Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm so ready to go to Brazil!


So yes I am traveling alone.  So here is my travel plans.  I will try to call from SLC I guess but I will definitely call from Detroit at the time I am there.  Keep in mind the time change.  I am traveling alone but don't worry, I will be just fine!!  I also thought it was funny how you said that I need to keep track of my bags at the airport because usually you and dad do that. Well, I'm not sure if you remember but dad has left our carry-ons at security so many times!! Just saying. Love you Dad:)

I will be fine. I leave Monday morning at 7 and arrive in Manaus at 2pm on Tuesday!  Crazy long.  I 'm so excited to fly though.  And I'm the travel leader so we won't be going back through security this time!! rarara (that is how they laugh dad because when a word starts with an r it makes the h sound, but they laugh just like you and I...)

Me & Jackson
So the journal pages you sent me are fine.  Just keep sending those ones.  They are bigger so I can fit more on them.  Wilson!! that's so cool that you are playing the trombone!! CTR!! That is what I'm talking about.  I'm so glad you did not do the squeak machines.  Oh my bleeding ears.  Good job at keeping the house clean boys!  Make sure you keep all the pictures of me dusted and polished.  Take good care of my ties Jefferson.  And I thought I was going to take a tie with me that Jackson took on his mission?  nao sei.

So yesterday was infield orientation.  It was so much fun.  It started at 8 and it was everyone that is leaving some time next week.  We had all sorts of activities.  The main topics were, Finding People, faith, working with members and our purpose.  And guess who was one of the teachers????  JON BURRUP!! It was so good to see him.  Oh my goodness.  He looks just like Christian oh my goodness and he did that one face that Christian does where he just lets his mouth hang open.  You know what I'm talking about Christian.   It was so great to see him. Just gave me a little taste of Christian... I'll be good for the next 2 years.  But I didn't have my camera so no picture :(

Oh also some of the other teachers were the missionaries off of "the district"  Elder Christensen and Elder Murray.  Pretty cool to see them in person because we always watch their clips to learn a certain principle about teaching.  Dad I like what you said about out growing MTC.  I feel just ready to get out of here.  I feel like I've learned everything I can but I know I haven't yet.  I know that once I get to Brazil I am going to be so lost and have no idea what anyone is saying but it will be great.

Me and Elder M went and got haircuts but Katie wasn't there:( So I couldn't give her the tip. All of my district got their reassignments this morning!!! They are so excited, we mostly all leave on Monday morning.   Elder M - Portland, Elder Klumker - Rochester NY.  Elder Mount - San Fernando - Cali.  Elder Petersen - New Hampshire.  Elder D - Boise ID.  Sis Francis - Salem OR. and Sister Reeve and Leonard got their visas too!! Not on the same flight though:(  They are all really excited to go.

Being a ZL is really awesome.  We don't really do much it is just so much fun to get to know all the new elders and sisters.  Oh, Cameron Simpson is in my Zone!!  So crazy.  Last night we actually had to do stuff.  We got the sacrament agenda all ready and stuff.  It was pretty crazy getting all of that done last night because we accidentally wrote it on the wrong form so we had to go from the 5th floor of the farthest building to the main building to get the form, fill it out and get back to the 5th floor before President Brough left.  It was fun though.  We are also passing the sacrament on Sunday so that will be pretty fun.

Hmm.  I don't know what else to say.  We just do the same thing every week......... everyday.......... Oh boy I'm so ready to go to Brazil!!  I'm scared out of my mind but I'm also stoked out of my mind.  It will be totally crazy to actually be in Brazil.... not Brazil,, MANAUS!!!! So excited to teach the gospel.  I'm really excited to go to the airport.  On Tuesday when we walked to the Marriott center for the devo... I actually saw real people. Like college students.  It was so weird.  That is why I'm excited for the Airport because there will be real people there.  I'm going to talk to everyone I stand in line by and probably baptize whoever I'm sitting on the plane by for 11 hours.

Ok.  Here is something that happened.  So all of the buildings are numbered here.  1M is the main building.  2M is where the bookstore and post office and all that stuff is.  3M-18M are either classrooms or residence halls.  We used to have our classroom in 8M which was just a 4 story building in the middle of the MTC so we couldn't really see any thing.  Well this week all the Portuguese speakers in the MTC are in 18M on the 5th floor (top) 18M is massive!!!  I think they put The Portuguese speakers there so we could be the closest ones to heaven... you know... most righteous and all.

Well anyway, as we walk up our 5 flights of stairs a couple of times a day, out of one of the windows we have a perfect view of BYU.  Whenever I look out I always think of Mitch and James and Derek over there.  Me and Elder M always stand there for and minute and look. Yesterday I told him we couldn't look because it would distract us (I was just kidding of course).  He said yeah right and said he was going to look.  I told him if he did he would turn into a pillar of salt.  That is my joke for the week.  Pretty fun.

So 4 of the elders leave at 4 in the morning on Monday.  I leave at 6 and I think Dennis might actually be traveling with me to the airport.  I hope so or that is going to be one long drive. I'm really going to miss all the elders in my district til they all make it down to Brazil....  Oh I can't wait.  It would be awesome if I was one of their first companions!!

Well I can't really think of much else to say.  I hope I answered all of you questions.  I love you All so so much and the next email I send will be from Brazil!!!!! So awesome!!!  I cannot even imagine how sweaty I'm going to be. Oh, one other thing, so last night Elder M was having a speed walking race and he is pretty fast but I blew him out of the water.  He was impressed at how fast I could walk.  It was that year and a half of no running paying off in a speed walking race.  Oh yeah!!  Love you all.

Tudo bem
Elder Ostler

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