Monday, February 24, 2014

I love that ramo so much

It sounds like you guys had a great week!  Any week at home is great!   I can´t believe that RHS is undefeated and has a chance at taking home the trophy! Super sweet and even sweeter that jeffero is a part of it.

So, you will never guess in the whole world where I am...  I´m back in Manaus!  I did not see it come but Elder O AND I got transferred to Manaus.  I did not see it come at all.  We were at Irmã Deusa´s house eating lunch on Sunday when the APs called. They said that we were both going to Manaus and that we would both be DL and I would be training.  When I hung up the phone my head started spinning.  I literally became dizzy and lightheaded.  I was expecting to stay in Candeias for at least another transfer or 4.  I love it there and I was so sad that I was leaving. I love that ramo so much and I´m going to miss it so much.  But I guess now I will just have to work my buns off in my new area.  So all is well.

We rushed home and I had 30 mins to pack my suitcase.  I just threw it all in.  We got a ride to Porto Velho with Pres Matos and stayed at my DL's house.  Elder O was not happy with his call as DL.  He was thinking about calling up Pres Klein right then but me and Elder H talked him out of it.  He was in a bad mood but we pulled him out of that by playing..... you guessed it Wilson, cards of 3.

We took a plane this morning and now I´m in Manaus.  My area is call Cidade do Leste.  (I think)  What is crazy is is that this is the area that Elder Pothier was in right before he got transferred to be my comp.   So  I already know a ton about the ramo here and the members because he told me a ton.   And his comp is still here!  But he is leaving tomorrow for another area.  My comp is Elder W.  He already has one transfer here in the mission. Our area is the southeast corner of Manaus.  Manaus is nothing like Candeias,  there are so many people and roads and cars here it is crazy.

So I´ll tell about our week in Candeias. We went to pres Matos house before the hospital and left our stuff there. On Tuesday I went back to Candeias with Elder H. I learned a ton from him. He is an amazing teacher and so excited when he teaches. . .

We went with the goal of teaching N*.  I think I mentioned her but not much.  Me and Elder O found her about 5 weeks ago.  We found her knocking doors.  When we first met her we found out that she doesn´t believe that God has a church on the earth, just the bible.  We taught her about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. Her baptism was marked for Saturday (2 days ago) but he wanted to baptize her on Tuesday. Elder H interviewed her.  During the interview I was talking with her 4 daughters......................................don´t worry, the oldest one is 8 :)  They were just full of energy and were asking me about everything from ghosts to the BOM to baptism. The baptism was set for Saturday.

The next day we went back to the house of pres Matos.  On Thursday after lunch me and Elder O returned to Candeias.  Since he can´t work he called up the ZLs and asked if they could do a division with us that day.  They said yes.  One of our ZLs came and another missionary that is an AP and doing special assignments.  They came and I was expecting to leave with one of them and the other one would stay with Elder O.  They showed up at our house and said hi....  bye.  They just left.

Elder P was one of them and he had done the division with me the week before when we taught N* so he knew where she lived.  He said they were going to baptize her.  I had so many mixed feelings. . . . I wanted to be there. . . . but I couldn´t leave the house because Elder O can´t exert himself and it is a 25 min walk to the chapel.  So they baptized her.  They also confirmed her right then too??? Don´t know why.

The saddest thing about it is is that I didn´t see her again after that. . . . . On Friday and Saturday we did nothing.  We stayed at home because we couldn’t leave. We watched the district and I attempted again to pull out my ingrown toenail. So we just had two days of nothing but sitting at home. But I had some great times with my scrips. It was good.

So I´m still really confused about baptizing.  Like I said I asked pres Klein about this and he said that yes there are rules for baptizing people; he also said to follow the counsel of Elder H and he is telling me to just baptize and don´t worry about the rules.  I think that....  I just don´t know what to think.  I´m guessing you mentioned this in your other email which I haven’t read yet.

I´m not using the stepper anymore but the highest I got was 27,000 steps. We walked a lot that day. And yes I got the package two weeks ago.  Sorry I didn’t say anything I just forgot when I was emailing.  I loved it though!  Thanks!  And thanks for the sd card because I´m just about out of room on the one I have.

This transfer I really have a goal to work as hard as I can and baptize.  I want to work hard and I feel capable of working hard now because I know Portuguese better now and  I´m improving my teaching skills.  I know that the Lord will help me as I just work work work.

I can’t tell you guys enough how much I love you guys and miss you guys.  You mean more than anything to me.  I love you all and until  next week!

Love Elder Ostler

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