Monday, March 17, 2014


Família!  I cannot believe that it is pday again!  This week was good.

So this week we had a batismo!!!!  It was of D*.  He was one of Elder Pothier´s investigators 5 months ago!  He is a rapaz of 14 years.  I think I already told about him.  The coolest part about his baptism is that it was PLANNED!!!!  Me and Elder Walbrecht actually made a plan before hand and called people to do prayers and lead music and give talks and conduct!!  It was great!  All of the baptism I´ve been to have just been thrown together at the last second...literally like the last second before the person gets dunked...  We even had cake made by the branch pres wife!  It was sweet and we actually had a good amount of people there and D* bore his testimony afterwards which was sweet!  He said he would serve a mission and that he knew that the church was true.  I think that he is the first person I´ve baptized who has had a firm testimony of the truthfulness of the church.  It was a great baptism.

He didn’t get confirmed on Sunday because we had stake conference.  It was a great baptism. The picture is of me, Elder Walbrecht, D* and his mom.  I talked about her in the last email. She is not a member yet because she is not married to her husband, Irmão P*, who is a member.  This Thursday we are stopping by their house to pick up their marriage papers! Here it takes 20-30 days to get married.  You have to take them in to the government place and then go back a month later to pick up the license, so that is kinda annoying.

Right now we are in the "process" of doing 3 marriages.  I say "process"  because none of them have started yet.  One is of D* and Irmão P*.  Another is Irmã B* and L*.  Their story is very similar.  Irmã B* is not a member but she wants to be baptized SOOOOOO BADDDD but she can't because L* is still married to another women on the papers.  So this week is going to start the divorce... finally!

The other is on AC and N*.  THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!  Their problem is the same in that he is still married to another woman.  But they already both have testimonies of the church.  He loves reading the scriptures and has already read the book gospel principles cover to cover! He also loves Joseph Fielding Smith which is the prophet we are studying this year in elders quorum.  Are you guys studying the same?  So those are our 3 marriages that we are working on right now.

I´m noticing that the only thing that I want right now is the spirit.  That is it.  The one and only thing.  Because I know that with the spirit, everything else falls into place. EVERYTHING!

I don´t know if you remember that email that Ben sent home a while ago but you sent it to me.  It was about praying with real intent.  He talked about the brother of Jared not praying for 4 years but that Ben thought that he didn’t pray with real intent. I studied about the spirit this week and learned about prayer.  I always ask for the spirit, always but I´m not usually praying with real intent.  Last night I poured my soul out to God.  I prayed for every single person that we are working with, members, nonmembers, pesquisadores, and contacts and I really prayed for them, like really prayed.  Eu rogei.  Then I just asked to have the spirit.  I can´t explain really how asked... I just asked, sincerely.

I felt a peace during that prayer and knew that Heavenly Father was aware of my situation and that He really wants to help me and give me the spirit, just like you said Mom, you just have to ask for it..... really ask.  If you really want something, you are really going to ask for it.  This isn´t making a whole lot of sense  but I am learning how to pray with real intent. This week there were times when I wanted the spirit to give me the words to say but they didn't come. There were times this week when I wanted the spirit to tell me where to go but he didn't.  That is why I prayed so hard last night.  One thing that I need to improve is my faith.  It is such a simple thing but it is so big at the same time.  If you have the smallest doubt that the spirit won´t help you,,, then it won´t.  I have to believe with all of my heart that the spirit will help me, nothing wavering for he that wavereth is like a wave tossed on the sea.... or something like that.  I need more faith.  I need to believe that the spirit CAN and WILL give me the words to say, that he will tell me where to go, that he will tell me how to respond to a question.  That he will help me!  The key to having the spirit is two things, asking for it and then having the faith after to receive it.

I think I also mentioned Jo last week.  He is the rapaz that is a rockstar and already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and such.  The problem is that his mom says he has to wait till he graduates (2 years) to be baptized.  We´ve tried a bunch of times to teach the whole family together but that is near impossible because their house is like a little market that NEVER closes.  Opens at 6 and closes at 10:30.  When ever we go by she says she is busy and to come back at tal time.  Then we came back at tal time and she is still busy... just frustrating.  I think the most frustrating part about sharing the gospel is that the people don't realize is that the thing that you are going to tell them is the most important thing that they can hear.  More important than anything!  But we shouldn´t expect them to realize that.  We have to tell them that.

Jefferson, this morning while I was cleaning the house I listened to the song "right place" by beyond 5 (EFY)  and I thought of you!  I miss you so much man!  So much!  I can´´t believe that you are starting mowing again! That is crazy.  Did you ever get my letter with the pictures in it?  I really want to know.  Don´t forget to have fun Jefferson, you are only in high school once and before you know it it will be gone.  Acabou.   As Jackson put it to me so many years ago, "Live it up!"

Jackson, I think that Mom is a little confused.. isn´t Wilson still 7... that is what I thought. kkkkakakakak.  Just joshing with ya Wilson.  That is so sweet that you are finally getting the priesthood!  Wow.  And I have a question.  I always get Jackson and Wilsons birthdays mixed up.  They are both in the twenties but that is about all I remember.  I could use some enlightenment.  I think Wilson is 24 and Jackson is 28.....

I love you all and pray for each of you everynight!  Have a great week!  
Elder Ostler

PS  there are two things that never cease to amaze me, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Açaí

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