Monday, February 23, 2015

First Apostle handshake for this guy!!

Ok you will never guess what happened?!?! We got ipads!   As of now we (me and my comp) are the only missionaries who have them.  They are so legit I'll senda picture of them in another email!  So Legit!

Way to go Jefferson on the big win!  So now you are on to state right!?  That is great. You better play your heart out.  Jefferson is now owning on the floor!  Just like I taught ya.... 

This week was super crazy.  The transfer will end next week, like this sunday. But seeing that the WHOLE MISSION will be in Manaus tomorrow, we decided to do the transfer and week early to save a bunch of money on plane tickets and travel in general.. so this week we had to plan the transfer and plan the Elder Cook conferênce... Talk about a lot to do. 90 missionaries are coming in from outside of Manaus.  About 50 got here at 9 this morning.  We are putting them in the houses with the other missionaries.  The rest get here in an hour or two and tonight. It is just all really confusing. I´m really glad we have 4 secretaries now instead of just 2!  Me and Elder Thompson are going to stay together one more transfer and then I think that I will be transferred.  I think I might ask Pres to send me to an interior. I´ve only left Manaus for 6 weeks... I´m hoping he lets me...It will be my last area... that is really weird...

One thing that I´m realizing is that I need to be a better missionary. There is not just like anyone thing that I need to do to be a better missionary, I just need to be a better missionary all around.  It is hard to explain.  I need to be more obedient and faz meu estudo mais eficaz e minhas orações mais sinceras.   I don´t think that it is Satan trying to tell me that I´m a horrible missionary, I think it is the spirit telling me that I CAN be a better missionary. I can be more focused on my purpose.  I can be more reliable for Pres Castro. I can do everything that I say that I´m going to do.... Don´t think that I´m breaking all the rules and doing nothing. I am working. But I know and God knows that I can work harder.   Thank you for always giving me those little words of advice at the end of your emails. They really do help me want to be better.

Yesterday we had stake conference and Elder Aidukaitis was there. He talked about the importance of serving a mission. He talked principalmente to the youth, the young Men. The church really needs more missionaries, desperately, at least here.  There are 18 leaving next week and only 11 coming (13 if the two americans get their visas).  We have to close areas when this happens... we are going to drop below 200 missionaries. It kind stinks but it is going to happen.  So help all the people you can to get on missions!

Anyways the stake conference was really good.  Then last night we had a special devotional with Elder Cook and his Wife in our Chapel that was broadcast by internet to all of the other stake centers in Manaus.  I Saw him Yesterday!! AND SHOOK HIS HAND!!!! First Apostle handshake for this guy!!  I actually don´t know if we were supposed to shake his hand.  At the end of his talk he said that he would like to shake the hands of mainly the children and youth.  We stuck around because we had to find a ride for our recent converso (firm as a rock, João).  The line to shake his hand was almost nothing so Elder Thompson said lets go. I told him that we would shake his hand on Tuesday but he was like "But it is a apostolo!" and went.... as his comp I had to follow,,,,, wouldn´t want to be found with out your comp with an apóstolo present..... It was weird being that close to him!  I mean I´ve only seen this guy on TV!  My favorite part was when he bore his special testimony of Jesus Christ. It was amazing!  He said something like this,

"Being one of the 12 apóstolos is a great responsibility.  Our greatest responsibility is to be a Special Witness of Jesus Christ.  As that special Witness, I´ve had experiences that are too intimate to share, but let me say this: Jesus Christ lives.  He Leads this Church. He is our Savior."

It was very very cool... The spirit just grabbed my Chest as he was speaking those words. That was my miracle this week Dad.. Seeing an Apóstolo!  And shaking his hand.   In his talk he told a couple of stories abut the importancia of FHE.  That is what his Wife talked about.  Then he said that he was impressed at everything the members are doing here, like worthiness and missionary work.  But he said that the members are faulting one thing: Family History Work. So that was his main theme. Tomorrow we will have the conference with him with the whole mission!!!!! It is going to be crazy... we are going to try to take a picture afterwards with all 200 missionaries and him.... don´t really know how that is going to work... we will plan it out tonight.

This Saturday we have a goal to have 4 baptisms but there is a possibility of 5.  And all of them are MEN (and one Young man) !!!! 4 of which have the age to serve missions!! It is going to be great. It is Rá*, Tay, Tay, Diego (columbiano), and Diego (not colummbiano). I´m hopping that we can pull it off:) 

We did a division this week with the Elders de Êxodo, my old area.... I went there with Elder Stenquist. It was great!  We went and visited some of the people that I baptized.  Unfortunately they were inactive.  But now Elder Stenquist knows were they live so he will visit them and get them back to activity!  We went to K* house too.

I don´t know if you guys remember her.  I baptized her with Elder Volk... she said that she would go back to church. We read the BOM a little with her as well.  The division was great. Elder Stenquist really needed it.  

I know that this isn´t the LONGEST email but that was the week:)  Dad you are a beast with that retaining way. It looks great!!!! So great! Good luck at state Jefferson! Hope you guys take home some hardware!  I love you guys!

Elder Ostler

Elder Ostler: The ipads are great!  They aren´t really like other ipads... but they are still awesome. They help improve eyesight and awareness.  They can read for you so it makes studying  a lot more time efficient.  Unfortunately I lost in the staring contest. They never blink!  We are thinking of giving them to the other missionaries as well.  Of course it has to be approved by the quorum of the twelve but we will see.

Besides, who wouldn´t want to talk to two missionaries with these things on their heads!! It is genius!

Mom: Oh my gosh! Aren't you funny. You had me - you really really had me. I think I'll forward the big email to the family, and not send them the pictures until a few hours! Hilarious Harrison - Just hilarious.

Elder Ostler: kakakakakak I knew you would totally fall for that one!!! kakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakaaakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakaaakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakaaakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakaaaka
That is just too funny!

until next week! love ya!

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