Monday, August 11, 2014

Full of the spirit

Hey mom and dad... looks like you guys are pertinho a mim.  kakak.  All those things that you told me about is pretty funny because yes, I see all of that here too.  Except the statue of maria.  They don´t have anything like that here.  Still have catholics but not big statues:)  Eu Não acredito que a missão de Hermana Ostler Acabou!  Tu é doido!  She is going to have a massive shock, I just know it. But that is so fun for you guys to be with her in T-5 hours!  Fun stuff.  I still have T-1year!! kakak  I´m not sad or anything, don´t think that.  I still get to serve for a year!  Take that Saydi!  kakaka

So Elder Sidrão is awesome!  I feel like every comp I get just keeps getting better and better!  I´m Always just expecting to get a crappy comp (to prepare myself for the worst) but he always ends up being awesome!  Elder Sidrão è de são Paulo, um interior chamado Santa Barbara.  There they puxam o "r" muito!  That means they pull the "r" alot but in english you would say they emphasize it.  Here when there is an r in a word you barley say it or you just make it sound like an "h" but in são Paulo, especially in Santa Barbara where he is from, they say the "r" really Strong.

I´m his 10th American comp so he knows english... just from his comps.   He speaks actually pretty well.... I can´t communicate with him because he has a hard time understanding but he can talk and pray in english.  He also has all 100 scripture masteries memorized!!!! It is insane.  I wish I did but I sure don´t.  You hear that Benson and Jefferson... memorize the scripture mastery.. it will help sooooooo much!

I think his best trait is doing contacts... He is so good!  Usually I hate doing street contacts, I never know what to say but he is so good, he is a natural.  We worked soooooo much this week.  If we weren´t teaching a lesson we were doing street contacts.  We got back at 9:30 every night and were dead tired.  Elder Sidrão likes to talk to rapazes..... Young men on the street and get their addresses.  Usually he talks to the ones playing soccer on the street and he plays little with them.  That makes them our friends, then we go to their house either later that day or the next and teach them and their Family.  I taught the restoration more times this week than I have any other week in my mission.  It was great!  Tonight we are going to the church to play futebol with all of the Young men that we found on the street.

Ta*...who we baptized 2 weeks ago went to the temple on Saturday.  Saturday morning her mom called and said that she didn´t want to go anymore.  We booked it over there to talk to her.  She said that being baptized for someone else is blackmagic... kakaka me and Elder Sidrão almost died laughing!  We showed her in 1 coríntios 15 29 where it talks about baptism for the dead, we were able to resolve her concern and she went to the temple.. it was great and she liked it a lot.

So I´m back now.... I wrote all of this this morning but the internet went down but now I´m back to send it.  We went to play futebol with all of the Young men we found... it was fun.  We just stopped by real quick to send this so I´m not going to write much more but I will tell of a really cool experience we had.

When we were going to talk to one of the people we talked too, a little girl named Vi* we knocked and out came her grandma.  She said Vi* wasn´t home.  We asked if we could share a message with her.  She said no but that her daughter was needed us. Vi's mom.  So she took us there.

When we got there we found out that Am's baby that she just had was born late and that he had swallowed meconium.....   he was very sick.  We went with an RM.   He said “Am*, do you have sufficient Faith in Jesus Christ for your baby to be healed?” When he said that I knew that I would be giving the blessing.  At first I doubted my Faith but then a calm came to my soul and I knew that I could do it.

We walked in and Elder Sidrão grabbed my oil and anointed.  I said the blessing.  I didn´t  heal the baby but I gave a blessing.  I asked Elder Sidrão afterwards why he just took the oil without saying anything,  he said he didn´t know but that he felt he should do the anointing.  It was a really cool experience full of the spirit. 

Well I love you all and hope you survive in Chile.  By the way, how were you guys able to communicate down there all by your self?  Have a great time.

Elder Ostler

ps - I'M WHITE

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