Monday, March 9, 2015

A ton of work

Oh tramp ball. Those were the days....

Well this week was... very different.  I honestly don´t feel like writing at all.  But I will because I know you will appreciate it.  We got to work almost none in our area this week.  But we did have about 4 planning meetings with Presidente Castro. 2 of which were at his house!! We had dinner there last night and lunch there today. We were planning all of the meetings that we are having these days.   Tomorrow we have mission consel with all of the ZL and STL.  And this transfer we will be traveling the mission for the conferences! It is going to be great but a ton of work.  So this is what my week is looking like:

Tue; Conselho da missão 
Wed-Fri: 3 Zone conferences in Manaus...
and you have to remember that we still have an area to work in... that is the most stressful part.  We have to do all of the trainings and planning and stuff... but we also have to work in our area and make a model area for the other elders.... This week our numbers were horrible.... Horrible due to all of our planning meetings.  

During our first planning meeting I was super stressed out.  I just felt like I was the worst AP in the world.  It was the worst feeling.  I was just thinking about all of the stuff that I wasn´t doing.  But I´m alot better now and I´ve been praying really hard for the spirit these days.  On Friday and Saturday I felt super good!  Just like walking around on the streets to appts I was feeling really good:)

Another big thing that happened this week was the new missionaries that came!!! There were 11!  And Elder Walbrecht is training!!!!

I trained Elder Walbrecht, well I finished his training so I have a grandson! He is from haiti. His name is Elder Dametas.  He is Amazing!!! He joined the church a year ago in Columbia.  He is great!  So spiritually stong.  And he is Black!! My Grandson is Black!  That is right!  I bet he can dunk to so I´m covered.

Right now I´m super antsy because I´m preparing my training for tomorrow.  We also have to prepare for all of the conferences this week.  Super stressful!  I just want to go out and run or play basketball or tramp ball!

Jefferson I was praying super hard for you to win..... Sorry about the loss... maybe if you would have had my grandson on your team you would have won... just saying... But it was great to hear abut the surprise party that mom organized for you..... isn´t she just the best!  I love MOM!  

Sorry this email is so tiny.. I got a ton of stuff to do and I´m not really even thinking straight right now.   Once I get through this week I think I´ll be fine...not that I´m not fine now... I´m with all of my friends.........:)

Love you guys so much

Elder Ostler

ps I read a life changing talk this week by Uchtdorf. It is called "Receiving a testimony of truth and light"  He gave it in this last conference.  I had been thinking about it for a few days so I decided to re-read it and I loved it!!!! He gives 4 simple but tough steps to obtaining a testimony... I encourage you guys to read it... it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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