Monday, September 15, 2014

1 Year in Brazil

Well that was pretty awesome to hear from all of you guys at once... I´m just awe struck by how awesome my family is. Sometimes, when I ask the other elders about their siblings and stuff and they tell me I just think "wow, that sounds good,,,, but it is nowhere close to what I got!" kakakakak  You guys rock.  

So lets talk a little about the week..  Well lets start off with today.  My comp got transferred... a little sad about that.  I´m with Elder Brown now.  My first American comp back to back!  Him and Elder H were comps in the MTC.  They are very similar.  HILARIOUS.  Elder Brown is from South Carolina and plays Lacrosse!  We are going to have a good time together.  He served in Spokane for about 6 months.  When he got here to Manaus he got put as a ZL. Elder S is still in the house and his comp is now Elder R.... he has 2 transfers left.

So I learned something this week. I was reading in true to the faith and I was reading about the reino terrestre.... the middle one.  I learned that the people that reject the gospel here but that accept it in spirit world will inherit the kingdom terrestrial... I don´t know why but that really hit me hard.  The people that I teach that don´t accept the Gospel here but only in the next life can only inherit the middle kingdom. I always just figured if you accepted it there you could still go to the kingdom celestial.  That puts a lot more pressure on us as missionaries to teach these people de tal modo that they can understand and accept the gospel.

I remember teaching an old guy this week from another church and he just wasn´t getting our lesson.  He just wanted to talk about how great and powerful God is.  "Yes God is powerful but right now you need to know that HIS CHURCH is here on the earth."  He just didn´t understand and I got sad... really sad that this man wasn´t accepting and understanding what we were teaching. 

One thing that I love doing is testifying of O Livro de Mórmon.  It is our proof.  Everything rests on its..... binding?  (it doesn´t have shoulders...)  If it is true then everything else is true with it.  There is NO ARGUING THAT POINT.  And my question to you is how is it not true?  Tell me please Mr. investigator how this book isn´t true?  I know it is and I love telling other people that it is.  One guy asked us this week how we knew we were "right" (talking religion)  I pulled out O Livro de Mórmon and said "because of this book, do you want to know too?"  read ponder and pray.  

So all of our investigators are being super flaky.  We are just dropping them left and right.  Nobody can ever come to church so that sucks. Oh and Be, that I told you about last week... well her boyfriend returned so she didn´t get baptized.  But now we are going to get her married so everything is still good:)

Right now we have like 4 investigators...........  that is very very few.  Me and Elder Brown have got to step it up and get to work to find news that are ready for the gospel.  Please pray that we will be led to those that are ready and that we will have the courage to talk with them.  I need more courage that is for sure.  I don´t know why but I just don´t like doing contacts.

So I´m the pianist again.. wahooo.    I also am playing for the ward choir.  I´m playing "love at home" and "love is spoken here" at choir this Sunday. The choir guy told me we needed to do one more song for the choir about love so he chose love is spoken here.  I opened up the child´s song book and started playing.  I only got the right hand down.  He gave me his keyboard so I´m practicing in home now when ever I get a second.  Boys!  Practice your piano right now while you can!! Because once you are on the mission the time for practicing is over and the time for playing in sacrament meeting has begun!!! Just do it you won´t regret it.  And don´t just learn hymns, learn all types of music. I wish I knew more songs but all I know is crazy frog and the beginning of pirates of the caribbean.  Practice practice practice.  

This week some important event happened.  I made one year in brasil on the 10th!  wohoo 1 offically brasilian.  Elder E made a year in the mission on the 11th.  We burning a shirt to celebrate and had açaí.  Then on Saturday was Elder H's birthday... more açaí! And I made brownies. Our oven sucks so they took 2 1/2 hours to cook.......  be thankful for our THREE ovens.

Before we burned the shirt
No mom I´m not having any pains or anything. My knees kinda hurt but hey, they should after walking all day and taking a 30min run every morning.... it´s good for me:)  I hope you guys know how much I love each of you and how much I appreciate your support.  It is like nobody else on the mission gets.  Keep having fun.  I love you all til next week!

Elder Ostler

Living the Dream
After our daily morning run

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