Thursday, September 4, 2014

3 New Americans

Dear Família

As you can imagine and probably already guessed, President Monson came to tour the mission and he personally asked me to be his translator.... it was an honor.  We went and did a conference in all of the zones............ kakak I´m just messing.

On pday we didn´t have internet in the barrio and then tuesday and wednesday we didn´t have time to email.  Don´t worry I have permission to be here just real quick. So yes I got transferred to terra novo which is in the north part of manaus.  3 new americans showed up which caused the transfer.  I´m living in a house with 3 other americans, my comp Elder H from cali, Elder S (remember him) and Elder E who has been serving in the states for 10 months.  It is a party.  We spoke only Portuguese for the first week but then on Sunday we broke and speak a mix of Portuguese and English.  It is quite funny.  

Dad, I wish I could have been there when you taught that lesson.  AMAZING!  Those boys need that.  They will be tempted with that for the rest of their lives.  Here pornography is horrible. And dad I know that you did amazing.  I´ve heard that Elder Holland does the exact same thing after he speaks.  He gets worried that he was too harsh or didn´t say something.  You did awesome. Those boys will never forget it.... never.

That is horrible that AJ got in a car crash just horrible I´m praying for him.

I´m doing great and loving the mission.  Love all of you and talk to you in a couple of days

Elder Ostler

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