suck. How is AJ doing? I´ve been thinking about and praying for him all week.  I hope everything is going great for you guys and you are enjoying the fall... college foot ball.. I heard BYU clobbered Texas.   Go cougars! 

Have a great week!

Elder Ostler

no pics :(

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