Monday, December 8, 2014

The birthday was great!

One of the craziest weeks of the mission by far..... but I´ll get to that later.. (the "o" on this keyboard doesn´t wrk very well so it might be falting a couple of O´s)

Wow it sounds like things are going great for you guys.  That is sweet to here about amanda and chris and how they will start t rake in the cash....  btw... where is chris wrking at?  And Jefferson that is awesome that you are playing for the RHS varsity team!!! Just awesome!!!  Christmas here doesn’t feel like Christmas just because it is so stinking ht.. and the peple get trees.. they are just about a meter high and are plastic...

So on Tuesday I did a division with elder mount from my group in the MTC.  It was great to talk a little and catch up on things.  My toe is doing just fine... kinda.  You should have gtten my other email that I sent to vangorkum....abut me going to the hspital.  We went on Friday night because I couldn´t stand it anymore. Just this time we went to one f the best hospitals in manaus. We got there and we waited for like 20 mins then I gt called back to the surgeon.   The funniest thing happened... I said.."I have an ingrwn toenail that I need taken out." 

This was his next question, "well how do you know it is ingrown?" 

I just wanted to dye of laughter right in his face.... "HMMM i don´t know, maybe it just feels like a bunch of fire ants have a attacked it and then paul Bunion smashed it with an ax... yeah that is hw it feels....  and when I accidentally hit it it feels like jack sparrow stabbed it with his sword and then poured rum all over it.... yeah... so that is how I know that it is ingrown..."

He got online and shwed me the prcedure that shuld be done just like vangorkum did with the phenol that stops the toenail growth on the sides... he told me he could do that but that he didn´t have phenol...... how des one of the biggest hospitals in manaus not have phenol? I asked him if he culd just take it out real quick but he said that that wouldn´t solve anything because it would just grow back.. so this is what he did... he gave me a prescription for phenol and told me to go to a pharmacia and get it.. but not just any pharmacy would have it.. it had to be a good one....  then I was to come back the next morning.. (he was still gong to be there) and he would do the precedure.  Great.

So we left the hospital and went on our search fr phenol.. but this time it as 10pm. We go to a pharmacia that would have phenol but the pharmacist said that it is super rare and that a pharmaci wouldn´t have it.  We needed to go to a stre that sold hspital supplies. He gave us the general location of one.... he really didn´t know. So we got on the bus and decided that we wouldn´t come back the next day because we had no idea where to find the drug and our day was FULL!  But then when we were at lunch on Saturday the irmã who is a RC told me to take my shoe off so she could see it.  She liked in disbelief.  Then she grabbed here stuff and started digging.  The ladies that d manicures here also take out ingrown toenails.  And when I say that she started digging... I mean she starring DIGGING!!  She drained out all of the puss and blood... there wasn´t that much.. and she got some massive chunks out and boy did it hurt....  but it is feeling 50 times better now so nothing to worry about..  she said she would get the rest of it out on Monday (to day) because the swelling would g down...but I told her that we had transfers on Sunday and that I pssibly would get transferred...

December 6, 2014.... 20 years
The birthday was great!! There is a girl in our ward that was born on 6 dec 1994 as well!  She is the step daughter of our ward mission leader. She made us a cake and rented a trampoline fr the night.  So that night we went ver and had cake and jumped on the tramp;... and boy was that fun... it was tiny though.. 3 meters in diameter and on really uneven ground.. but still fun.  Her friends went first (just like 3 YW from the ward) and me and elder brown were telling them t do flips... but obviously couldn´t.  Then elder brown went up there and they were like "do a flip do a flip" just like we were doing them.. just that they didn´t expect him to do it.... it bounced 3 times and pulled out a backflip....they were all shocked!!! It was funny.  Then I got in and did a frontflip 180.  It was a great birthday...:)  Right after that we ran t the church for a wedding of a less active member and her nonmember boyfriend.  We have already taught him once and he said that he wants to be baptized.  He is just studying and working to much for us to teach them...

We have two other baller investigators..... A* & F*.   We found A* about 3 weeks ago and said that she wanted to go to church. She was´t able to go last week. She is like 40 and divorced and has a daughter. We taught the first and then invited to church and she went and loved it!!! S col.  We also met F*...  she is kinda crazy but went to church.  And has a baptism date for the next Tuesday. It will be great... and she wrote me a letter asking me to marry her..... no thank you.

So now fr the craziest part.  On Saturday afternoon Presidente Castro called me and told me that he had been praying and fasting and told me that the Lord had called me to be the next Assistant to the President................ I just didn´t know what to say to him.  He asked if I accepting and said yes.  He told me I should pray and fast that the Lord confirms to me as the Lord confirmed to him that it is me that should be the next AP.  I will need a lot of faith that God will help me... I got here to the office yesterday... it is so weird.  Our house is tiny.. there are four of us living there.  Me and elder Maia, (my comp, see pic) and the 2 secretaries, elder wilson and elder suoza silva live there.    It should be fun with a lt of work....  We have our own area and elder maia said that we will be able to work in it and do lts of divisions with ZLs

Well that was the crazy week.... h´pe everything ges well for you guys!!! Love yu Guys!

Elder Ostler

The bugs of Manaus

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