Monday, November 4, 2013

We knocked doors. My first time!

Yes I got the package!  And guess when I got it........ HALLOWEEN!!!!  It was great!  It cost $75. One of the elders at the mission office told me that if my mom puts ``used`` before everything it won´t cost anything.  Like used clothes, used food, used soap, like that.

I know it sounds crazy but this elder told me that one of the elders that just went home got like 20 packages on his mission and he didn’t have to pay for one because his mom always put ``used `` before everything, so just a tip.  But it was awesome!!  So I did get to have a halloween!  So amazing.  I forgot how good granola bars are and candy.  Just absolutely AMAZING!!  That food tastes so good and Elder O LOVES the tie!!  Loves it!  Thank you so much for the package!  Just awesome!!

And thanks for the pancake recipe!  I used it the next day and those pancakes where sooo gooood!  I had written down my pancake recipe the day before I got the package so it was funny to compare the two:)

So this week.  It was just a regular week of being a missionary.  One thing that Elder O is good at is working with the ward.  Since he has been here we have had a ward council meeting every week which is really nice.  He knows the importance of working with the members, and unlike your mission dad, the members here give us references all the time and bring people to church.  It is great.

One thing that I´m still getting used to is the speed at which we baptize people.  So on Wednesday we had just met a girl at the church during those government classes.  We didn´t teach her anything we just said we would teach her tomorrow because we had to get home. As we were walking home my comp said ``We have 4 days to prepare her for baptism this Sunday.  We can totally do that.``  I was just thinking What!!  How is that going to be possible?!  We still have to teach her all the lessons and all the commandments and she has to gain a testimony!  There is no way!

Well on Thursday there was a meeting for all the DLs in Manaus so we went to the stake center because my comp is a DL.  I didn´t know what I would be doing during the meeting. When I got there one of the secretaries took me to go pick up my package at the post office!!  It was awesome!!  He is American. On the walk back we were talking and he asked me what I´m having to adjust to the most.  I told him the speed at which we baptize people and how I don´t think that they will be ready in a week or less.  He told me he had had that some feeling when he got to the mission.  Then he went on to explain how when he was baptized at 8 he didn´t have a strong testimony that the church was true or that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  He only got baptized because he knew it was the right thing to do.

I have really been thinking about that.  When I was baptized I didn´t have a rock solid testimony of the gospel, I got baptized because it was the right thing to do.  That is the same with our investigators.  He also told me that the people here have already been prepared by the Lord for the gospel.  He said that alma and nefi and lehi and ammon would baptize so fast just because the people were already prepared by the Lord.  It is the same with the people here!  And it is so true!!!  I think we invited 5 people to be baptized this past week and only one of them had an objection.  It is amazing how receptive these people are to the gospel.

EXAMPLE>>>>  So Saturday at like 5 we had a half an hour to kill till our next planned item. So Elder O said we should knock doors!  My first time!  He is a natural at it!  So awesome! The first one we clapped we got a return appointment.  The next one was really funny because the lady told us that she already had the word of God and shut the door.  Elder O was really taken back.  He was so surprised that anyone would do that.  I just laughed and told him that that happens EVERYDAY in the US.

The next house is where we found our miracle.  We clapped and a lady came to the door. She looked at us then walked away.  We thought she was going to come back but she never did. We looked on the side of the house and there was a girl sitting in a chair.  Elder O started talking to here and asked if we could share a message with her.  WE WERE THERE FOR 3HRS AND 20MINS!!!!

We taught the first and third lessons.  She had so many questions.  Her name is Ca* and she is 19.  After we testified of the BOM and told her how she could know for herself, Elder O invited her to be baptized.  She said yes.  The spirit was so strong!  Then he invited her to be baptized on Sunday.... the next day!!!  I was just thinking ``What the heck are you doing?!?!?!``  BUT I just trusted in the spirit that was so strong there that he was being guided.  She said yes she would.

She then went on to tell us why she was sitting outside when he showed up.  She said she had just had a big fight with her aunt (the lady at the door who left) and she came outside to get away from her.  She said she was so mad and didn´t want to talk to anyone.  Either she called her friend on the phone or her friend called her but either way she talked to her friend on the phone.  She told her friend how she was feeling and told her friend that all she wanted right then was for someone to preach the gospel to her.  Next thing she knew we were teaching her the truth.  She said when we showed up that feeling of anger and hatred that she was feeling went completely away.  It was a miracle!!  It was an amazing lesson! Unfortunately she wasn´t baptized yesterday because she went to the ceminaty instead of coming to church. (Nov 2 is like memorial day in the us.  They go to the cemitaly and light candles or something.  So she went on Nov 3, don´t know why)  But she will be baptized. That was a miracle lesson.

The reason that we knocked on that door in the first place was because about a month ago when Elder M and I were picking people up for church one morning a man that waved at us but we didn't have time to stop because we were late for church.  When we passed that house on Saturday I remembered that man and told Elder O we should knock on the door.  God is so amazing and he knows everything that has happened and he is always planning for what will happen.  All of the pieces were just in place for us to find one of His daughters in need. I´m just always amazed at God´s power.

On Sunday we baptized a girl named Lo*.  Her mom is inactive so it was our job to baptize her.  She just turned 8.  After the baptism we didn´t have lunch so Thomas, our 1st counselor in the bishopric and President Klein´s son in law arranged for us to have lunch at their house.... President Klein´s house!!  It was sweet eating with President and Sister Klein!  After we shared our message (2nephi25:26 - yes jefferson, I shared that because of your letter and I told the story of you sitting in class and sharing the gospel. President Klein liked that.:) Elder O asked if there was anything we could do for them.  President Klein said, you can study everyday, personally and with your comp.  That man is truly inspired!  He knew that Elder O had not been studying that week.  So now I have President Klein's words to remind Elder O of this week when he doesn´t want to get up:)

Happy Birthday Jefferson!  The big 17!!  Well I know it is not till Saturday but I won´t talk to you till next Monday so happy birthday!!

And I think that is just about everything.  I don´t need anything  but in you next package could you send like 2 fine point black sharpies please?  Elder O loves them and his just died and you can´t buy them in Brazil.  Remember to put used:)

Also, on the breakfast cake, do I need to grease the pan before I pour the batter in?  I did this week just to be safe.  I love you all!  Thank you so much for your Prayers!

Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler
PS, tell Mitch and James Congrats from me!  They will be great missionaries in Argentina e Ohio!  

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