Monday, February 9, 2015

The best we have ever taught

Me and Elder Klumker at the temple
Me and Elder Thompson at the temple
Tu è Doido!  He is massive!!!  I hope he can still dunk.

My keyboard desn´t always type the O.. you have to hit it really hard.

But t answer some of your questions... I still haven´t gotten the package yet, yes my debit card works, my toe is getting better, and it just depends for the missionaries leaving if they go to são paulo.  It just depends on which is cheapest I think.  I´ve seen missionaries go to são paulo and others go to maimi.

So about our Golden Family.  We were there on.... I think wednesday to teach them...  When we got there Fr* still wasn´t home so we chatted with the mom and her sister. We just had the regular questins about being missionaries and why and fr how long.. it was great t get to knw her a little. Then Fr* got home. I am yet to meet a man who gives a firmer handshake. WOW!  He sat down and the two were just ready to listen.

We said our message was primarily for the families, they both noticed how we talked a lot about families in church.  Then she said something that knocked our socks off she said something like " I believe that the family is eternal. It just doesn´t make sense for it to end at death."  What?  Did you really just say that? It was great!.  We proceeded to teach the Restauração.  It was prbably the best we have ever taught it... maybe the best I´ve ever taught it with any companin... The spirit was definitely with us giving us the words to say.  It was amazing.  I remember when I was teach about all of the apostles being killed after Jesus was Crucified and resurrected.  I looked at them and said "All of the apostles were killed because they testified of Jesus Cristo."  When I said that I actually FELT the power f those words.  It was confirmed t me in that moment that the apostles like Pedro e Paulo e João did not stop teaching and preaching the gospel to everyone. They knew that they would be killed for it but that did not even matter to them...they had n fear.  

Elder Thompson then shared the Joseph Smith story.  During the lesson I just had this feeling that the spirit would get very strong at this point.  And it did.  Elder Thompson taught it perfectly (like I said... the spirit was with us giving us the words to say).  When he recounted the first vision in the words of The Prophet Joseph Smith, The spirit settled in our chests. I felt it burning in my heart... and I knew That everybody else in the rom was feeling it as well.  It was Amazing.

After Testifying of his own words, Elder Thompson passed it over t me. I also testified of the restoratin of the Gospel and then asked them what they were feeling. This is a very important thing to do with the investigators.  You have t help them realize that what they are feeling is the spirit.  She looked at me and said that she felt a peace.  I testified to them that they were feeling the espírito Santo and that it was testifying of our words. I then prceeded to invite them to be baptized.... they accepted. We then taught the Lirvo de Mórmon. Fr* got super interested in the book and wanted to know all about it and when we mark 2 Néfi 31 for them, he was very excited to read......

That was prbalbly one of the best lessons I´ve ever been apart of on my mission. It was Amazing!  We marked t go back on Saturday but Saturday afternoon she called and said that they wouldn´t be home later.  So she said they would still go to church..... I called again Saturday night to see if they were home yet but they still weren´t.... but they said they wuld go to church... Unfortunately when we passed by their house to get them fr church, she saith they couldn´t go because their 4 year old son was sick. I don´t know if it was just an excuse to not go or if it was real.  I hope it was real. 

Other than that it was a pretty tranquilo week.  The only thing that is kinda hard to do is managing a proselyting area and the missin.  This week we had to get a short term missionary because one of the sisters went home with medical problems.... so between every single lesson we were calling to try and find a short term missionary to serve as a sister.  It was kinda a Pain in the rear.  We als missed a couple of appts because we had t do a emergency transfer. If I thought I didn´t have anytime at the beginning of the missino... I didn´t knw what I was thinking....

Carnival is the week.. it will get a little crazy here. Our house sits on the street where they do it.  We still don´t know what we are going to do.  We might go stay with the secretaries for the week.  We heard that it is going to be CRAZY!   I also had a PBandJ sandwich this week!  That was super Good!  Holy Hana

Hope everything is going well for yu guys!  Love you! Tchou!

Elder Ostler

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