Monday, February 16, 2015

Don't look up Ostler


How are you guys doing?  Sounds like Jethro is really kicking but on the basketball field... Way to go CHubbs! Keep it up.. all the way to STATE!!!!  I believe!  Go Bombers!

Benson.... I have´t no idea hw hot it is... all I know is that it is HOT!!  And I still sweat exactly the same amount that I did at the beginning of the misión.  That is a lt f misionary news happening.. That is great that Micheal is going to serve a mission! and Bryson is home already! that is pretty crazy. Kelci is almost home. I Left before her! what is this?

The package got here!!! Thank you soooooo much!  It was such a good one!  Speaker... Hi-chews.. Pills.... fried Rice... Hi-chews..... Tacos...... Hi-chews... Man those things are good!  I left the US at the wrong time...kakakak  But seriously, we loved it!   Thank you soooooo much!  The toe is....... still infected or inflamed whatever yu want to call it... I think I will take this set of pills and see if these ones kill it.. the day that I went to the hspital last week it wasn´t acting up.. it just looked a little red but other than that fine...we see if american antibiotics are all that and i bag of chips:)

I fr got to tell you last week but last week at church I talked.... The bishop came up to me after Priesthood and told me I would be speaking.. so the whole time during gospel principles I was prepping. I had studied about grace that week and the reason why we keep the commandments.... we don´t keep the commandments so we can make it to heaven, we keep the commandments to say thank you to Jesus for suffering and dying fr us. He sacrificed himself because of Love... we shuld keep HIS cmmandments because of Love.... Love for Him... So I talked a little about that.... it wasn´t the greatest talk because I wasn´t able to practice it before hand....

Last Sunday our ward mission leader (antonio)  Who is AMAZING!  pinted out a girl to us in sacrament meeting and said "She is your baptism this week... She has been to church for a while now." She is 11.

Turns out she is the niece of a firm family in the ward.  Her parents aren´t members. Her mom does drugs so right now she is living with her Tios. She has been to church a couple times befre with her Tios but now she is officially  living with her tios.  We passed by her house almost everyday this week t teach her. While we weren´t there her aunt wuld teach her primary songs and teach her.  It was a blessing from the Lord for sure.

We had a funny moment with her... It was while we were teaching the Palavra de Sabedoria.. we told her the 5 things that we can´t take; álcool, cigarro, drogas, café e chá preto.  Then we asked her to repeat them back to see if she remembered.......... She got all of them except illegal drugs... Then her aunt looked at her and said  "what you mom does."  Then she exclaimed in a loud triumphant voice  "Maconha!!!"  (marijuana)  It was funny but sad at the same time.. just to think abut all that this little girl has gone through.... her mom being addicted to drugs and all....  But I have no doubt that her life will get better now.. no doubt:)  On our last visit she made us chocolate milk and this pancake like thing called tapiooca (see pic).. it was super good!  She is the best.

Guess what else happened this week?.. CARNAVAL!  Let´s just say it was crazy!  The place where the do it (sambódromo) is right in front of our house... it is like a cat walk but with floats... There are stands on both sides of a little strip of white road where the dancers and floats go.... They have been practicing for it all week so there were always dancers there at night.... the main event happened on Saturday night.  It was with all f the massive floats and dancers in crazy costumes. The chapel is about a block away from this place and our house is right across the street from it.  So we had to walk right through all of the performers getting ready on the street. Almost everybody was drinking, walking around in their costumes with a beer in hand.  It was pretty funny.  The good part is is that we didn´t see any nudity.  I was really worried about that. The Lord prtected us that is for sure.

So carnaval is this... There are Samba schools here in the city and for carnaval they each perform.. they build a float (which are awesome!!!!) and then dance on and arund it as they slowly make their way down the runway inbetween the stands full of cheering people. It usually tells a story, each samba schl...... It is almost like a Ballet but with Samba instead of Ballet... and WAY more INTENSE!  And everybody is drunk....and many of them have very little clothes on... but other than that it is just like a Ballet:)  kakakkkkk

Sunday night was Insane!! Sunday night was just a massive dance party if you can even call it that.. all of the boys dressed like girls and all of the girls dressed like boys.......Then they had about 15 carros de som which are cars with massive speakers on the back of them.. they were all blasting music.. and note.. none of the music was the same.. there were 15 different songs blasting at the same time..... I'm almost positive that is what hell sunds like... my goodness... it was HORRIBLE!

Apon arriving in home, we realized that there was going to be no way of getting any sleep that night so we packed a bag and headed over to the secretaries house to stay the night.  ON the walk to and from the house I just kept my sight down. I don't really know what was happening all around me but I don't think it was too good. I just saw a bunch of Guys dressed like girls. While we were walking through (we didn't walk straight though.. there was a side walk on the other side of the street) I just had a horrible feeling. Satan was definitely present there... I was focusing so hard on not looking and I didn´t!!! The best word t describe it would be tense....... I just kept telling myself "don´t look up Ostler, don´t look back." And it worked!  Once at the secrataries house we were able to sleep in peace :) We might sleep there again tonight because they will be doing another massive party again called Carnaboi.

Carnaval (the first night, parade) from our window
So our Golden Family is.... well they say will do stuff and then they don´t. But we did do a FHE with them and another family and taught the Expiaçaõ de Jesus Cristo. We watch the new bible videos of the Expiação.  Fr* always pays a ton of Attention during the lessons, but this sunday we went to wake them up and they said they wuld go by motercylce but they never showed up :(  But we are going there tonight so let´s see what happens:)

We have two dates marked for the 28th for Rá* e Tay.  Rá* is the nephew of some recent converts and has 21 years... he had a drinking prblem but we are helping him with that.. he loves reading the BOM and is progressing quite a bit.... Tay has 18 and is an investigator that the sisters left for us.... It took a while fr us to actually get him and teach him and for him to read but he read and he said that when he read 3 nefi11 he felt a peace and calm.  He said that he didn´t understand anything of the chapter but he felt REALLY GOOD!  We helped him understand that that was the holy ghost testifying to him that the BOM is true and then we walked him through the "If the BOM is true then Joseph Smith is...... " and so on.... It was good and he really liked church on Sunday... They are bth feeling the affects of the spirit in their lives and recognizing it.. or last lesson with Tay he said this... "I´m feeling a desire to be better and change. Reading the Book of Mormon just makes me want to be better." If that isn´t the spirit I don´t know what is!!!! they are both great!

We also went ut and taught with Sister Castro this week.  She was in the escritorio this week with nthing to do and we were going t teach a family that needed to get married and s she invited herself along!  It was great!!! We talked about marriage and she adding her testimony and tld them that they had to get married!  The man is a member but the woman isn´t. Their papers are already in the works s the marriage should be at the beginning of march.  

I´m super excited for Elder Cook but also super nervous... I really don´t know what he is going to say... if he is going to intrduce the new missionary planners and key indicators or going to burn us for not baptizing more!!!  And I feel more of a responsibility being AP if he comes here and burns us.... I feel like a lot of it will fall on my head....  But I´m still excited none the less!  An apostle in the mission!!! I´m going to shake his hand!!!!!!!!!!  He is going to look into my soul!!!!! Going to be Great!!!

Love you all! Hope this week is full of bliss! Best of luck Jefferson!!! Go get 'em!!

Elder Ostler

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