Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey so I won´t give my whole week report right now just a quick email.. we are waiting in the mission office for the next group of missionaries to head to the airport.... everybody else is already gone....... MOM and JACKSON you two are live savers!!! We had no idea that Sister P was coming.. two weeks ago são paulo called and said that she wasn´t coming... I just got off the phone with the provo MTC and then the emergency missionary line (because it is apparently a holiday or something and everything is closed) and they confirmed what you found out.... We had no idea! So now we got to mix up the sisters and create a new area.... well more like just open an area that just closed :) wow you two are life savers to the max!!!!  That would have been really funny if we would have gotten to the airport tomorrow and there were two missionaries there and we were only expecting one:) kakaka

And I soaked my toe all week with no results.  I wasn´t able to go to the hospital to get the antibiotic so it is a good thing that sister p is coming tomorrow:)

So Elder Maia is no longer my companion.  He is leaving tomorrow night to a little town called Cruzeiro do Sul which is an hour plane ride then a 12 hour bus ride.... kakakak  My new comp is Elder Thompson.... another americano!!!! 

3:39 PM
I don´t know when the last time that this happened, two americans as APs.. very extremely rare.. at least in this mission.  I have two more transfers than he does on the mission. The sisters in our area left so now it is just me and elder thompson as the missionaries in the ward alvorada. I´m pretty excited to get back to working again.   As a normal missionary. Kinda. We are going to do a bunch of divisions with the Zone Leaders.

Jefferson... sounds like you are rocking it hard core!!!! I was smiling ear to ear as I read the part that mom put about you!  Sounds great that you are doing sooooooo gooooood!!! parabéns!  The snow campout sounds pretty fun too.  I´m imagining that jefferson didn´t go because of the basketball games...

So it is good to know that you two both want to come... when you said that last week it made me question it if you really wanted to come....  it would be fun to have the traditional homecoming with everybody in the airport but I think it would be a whole lot funner to have you guys come and get me:)..... and I would like to return home on like Thursday or Friday.  There are definitely a couple of people that I want to go visit. And I want to be in the country for the national holiday:) if you know what I´m saying. 

Mom:  Picture of Jefferson & Kendall

Elder Ostler:  kakakakakaka  They are MASSIVE!  And that is funny seeing that they are friends and all . . . . 

Mom: It was fun for Jefferson to shut him down. 

Here's dad & Wilson today. Hopefully you can handle it. And not get homesick. I always think about that when I send picture

Elder Ostler: Mom..... I never get homesick when you send a picture.... I just get happy:)  here are some of the pictures from the week.

We went to the mission house and reorganized president´s transfer board.
We remade all of the little papers with the picture
of each missionary and put it on with a magnet.

Me finally making the cookies you sent me….
 I watched you enough to know what I was doing.
The first time I did it the dough kind of stuck to the table
because when I rolled it out it just pushed 
all the flour out
from under it and I forgot to lift the dough up and shove
flour under it like you always do.

The finished product... not bad if I say so myself.... :)

So here is a question... does sister p have my medicine?

ps.. I loved the photos!!! did benson go up as well? or just the fath and the dub?

Mom: As far as I know she has it. So is your toe worse? Or exactly the same?

Elder Ostler: The toe is a little better.. just a little still the same thing but not hurting at all.  The pills will work magic:)  The Lord works in mysterious ways to let the mission know that there is another sister coming .. kakaka an ingrown toenail....kakakkkakakakakakakakk.

Well I´m out of here!  até o próximo!  falou!

Elder Ostler

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