Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Never forget that feeling

Sorry I didn´t email you yesterday. Today was conselho da missão so all yesterday we planned and prepped for it all day (along with going to a brasialan grill where they bring the meat around on a spit!)  So I really had no time to email you guys.....sorry.  But the week was great!  We had the new missionaries arrive and yes sister p gave me the "stuff."  It was great!  Then we were with presidente all week doing all the interviews... we left early in the morning and got back at night so we just stayed at the mission home!!!! It was great!  We had a feast every night that we got home! Just that it was at like midnight and I always ate way tooo much!  

us at presidents house eating a mid night snack….
just that it was a meal!!!  

Seriously though... that was pretty cool........ That go-pro is awesome!  pretty legit.. not going to lie.  

Anyways back to my week.  And no I still haven´t got my debit card.

So we went with the pres to do interviews and we always ate lunch in a sweet place... one time he spent R$!150 on lunch for us 4! What!?!?!

Today was the training of the zone leaders and sister trainers.... like I said, we planned it all yesterday so it was kinda at the last second but it was still good!  Me and Elder Thompson gave our training on what the leaders can do to help the mission baptize more. Right now we are on a drought for baptisms. Our numbers aren´t the highest... or I should say, they aren´t as high as they should be. I´m not just looking at the numbers but the numbers show what the missionaries are doing. So we talked about accompanying the missionaries, Training the missionaries and then being an example.. we talked a lot about obedience and I loved it!!!  There is an apostate thought in this mission that obedience is not important if you are baptizing. So we tried to correct that... some of the missionaries still tried to fight it but it was good.

Another awesome part about the counsel was we did contacts!!!!!!!  We left for the road and we found 58 families.....!!!! in half an hour!!!!! it was so much fun and so much energy, 52 missionaries. It was so much fun.

The pick is of me and Elder Thompson doing a contact. Pretty fun stuff.  Pres Castro is putting a HUGE emphasis on finding familias!  He has this target that he always uses with families in the center then homens, mulheres, jovens, and then crianças..... as you move farther out so we are only focussing on families....... and today he brought a dart board to emphasis the fact!

This week we only had one day to work,,,, saturday because of the conferences... the sisters had been working with a young man who had a date but then it fell so we went to his house and remarked it.. his mom and sister are members but less active.  When we go to church he said he didn´t want to get baptized but then after he first reunião we said he did... so we did it!  He said as we were changing afterwards that he felt soooo happppy!  I told him never to forget that feeling, especially when he has a hard time in his life

Well that was a very small portion of the week but I don´t have that much time. The toe is still the same thing so I will find some time to go get the part they forgot taken out.

Love You Guys!!!!!! SOOOO MUCH!! watching that video made me love you guys even more!!!!!  ANd Jefferson it sounds like you are totally killing it on the court!! wahoooo!!! You know how it is done!! I´m doing great and loving the mission!  It is all going great!

Elder Ostler

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