Monday, December 16, 2013

Our first door was a success

So first about the Christmas call.  We can call or skype for 40 mins.  That is a worldwide missionary rule.  I want to skype.  This week we will try to find a member with a computer.  It would be great to do it at the same time as Saydi but that would be super hard to plan so if we call at different times I´m fine with that.   So I will give you details next pday when we find a computer and what skype account do I use? Did you make me one or will I just use like Dad´s?  Yes I´ve gotten 3 letters in the red and green envelopes.

Yes they have Christmas music here. Like when we go to the big store (kinda like walmart) they play English Christmas music.  It is so weird because it doesn´t feel like Christmas!  IT IS SO HOT!  I can´t even explain it.  I´ve never felt heat like this.  It isn´t like the 109 days in Richland.  It is just Hot all the time.  So hot.  I don´t know how else to describe it.  JUST HOT!

27 Elders came in last transfer.  I got an email from Cam but haven´t read it yet so I will do that when I´m done.  Benson keep studying math.  One of the best subjects there is!  I love when the Yakima river freezes over.  That is sweet that Spencer got to meet the Prophet!  Sorry I didn´t say anything last week about that.

DAVID IS GOING TO MEXICO!   He will eat a ton of salsa!  God speed Brother!  You are going to do great!

That is sweet you had sadies at the house.  Ben is such a rockstar.  Just amazing and that sure is one way to explain my companion.  Just leave it to Ben.

So I think I will talk about my week now.  For starters... my Birthday Feast was AWESOME!!  We had chicken with the marinade, baked potatoes and maple syrup steamed carrots.  CAN YOU SAY AMERICA!!  We just fried the chicken on the stove in a pot.  It was good.  I took pictures but I don´t know if I will be able to send them but just know that I have pics.  Oh before I forget, in your next box could you send maple syrup extract please?  Don´t just like send it right now just because I asked but when you send one I would love maple syrup extract because it lasts alot longer and all it takes is water and sugar.  Anyways back to the week.

-Grilled Chipolte Chicken
-Baked Potatoes with butter and cheese
-Steamed Maple Syrup Carrots
-Peach Juice
So Tuesday started off crazy!  So everyday Me and Elder Pothier wake up at 6 to go running.  We go 1-3 miles a day.  Just starting off easy for now :)  Then when we get back we make breakfast..... good breakfast.  We do pancakes, french toast, stuffed french toast, swedish pancakes, milkshakes and breakfast sandwiches.  We have a system  down.  I love it!  We eat so good!  Anyways back to Tuesday.  So we wake up and say our prays.  Elder Pothier gets up before me and leaves the room.  I´m still praying.  Elder P comes back into the room and says "Elder, you need to come see this." He grabbed his camera and left the room again.  I jump up (after saying amen) and follow him. He goes into our closet.  I follow.

On the wall of our closet is a spider.  Not just A spider.  A spider that would literally give Amanda a heart attack.  It was the size of a softball....  I´m not even kidding.  Well not like the 3D shape of a softball just like the roundness of it.  Just massive.  We spent the next 20 mins trying to kill it.  We tried hitting it with a shoe but it was to stinking fast.  It went behind the dresser and stuff like that.  Elder P took a swing at it while it was on the wall and it ran onto the ground and hid underneath one of my shoes (I wasn´t wearing it). Elder P said "Step on it!"  I stomped on the top of my shoe a couple of times and killed it.  It was crazy!!

The rest of that day was pretty crappy... every single one of our appts fell through.  All 7!  Ward council fell through!  When that happened we were just done.  We had walked all over Adrianópolis that day and hadn´t taught a lesson.  Then a member at the church who was waiting for the meeting too, took us out to get pizza.  So I guess our day ended pretty good.  oooo another thing I would love if you to send.... gallon size zip locks.  Like 10 of them just to have.  Thanks.

We baptized the ten year old this week and it was awesome! He was so excited and honestly the baptism was so less stressful without Elder O.  So smooth.  He always liked to interview them right before the baptism which takes about an hour for him.  So everyone is just waiting around and getting mad.  But this one was way good.  We are going to teach his cousin this week and hopefully their families too.

So I talked about Ra* last week.  We went by every night this week but she wasn´t there.  We finally found her at home yesterday.  She is so ready she just doesn´t see it.  We invited her to start readying the BOM from the start last week.  SHE IS ON 1 NÈFI 7!!  And she is understanding it.  She says that she knows it is true.  She says it is the word of God.  I was trying to get her to see that because it is true the church is true but she just wasn´t seeing it.  She thinks that if you believe in Jesus you are saved.  She goes to a church called the assembly of God.  It is all over Brazil and the people that go there are so hard to teach because they have weird beliefs.

I invited her to be baptized for the 4th time and she said that she knows that she needs to be baptized it just isn´t her time yet.  She thinks that the church is ours.  I don´t even know what that means.  Seriously, she is just standing on the cliff of baptism with her toes hanging off and I just want to run up behind her and shove her off!  (how was that metaphor?? :)  I´m giving Saydi a run for her money:)  Elder P ended the lesson (I´m glad he did because we were getting nowhere with her) and after the lesson he said that he feels like she just needs time.  We are planning on teaching her the plan of salvation next WITH A MEMBER!

Speaking of lessons with members that is so sweet that you guys are going with the missionaries to the neighbors!  The sisters in our district are doing the same thing.  Just awesome.  And boy I would die to be one of those basketball players eating mom´s cooking.... DANG!  But that is alright because we are having a feast again today.  We are doing chicken again but we found boneless skinless chicken breasts!   So it is going to be way better.  We are going to make onion rings and french fries so that will be fun.

Any way back to Ra*.   She is just right there!  Every time we go there she says that the Book of  Mormon is true and that if the church is true (which it is) then God will tell her.  I don´t think she sees that God IS telling her... through the BOM.  So she is awesome.

And Dad, about the lessons.  With my other comps they would teach the whole thing, I would maybe say 4 sentences.  The same thing happened with Elder P and his other comp so coming into this companionship our teaching skills were not that good but we are way better now.  Everyday we try to practice teaching a lesson.  It is helping so much.  We are getting good.  And yes the spirit is in every one of our lessons because we are usually able to understand everything and they are able to understand us.

So on Saturday there was a music Christmas thing at the temple at 6 at night that all the missionaries in Manaus sang at.  Before we grabbed a bus to go we had planned to do contacting.  We do not like contacting but I´m starting to like it.  We just really don´t know what we are doing.  But we put our fear in our pockets and just did it.  Our first door..... the very FIRST DOOR!!  the guy let us in and we taught him the 1st.  He told us he would go to church.  He was so certain he was going to go..... but he didn´t.  ahhhh!   But we are going back this Saturday.  I´m excited.  I just couldn´t believe that our first door was a success!  So cool.  He lives a block away from the church and he said that the missionaries had already talked to him and he knew a little about J. Smith and the Livro de Mórmon.

So after that lesson we went to the temple.  We sang called to serve and joy to the world... like a medley and it was in Portuguese, English and Spanish!  Pretty cool.  The temple here is sooooooooo Pretttttttty!  So pretty.  We get to go on Wednesday so I´m pretty excited.  Tomorrow we have conferência de natal so that will be fun to.

Well I hope you enjoy the cold because we are enjoying the HEAT!  I love Manaus and I´m realizing how beautiful it is here and how much I LOVE the people and the food.  This week was just a good week.  Elder Pothier and I work together so well.  He is really helping me overcome my weaknesses, I love it.  He reminds me so much of Christian it is creepy some times.  We love to try to make new things.  This week we are doing french fries, onion ring and cookies.  Gonna be fun.

I love you all!  Have a Great last week of school/finals for Jrock and KindKatie!  til next week!
Tudo Bem
Elder Ostler

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