Monday, November 25, 2013

Pockets of Joy

Oh Family,
I just have so many stinking emotions right now.  This week was crazy and today is already crazy.  And the worse part is that the site that I email president WON'T OPEN!!!!  Ahhhh!  I really want to know what he said but I have no way of knowing because it won´t load.  I'm just mad and alone and beat.  Sorry I´m complaining it was just kinda a hard week.  I don´t even know where to start. I guess I will just start with the comp.  So he read what I wrote to president last week for sure.  After we left the lan house he did not say a word.  It was pretty awkward that night at the house.  He was not happy.

. . . . . .But it did have it´s pockets of joy.  Like on Monday was one of the sisters in our districts birthday.  We have district meeting on Tuesday so we planned with the other sisters and the ZLs to have a surprise birthday for her at the meeting.  I made brownies which I´m not going to lie were really good.  One of the ZLs made cinnamon roles except he used coconut instead of cinnamon.  They were good.  So that was fun.  Then on Friday night after we got back from Manaú, walking, I was really down and tired.  I was soooooo homesick and just sad. I can´t even explain it. At the ward activity it was just a bunch of youth and a few adults.  None of our investigators could come which was disappointing.  Afterwards we were going to have a game.  T was in charge of the game but he forgot to plan something so I taught every one how to play "Eu nunca" or for you English speakers, "I never."  It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it.  So those were my pockets of fun.

Oh we also had a baptism this week which was a miracle baptism.  We met Luiggy on Saturday night.  He is the cousin of one of the young women in our ward.  We went to her house to teach her brother but he was busy so we taught her cousin. He is 16. We started teaching the gospel of Christ.  We stared talking about Faith in Christ and he told us he didn´t believe in the bible!  What!  Everybody in Manaus believes in the bible!  THEN HE TOLD US HE DIDN’T BELIEVE IN JESUS!  WHAT!  It was crazy.  I was just thinking what do we do now.   We kept teaching.  By the end of the lesson we challenged him to be baptized.  The spirit was so strong. He accepted and we baptized him yesterday.  Two days ago Luiggy didn´t believe in Jesus Christ and now he is a member of His church.  Miracles do happen.  I cannot believe that that happened!  Just can´t believe it.

The site still isn´t opening.  I just want to talk to president!  I think when I´m done with this email  I´m going to send this and then move computers to see if that helps.

So here is something interesting that happened when we got here.  The ZLs called and talked to my companion.  He never tells me what is going on when he gets off the phone.  He just expects me to know. Then he gets annoyed when I ask him what is going on. Anyway back to today.  I heard him say in the conversation something about music and the email from president. When he was done I asked him what that was about.  He said it was about what president said in the email to the missionaries this week.  President Klein sends a little something personal to each missionary and then sends a general something that he just copies and pastes to all of the emails. So I haven´t looked yet (because I can´t) but I think that President said something about the missionaries listening to music!  Finally!  I will let you know when I find out.  I just don´t know what else to say.  I really want to move computers to get on the email with president.  So I´m going to do that.  I will email more.  Love you.  Be right back.

Elder Ostler

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