Monday, April 20, 2015

Mawege, Mawege is whah bwings us togeda today....


First of all... there was no foto.... But I can just see Jackson all suited up with ..... I have no idea.. that guy is too random for me…… Didn´t you guys just get back from Hawaii, and now it is off to Mexico? Is the whole clan going? Jefferson Benson and Wilson?

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Well tomorrow that is!  Dad, I know your Birthday is coming up to. I know that is is April 25-29 but I don´t remember exactly what day..... sorry.  But Happy Birthday to you anyway! You guys are old..... awesome!!

Well this week we got to work in our area!!! First time in about 3 weeks!  We have a few pesquisadores mas não são muitos. We found 7 families though. That is pretty good for 4 days of work.... the standard of excellence is 15 families found a week... like I´ve mentioned the focus of the missino has been switched to families.

We were also able too do division this week with a dupla of zls. I went to their area with Elder Brock. He goes home this transfer. He is from North Carolina and is a Duke fan!!! He told me that Duke won the NCAA championship...... but he wasn´t sure... who did win?  The division was great... I felt like I learned more with him than I taught him.  It was really great.  He is an exercise freak! He has elastic bands, a dumbell, 2 mats.  We did chest and back.....this was on Saturday morning and let me tell you... I´m still sore! I´m a little on the week side.  I need to get back in my puch up routine.. all of the traveling threw me off.  

Last night we had a marriage!!!!!!!!! When the sisters were still in this area they found a couple and sent in their papers to get married.  They came back in January when Elder Thompson became my comp.  The man drinks a coffee and doesn´t want to stop.  He also doesn´t believe that the Church is the only true church.  We were also putting the marriage off because they weren´t ready for baptism and because we were traveling and just didn´t have time... Well we found out the certificate for marriage expires on the 22 so we had to do it quick... they didn´t want anything big so we just asked an Irmã da ala para fazer um bolo.  It just so happened that all of the Leaders from outside of Manaus came into MaNAUS last night (mission counsel is tomorrow).  They had practice a musical number to sing tomorrow so they all sang at the wedding! The song was A Famílias é Dom de Deus... It was so great!! The 2 witnesses were non members.  The spirit was there and there is no way they didn´t feel it. It was a great wedding.  Now we just got to work with them a little more so they can be baptized.

We have a goal to do a division with every dupla of LZ in Manaus (9 duplas) we already did one and we only have 4 weeks till the end of the transfer..... so we have to do two a week.... it will be difficult with planning and everything but I think it will be worth it! I´m excited!

This morning we played basketball with the ZLs from outside of Manaus.... it was pretty fun, I´ll attach some pictures.

I got a little burned out there in the sun . . .  It was hot

Well that was my week. Also I have to finish my training for the counsel tomorrow.  The whole thing is going to be on Faith!  President Castro says that that is what the mission falts... and he is right.. Faith to plan, faith to work, faith to baptize and faith to obey.  We had all of the missionaries study about fé this week in preparation for the meeting... I´m nervous but more prepared than I was last time :)

Love you al!l!  Have Fun in Mexico!

Elder Ostler
The prettiest skies I've seen in my life have ALL been
in Brasil without exception!
We passed by the stadium… that is the grass of the field

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