Monday, June 23, 2014

How do you feel now that you are a zone leader?

Well it sounds like you guys had a crazy week!  Crazy Fun!!  My week was crazy to say the least.  But you bought sand tires for all the 4wheelers> (questionmark)  And where was Chris for most of this time (questionmark)  And Benson is like.... turning into a man, he is actually bigger than that bike now... parabéns.   And Brasil in the world cup.  I was soooo into that game and afterwards I just couldn´t believe that they hadn´t putten up any goals.  We watch the last 20 mins of the US game.  I totally thought that we had it in the bag until they had that amazing cross header goal.... oh well... they will probably still make it through to the next round.  Ronaldo was not happy.  It is good to hear that nobody got seriously hurt, Cody just kinda got bruised up a little (fireworks are going off in preparation for the game which starts in 2 hours).

So I guess is I will just start with the week..... the big change happened on Tuesday night. The ZLs called and said that Elder G would be getting transferred the next day which was really weird because transfers weren´t till today.  So what happened is this.  Our Zls are Elder V and N, 2 Americans.  Elder N was my ZL in cidade do leste and I like him a lot.  Elder V came on Wednesday morning to be with me in Êxodo and Elder G went with Elder N to be in their area.  I didn´t know why.  All I knew is that the area of the ZL was moving.

After Elder V unpacked a little he sat down and said "so Elder Ostler, how do you feel now that you are a zone leader (questionmark)"  I just kind of sat there and looked at him.  I asked what he was talking about.  He told me that we are the new zone leaders......  I was totally taken aback.  I didn´t even know what to think.  It was just crazy.  Elder G got transferred to the other side of the river today and Elder N will be staying in his area and train.  The pic is of us 4 last night, Elder V is the one by me and Elder N is the one on the left.

So being a zone leader now, I don´t even know what to think.  All of the zone leaders I´ve know have been like old missionaries who know how to baptize.  I just still feel like a young guy... because I am. One thing that I have been praying for is humility. Not that I´m super prideful... I just don´t want to arrive there.  I talked to Elder O this week and he told me not to be like all of the prideful Zone leaders who think they are too good for every one.   I want to do what the missionary handbook says and love the elders in my zone.

On Sunday we had a baptism.  A girl that we found a few weeks ago.  The baptism was great.  She is in relief society though because she has a little baby who we have to carry to church when we go to buscar her in the morning.  I´ll send a pic of the baptism.

So Elder N has been with me and my comp since last night, his greenie won´t get here till tomorrow afternoon so he is sticking with us.  Last night we talked alot....  it started out with talk about the mission.  They are from the same group and they told me about the start of their mission.   They went through WAY worse than me. Elder N almost went home because he was questioning the baptizing thing.  And their zone leaders were insane!!!!  He has really opened my mind these last 3 transfers I´ve known him (he was my ZL in cidade do leste também).

We talked alot about our missions and he talked alot about the transfers when I was with Elder Walbrecht.  Elder Nielsen did a division with Elder Walbrecht and he told me that he envied our area.   We were retidão.. like we followed all the rules, mission rules and baptizing rules.  He said that when he was there he felt good and he envied us and our area and the work we were doing.  It felt good to hear him say that to me. Most other missionaries just find someone and baptize them in 2 to 3 weeks and sometimes all of the lessons aren´t taught.  

So that was my week.. not much details but that is the big stuff that happens.  I really like Elder V, he is a great teacher and he is really focused on baptism.

One of the main thing in this mission is marking dates... that is just what you do. If someone goes to church, in the next visit you mark a date for their baptism and then you do what you can to get them baptized on that day.  This mission is not like other missions... it is just different.

President Klein goes home on Saturday.... it is crazy  that he is already leaving.  I´m kind of excited that I got called as a ZL right when the new pres (President Castro, brasilian) will be arriving so that I will be able to get direct training from him and really take to heart his plans.  I will do what he says.  If he comes in here and just turns the mission upside down and puts a stop to baptisms... I will follow.  If he puts a massive emphasis on obediencia... I will follow.  He is not even here but I know that he is called of God and Know that he will receive inspiration for the mission.

One thing that I love here in brasil is the bakeries!! Amazing!  That is what people have here for breakfast,,,, bread.  We have one right in front of our house and it is bomb.

We are going to watch the brasil game here in a couple of hours.  Be thinking of me when brasil wins 3-0 :)  it is gonna happen:)

I snapped this picture real quick and it isn´t that good.
It is a motorcyvle decked out with brasil flags.. these people are nuts!
I can´t tell you guys how much I love you guys.  Being with these two Americans for the past day has made me a little missing the USA and you guys and the stuff you guys will do this summer.  But I´m still fine.  I know that I need to be here and serve and I´m excited for all of the changes that are happening and will happen.

I love you guys!
Elder Ostler

PS I got ANOTHER package this week.  The one with the towels.  Thank you so much for those.. they feel sooo goood!! I am so blessed to have a family like you guys. You guys rock!

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