Friday, August 23, 2013


How goes it?  The MTC is still great!  So I will try to answer your questions first.  I have no idea where my ipod is, sorry. I haven't seen Elder Rodgers but I saw James Graff, his classroom is right next to mine.  Rachael Porter is also here but I haven't seen her.  I'm at 3 Nephi 13 in the Book of Mormon.  And it was my comp that sang in church.  He sang I Believe in Christ and it was awesome! No I haven't spoke in church yet but I still prepare a talk every week.  And I see Sister Gearheart all the time and I know that she is from Kennewick.  Pretty cool.  Brother May is a councilor in our branch presidency, he smiles alot, how do you know him?

Me and Elder Klumker, the funny cool one
We went to the temple last week on Friday and we are going to go again today. And I'm pretty much the only one who brought only 44 pounds. One of the elders he (well more like his mom) packed his whole closet and the kitchen sink.  Crazy.  But my companion got his mom to send him a Samsonite bag just like mine.

So let me just tell you a little about the week .  This week Irmão Hodson was gone so we had a sub....  Irmão Godoy.  And he is from Brazil!!  He just looks like a normal white guy though.  Our first day with him he just told us all about Brazil.  He showed us tons of pictures and we all just got so excited.  He is so funny. I can't ever explain it.

Our district studying hard
Elder M says I laugh at everything and it is kinda true, I laugh all the time but who doesn't like to laugh.  All this week I've been kinda sick.  At night I would wake up and just have a killer soar throat.  That was at the beginning of the week.  At the end I was and am really stuffed up.  This other sister in our district is way worse than me so don't feel bad for me. And it's not even a big deal.  But I would love it if you would remind me the difference between sudafed and benadryl and what they do.

Did I tell you that I got to see Kaylynn Harrison?  I just walked out of class one day and was going to lunch and Sister Harrison was standing in the hallway.  She had to come to the MTC because her comp is a visa waiter for the Philippines so she just decided to come find me.  It was so great to see her.

Me and my companion with Sister Harrison
So Jackson came by on Thursday and came to lunch with me.  He attempted to speak Portuguese but totally failed.  It was great to see him. My district loved him.  But don't let that go to your head Jackson...  When I was leaving he handed me a secret note :) and I found out when I got back to my room that I got my VISA!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much mom. I don't even have words to explain how thankful I am to you for putting in all that work to get it.  And don't worry I thanked Heavenly Father too.  I'm so excited to Go and I am perfectly fine with finishing here at the Provo MTC.  Thank you thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.  I am really excited to go to Manaus and with each day I get more and more excited.

So somehow I hinted at the note and my companion asked what it was.  I said it had to do with my visa and that we would talk about it that night.  So on Thursday night all the elders and I had a secret visa council.  I'm sorry if I shouldn't have done this but I just felt like I needed to.  I told them the whole story of me getting my visa and you going to sf and all that jazz.  They were really happy and I got all their moms phone numbers, only 2 are form WA. I'm sorry if this is too much work but will you just call them and tell them something, anything it doesn't matter but I know that some of them are expecting  you to call them. Here is their numbers with their consulate.

All of them were super happy that I told them, I think it gave them a hope that they might get their visa's.  If you can't do anything that's fine.

Ok so here is some stuff that I would like you to send me please. First off....  WE DO NOT NEED ANY FOOD.   We have so much!  Elder Mount almost gets a package every day filled with food.  We still have some of the chips and dip left you sent me.  But that peanut butter and graham crackers with chocolate chips was soooooo gooooooood.  Ok so I would like. . . . and some mint life savers because when I had those I share them with my district.  

Also, how am I going to get stuff that I'm not taking to Brazil to Jackson.   Like my shorts and letters.  Because it's not like I have time during the day to get him that stuff because we are always in a class or something.  Let's see what else.  That's all I need I think.  I'm going to send this, try to send some pictures, email Saydi and then email you more with whatever time I have left.  I love you all!

Tudo Bem 
Elder Ostler

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