Monday, February 17, 2014

You know you're good at a language when you can beat a NATIVE in scrabble . . . . . TWICE!!!!

First of all before I tell about my crazy week..... JEFFERSON!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!  IF I WERE IN RICHLAND RIGHT NOW I WOULD LITERALLY KISS THE GROUND THAT YOU WALK ON!!!  I cannot believe that you got to play on varsity!  Well actually I can!  You are just so awesome!  OH MY GOODNESS I JUST CAN´T GET OVER IT!  What the snap! Nossa! Rapaz! Tu sabe come joga Basquete.

Alright sorry, I just really needed to tell Jefferson how stinking proud I am of him and Benson too for slaying the ladies at the dance. Just like the self proclaimed chick magnet.  And Wilson getting pumped to LAX it up just like some #11 I know:)

Anyways this week was definitely the weirdest week of my mission... by far.  So I don’t have much time but the division on Tuesday with Elder H didn´t happen for 2 reasons.  One, Elder O had another doctors appt for his medical.  And two because the zone leaders did a division with us.  Me and Elder P went to Candeias and worked and Elder O went with Elder S to the doctors.

The division with Elder P was nuts!  He is all about baptism.  We invited (no joke) 6 people to be baptized. Not just to be baptized but to be baptized right then,,,, like we invited them to walk down to the river with us and be baptized!  Right then!  It was crazy!  We didn´t baptize anyone though.

So when we got back to the house that night and met up with Elder O he sad that the doctor said that he needed to have surgery!  It was scheduled for Thursday. On Wednesday night we took a bus to Porto Velho and stayed the night in the house of the stake president, Pres Matos.

The next morning we left for the hospital.  The ZL went with us too so I would be sozinho while he was in surgery. It was scheduled for 10 in the morning and he didn´t go into surgery till 4:30.  That is just Brazil.  After it was over he was out of it and in pain.  We stayed in the hospital Thursday night, all Friday and we left Saturday morning.  Two nights in the hospital and it was awesome.  I had my  little couch to sleep on and I was practically like Elder O's nurse.  Being in the hospital brought me back to my days as an intern at kadlec.  Fun times.  So that was my crazy time at the hospital.

The hospital doesn´t feed any visitors that are staying with the patient, just the patient, so Irmã Angelica (wife of pres Matos) brought me breakfast lunch and dinner. She is a doctor too.  On Saturday we were able to leave in the morning.  We came back to pres Matos house. It is just him and his wife at home..... I shouldn’t say home... I should say MANSION!!! They have 2 filhos who are both on the mission right now.

On Saturday afternoon we did a division with our dl, Elder H. He stayed with Elder O at the house of the stake pres and me and Elder B left for Candeias, just for the day.  We were going with the intent to baptize one of our investigators but it didn´t happen.  But Elder H is doing a division with me tomorrow and he wants to baptize her.... she hasn’t even been to church.  But I love her and when we met here she told us flat out that God does not have a church on the earth.  Just the biblia.  Now, she has a testimony of the LDM!  She dreamed that she was with an angel and the angel was holding the Book of Mormon and the angel told her that the book was true!  So she will be baptized... the question is when... her name is N*.

After a couple hours in Candeias, Elder B and I came back to the house of pres Matos. They left for their area.  We went to church with pres Matos and Angelica on Sunday and stayed here last night too.  Elder O can´t do force right now.  Sister Klein asked that he stay here and recuperate a little.

So mom and dad and family.  I would just like to thank you for being oh so nice to the missionaries and giving them everything that they need.  Like that massive breakfast you fed to those 26 missionaries because now I´m receiving those blessings from Pres Matos e Irmã Angelica!  They are so kind and loving and giving and are always feeding us and asking us if we need anything.  So thank you.

So that was my crazy week.  In hospital for 3 days... fun fun fun.  Elder O recuperation time is 3 weeks..... 3 weeks of nothing.  He can´t even leave the house! We will probably go back to our area on Wednesday or Thursday.  And we have 3 Melchizedek holders and two of them work so divisions will be hard.  But transfers are this week and I´m pretty sure that he will be transferred to Manaus.  And I´m pretty sure he will go to Adrianópolis!  Cool cool but I´ll let you know next week.  I love him and it was great to serve him this week.  For 4 days after the surgery he couldn´t walk alone so I had to hold him up while he walked.  It was just a fun different week.

Elder H is such a great guy!  You just don´t know him.  He is a lot like Jackson in joking around and stuff.  Today he and his comp came over to pres Matos house and passed p day with us.  We played cards and I taught them cards of 3!  Ya hear that Wilson!  Cards of 3! Another reason why he kind of got on our case is because in this mission numbers and HUGE!!!  Some missionaries like to stretch the numbers a little bit to.  And we count some of the numbers differently than missionaries in the states.  But it is all good:)

And don´t be mad at the branch president for not letting me play.  It is mainly because our chorister does not know how to chorist so it is kind of a train wreck.  But I will talk to him.

So that was my crazy week in Brasil.  I love you all and our family ROCKS! (especially Jethro for dunking in a varsity game.  Did I hear that right(there is no question mark on this keyboard))

Love you all
Love Elder Ostler

PS you know you are good at a language when you can beat a NATIVE in SCRABBLE..........TWICE!!!!

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