Monday, January 6, 2014

The streets were empty

Holy lots of information!  But I like when you guys tell me all that stuff. Glad to hear new years eve was fun and glad to hear that you guys partied hard.  That is pretty fun. Before I forget please send maple syrup extract in that little package.  To make it all it takes is sugar and water. That is the one I want please.

So to answer some of your questions.  Nobody was baptized this week :(:(:(:(  A*:  we found out on Wednesday that him and his wife are not married.  Bummer deal.  He said he would talk to his wife about it and we are going over there once we are done emailing.  I hope all goes well and she wants to get married. T*:  he was at his friend´s house all this week (outside of our area) so we couldn´t teach him. AHHH!  And then he didn´t come to church yesterday like he said he would (I actually just remembered that) so we will be giving him a call tonight to see if he is back at his house.  The guy washing his car: we went by when we marked but he was leaving to go to... someplace.  We remarked for Saturday night at 7. But on Saturday me and Elder P had to go to the stake center at 5 to do a baptismal interview for Sister Rocha and Sister Chatwin.  Their investigator never showed up..... we didn´t get back to our area till 9 so we couldn´t go see him. AHHH!  But it´s all good. We got his number on Sunday and will probably either go terça ou quarta.

This week.... as far as work...... was pretty slow :(  mainly because of New years.  So here, new years is big!  It is just a massive party where everybody stays up late and DRINKS DRINKS DRINKS!  Well most people.  So on new years eve starting at about 5, nobody wanted to talk to us because they were all getting ready for the party.  So that was a bummer. New years eve we made brownies and went to bed at 10:30.  We were soooo tired!  We could have been at a members house till 10:30 but we didn´t get invited  to anybody's house and we didn´t want to ask.  But it was all good.    We woke up at 12 because of all of the fireworks.  Sounded like a war zone.  New Years day was even worse than New Years Eve. Everybody was sleeping or hungover.  The streets were empty which was a very weird scene here, so we didn´t get much done that day either.

Dad, we live in Presidents Klein´s ward.  That is why we went.  Elder M told me that he went over to the President’s house on pday too.

Transfers:  the APs call all the missionaries on Sunday telling them if they will be transferred.  Once you find out if you are being transferred you book it home and pack because transfers are Monday morning at like 7.  I have a feeling that I will be going and Elder P will be staying.  I want to stay here with him so bad but I just have a feeling.  I hope it is a wrong feeling. I´ve been here for 3 transfers already but I still want to stay, with Elder Pothier.  I just know this area so well and all the members know me and I really like it here.  Also I want to see A* get married and I want to see An* get baptized.  She came to church this week and brought a friend!  So that was good.

Today we went to o centro with Sister Chatwin and Sister Rocha.  They are two sisters in our district and they are so awesome! We just looked around and they have some pretty cool stuff here.  There was a section of just like Indian stuff.  Also, our zone went BOWLING today!  It was super fun!  There is a bowling ally in our area so our whole zone (minus 2 duplas) came. It was fun.  The picture is of that.

The ZLs made tshirst for the zone which was pretty cool.  Mine and Elder Pothier´s are a little small if you can´t tell.  Hey Jackson, I got A 139. I dare you to beat that.  Or anyone who wants to try :) So today was a super fun pday.  This is a picture of me at the centro in the Indian section (if you can´t tell).  So I feel like this email is just everywhere but that is ok... I guess.

So like I´ve said it is winter here which means wet season.  I´ve heard a lot of people saying that it isn´t raining as much as it usually does.  It rains but not as often as I thought it would.  But there are now a tone of mosquitoes.  They love my ankles. I have 30 bites total on both ankles. I think they get me at night and during the day (through my socks) so every night before I go to bed I spray my ankles and everyday before we leave I spray my socks. Elder Pothier must think I´m a nut:)

About An*´s dad. We tried to schedule service with him but every time we go over there he says that he is not going to do it right then. But he works at an ice cream factory (that is where we pull the weeds) and so he gives us ice cream to eat:)  It´s good. We still haven´t been able to teach him but we will this week.  We are also going to mark with An* for her to be baptized this Saturday or Sunday.  She is so ready.

So that was our week.  Pretty fun but also a lot of doing nothing because of new years.  Well we weren´t really doing nothing:) we always have fun.  Oh just remembered something.  So this whole week we had only found 1 new investigator on Saturday night.  We made a goal to find 5 news on Sunday and we got 4!  It wasn´t our goal but it was still pretty awesome!  We worked hard on Sunday to find those  4.

Have fun back at school kiddos.  Study hard and try not to freeze.  I´m doing good despite the unorganization of the email... Love You all!

Elder Ostler

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