Friday, August 30, 2013

I got my travel plans!


I'm happy you had a fun time with the Argentine and the hairdresser.  I don't think I need anything else.  I'm doing fine.  And I did get to host!  But I will get to that.  Let me start with Tuesday.  So we had our Tuesday night devo as usual and we knew it was going to be a 12 because it was going to be broadcast to the other MTC's.  It was Niel L Anderson!!

He gave a great talk on missionary work (of course). He was a mission president in France and he had one of the missionaries that served in France while he was president there and they spoke about it together, pretty cool.  I also sang in the choir. Super fun.  So afterwards everyone stayed seated because they needed the camera shot and because Elder Anderson hadn't stood yet.  Then one of the members of the MTC presidency stood up and said, "we have been informed that there is a massive storm outside with thunder lightening and rain so we are going to stay here (Marriott center) until it passes.  We will now sing some hymns."  It was so fun.

We sang like 5 hymns and Elder Anderson came out and shook hands.  I didn't shake his hand but that is the closest I've ever been to an apostle.  So cool  probably like 20 yards.  So eventually the lightening stopped and they let us go but it was pouring rain.  Buckets!!!  Our suits were drenched!!  Totally insane but so much fun but Elder M just wasn't having fun while everyone around him was singing There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!  So awesome!!

Ok so this email might be a little shorter because we just got done talking to a worker here that served in Manaus!!  So cool.  Here is his email so when we get my blog up, email him the link and tell him I'm the elder that was trying to find a computer with him.

That is so great that school is starting.  Enjoy it boys, especially you Wilson.  Middle school is awesome!  Get good grades you boys.  So after we got back from the rainstorm we always have a district meeting to discuss the devo.  Before we started, President Brough (Branch Pres) asked me and my companion to come with him.  He asked us to be the Zone Leaders!! We get put in officially this Sunday!  I'm so excited!  We already got to help welcome the new elders and sisters this past Wednesday.  27 new missionaries in our zone!!  13 Sisters and guess who is in my Zone!?!?  Garrett Stoker and Jessica Bagley!!!  So cool.  It's awesome seeing them.

So hosting was great. Absolutely loved it.  I only got to do 2, A Korean going to cali and a Mexican going to somewhere in the US speaking espanol.  His dad followed us up quite a ways with the video camera.  I'm glad he stopped and didn't come with us into the building because that would have been bad.  It was funny.  I was so hot because we were out there for 2 and a half hours
Our district - going to Manaus
I just finished the BOM two hours ago.  It was so great!!  Got it done in 31 days!  So we know about the elders and sisters in the Brazil MTC because one of them emailed Elder Peterson.   No one in our district has been reassigned.  They will all get reassigned in one week and leave the following Monday.  Speaking of traveling, I got my travel plans!  I'm so excited!  You don't even know!  One other sister got her visa too but we are on different flights.  I'm going SLC, Detroit, Sao Paolo, Manaus.  7:20 am sep9 - 7:40am - sep10.  I will try to get back on later but for now this is all, Love you all!
Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

Ok I actually do have more time now, let's see, what else.  Oh that is so cool that Alex and Brook got their mission calls!  That is so awesome!  Ok so here is a funny story of the week. It was Thursday (yesterday) and I was taking a shower because we had just had gym and I go hard in the 4 square arena.  So I was in the shower and I hear the intercom come on (there is an intercom system here so they can call missionaries down to the office).  I couldn't really hear what it said.  Then all of a sudden I heard screaming.  Not screaming, LIKE SCREAMING!!!!!  I was like what the heck is going on.  Then some of the screamers come running through the bathroom.  They were screaming "ELDER KESLER!!  ELDER KESLER!"  He is our current ZL.  I poke my head out of the shower and yell at Elder Bean (who was one of the screamers), "What is going on!!"  He says back,  "ME, KESLER, and Elder Robb got our visa's!!!!"

They have all been here a week longer than us and they are probably the closest other district to us.  They still hadn't found Elder Kesler so they continue to scream.  They leave on Monday which is pretty cool.  There are two districts form our zone (zone and branch are the same thing) on Monday and they all got reassigned except for those 3 elders.  I'm so happy for them.  It was just so funny because they were all freaking out.  So funny.

And yes I would like a bigger bottle of face wash.  So I got a box yesterday from................. JACKIE CREER!!!  So awesome!!!  Oreo brownies and Reese's brownies. We shared them with the new two districts that just got here. I haven't had one because I wasn't really hungry.  But we still have like a square foot left so I'm excited to eat that.

I love Jackie creer Brownies!!!! please tell her thank you
So it sounds like Christian is becoming an official member of OL&G.  But Christian, in order to be a true employee, you must love the rose bush lawn with all you heart might mind and strength that you may stand blameless before God at the last day.  By the Way (John) I have that memorized in Portuguese.  Ok almost.  I just need to do the last two verses.

Freshman orientation for BYU was Wednesday so I could have just walked like 20mins and seen Mitch and James... so cool.  But don't worry, I won't.  So last night, Elder M told me something really nice.  We were having comp inventory and he told me that I was the least prideful person in our district.  He said that whenever someone tells me that I'm doing wrong or something like that, that I just accept it and change instead of being prideful and thinking I can do whatever I want. I didn't explain that very well but he just said I was a good companion.   We have so much fun together.  He always makes fun of me, in a joking way, because I haven't seen any movies.  Also, he hates farts so when I do he just like looks at me and says, Seriously.....   it's so funny. All the elders in the district say I fart so much which is kinda true but after living with Jackson, I don't hold a candle to him.  But then he always burps so its just a bodily function party all day long!

So guess who I saw!!!!!! Kyle Harrison from the best two years!! The actor!!! I don't know his name but he was here.  I was going to go talk to him but he was in a conversation.  It was so cool to see him.. I think he was doing TRC.  Well this is really the end till next week.  I love you all!!  I hope school is fun!!!  Jefferson, make sure you trim like me:)  Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

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